PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (7/7/2021)

Patch Notes

9th Anniversary Event

Central City

  • Central City has been updated for a new look during the 9th Anniversary Event.
  • Until August 4th, 2021

Limited-Time Tasks

  • Pick up new tasks from Xiandy in Central City during the event.
  • Until August 4th, 2021

Exchange Shop

  • An exchange will be available from Xiandy during the event.
  • Until August 4th, 2021


  • Ceremo Rappies will appear in a dashing new suit
  • Some enemies will have an [Event Symbol] ontop of their head. The Symbol will change their Element Weakness to Lightning.
  • Until August 4th, 2021


  • Greisen Weapon Series will drop
  • These weapons will be Lightning


System Updates

Region Mag

  • Multiple material items won't be selected when accessed.


Balance Adjustments


  • Increased the amount of Experience Acquired from clearing the Emergency Quest [Commander Doll Battle].
  • Increased the drop rate of [Pedas Soul I] and [Pedas Soul II] from the Emergency Quest [Commander Doll Battle].
  • Adjusted the damage dealt to certain parts of the [Vallas] Boss Enemy.
  • Made it easier to Element Down the [Vallas] Boss Enemy.


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