PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: August 2022

August 03 2022 | Patch Notes

Class Update

Waker Class

  • Tech Weapon: Takt
  • Class Trainer: Wilmina

Story Update

  • New Side Story: Favors For the Five
  • Added Short Episodes
    • Learn more about the characters.

Field Update

  • In all regions, added a rare trial where Empe Rappy and Great Rappy can appear.
  • Added [Challenge Settings] and [Rank.2] to some Trania.
  • Battle Triggers have been consolidated into [B Trigger / Common Yellow] and [B Trigger Common Purple].
    • You can trade in the region specific Battle Triggers at the Item Trader.
  • Added a feature that allows you to move to the front of the Racing Console after clearing or while playing a Field Race.
  • Limited Quests will now have simple quest information displayed.

Interface Update

  • The power for certain Class Skills will now be displayed in the [Class Skill Details] area.
  • You can now bulk use Star Gem Tickets.
  • A feature has been added that allows you to rearrange the listing of each menu.
  • You can now change the background of the Arks Card.
  • For Standard Sorting when selecting a room at the Ryuker Device, it will now display non-full rooms with the most players near the top.
  • Added a control operation in which you can refresh the room list using your keyboard or gamepad.
  • The World Map will display the event locations of Short Episodes.
  • Added a feature for Field Races in which you can transition to the Random Event Records.
  • Some objects that appear while playing Field Races will now be displayed on the Radar Map.
  • An icon indicating the Quest Counter will be visible on the World Map
  • Removed "Move Cursor" and "Cancel from the World Map operation guide.
  • You will now be able to write a note even when you place a pin on a location in the World Map.
  • [Display Guide Info] will be greyed out if the task is already being displayed.
  • The Mag Jukebox will display a confirmation window if you cancel while editing.
  • When changing rooms, the search conditions will be changed from "Filter Rooms in the Same Section" to "Filter Rooms in the Same Section and [Rank]".
  • Removed the "No Password" sorting option when changing rooms.
  • The Voice Volume settings in Options will be split into [Voice Volume: Player Character] and [Voice Volume: Other Characters].
  • The [Drop Animation Display Rarity Setting] will be expanded to ★7 or higher rarities.
  • Added [Ambient Occlusion: Character] setting in Options.
  • You can now return to the previous window when when you cancel by right clicking.
  • For the PC and PS4 versions, you will no longer need to install PSO2 game data when playing PSO2-spec songs.
  • In the PS4 version, if the language setting of the console is set to a language other than Japanese, the trophy text will display in English.

Character Creation Update

  • The number of thumbnails displayed in the Character Base selection screen has been changed.
  • In the Edit Head menu in the the Salon, the option name will be changed from [Easy Edit] to [Sample Selection]
  • The behavior for the following Full Setwear will be changed for Body Edit in the Salon:
    • Fighting Panda [Fu]
    • Combat Panda [Fu]
  • Due to the above changes, your appearance with those two Full Setwear may be different if you were wearing it before Aug 3rd's maintenance.
  • Increased the amount of positioning increments for Glow Cube and Glow Circle.
    • If you are currently using these items, please adjust them again.

Item Update

  • Adjusted the number of items required for Special Ability Capsule Exchange.
    • Removed some Ⅰ and Ⅱ type Capsule Exchanges.
    • Changed the Capsules used to exchange for [C/Stamina Ⅲ] and some other Ⅲ-type Capsules so that you can choose from either ten Ⅰ-type Capsules or four Ⅱ-type Capsules.
    • Removed the need for Ores and Photon Quartz for SOME Special Ability Capsule exchanges.
    • Adjusted the required items for exchanging with [C / All Resist I]
  • Changed the rarity to some Special Ability Capsules to ★4.
    • The amount of N-Meseta consumed when affixing at the Item Lab per ★4 Rarity Capsule will be changed to 100.
  • Added new item drops to some enemies.
  • Enemies at level 26 ~ 40 who spawn in Aelio and Retem will no longer drop some ★3 weapons and armor, and instead will drop Meseta.
  • Added Takt support to Armati Camos.
  • Battle Triggers from enemies or Task Rewards will now become [B Trigger / Common Yellow] or [B Trigger / Common Purple].
  • Changed the lineup of Trigger Items in the Team Badge Exchange Shop.
  • Added [Arks Record Badge Exchange] to the Item Trader NPCs.
  • You will now be able to sell off your [Kvaris Expedition Prep Tickets].
  • Lowered the SE volume for the Lobby Action [Space Channel 5 Dance].
  • You can now possess up to 999 of some support items.
  • You can now register PSO2-spec Mag Evo Devices that were obtained from NGS scratches in PSO2 blocks.

Other Changes

  • The block at the top of the list in each region will be prioritized when the player logs in.
  • The System Voice Volume will be lower in PSE Bursts and Trials.
  • Cross-play is available for the PC / Cloud / PS4 versions.
    • Cloud Shared Blocks on normal ships will be removed. All platforms will be able to cross-play on normal blocks.
    • However, due to the nature of cloud gaming, it is difficult to cross play in Shared Ships' Battle Blocks, so the dedicated Cloud Block will remain.
  • PlayStation 4 exclusive blocks will be added.
  • Due to the removal of es-Linked EXP, it will no longer be displayed in the Class Information area in PSO2.

Balance Adjustments

  • Gold and Silver Rare enemies will drop Silver and Gold Prim Armor at +20 Grind.
  • Increased the chance for Tames to drop ingredient items.
  • Increased the amount of EXP earned when defeating some enemies and bosses.
  • Reduced the HP for enemies in Battledia Yellow [Aelio Troopers] & [Retem Troopers].
    • It was stated in the 7/26 NGS Headline that All Battledia Yellow would have received those changes but this will not apply to [Kvaris Troopers]. They are sorry for the mistake in the previous information.
  • Adjusted the hit collisions for some actions with the [Lizentos].
  • Improved the PP Recovery amount for Mobile Cannon Rapid Fire.
  • Adjusted the range in which ice crystal (Crystalline Ice) scatters.

System Update

Add-On Skills

  • Set a variety of skills for each class.
    • Requires N-Class-EXCube And N-Meseta

Assist NPC

  • NPCs will fight alongside players who join a Combat Sector.
    • You can disable this feature in Room Settings.

Scratch Update

AC Scratch: Sunshine Marine Stars '22

  • Swimsuits and Swimwear.

SG Scratch: Waker Caparison

  • Waker Outfits.

August 10 2022 | Patch Notes

Scratch Update

Rewind Collection 3

  • Revival Scratch of NGS-Spec Outfits.

Seaside Memories

  • Revival Scratch of summery PSO2-Spec Outfits

August 17 2022 | Patch Notes

Quest Update

New Quest: Cannonball Rumble

  • This is part of the [Trania Advance: Bunker] quest type.
  • New Capsule Type: Super
    • (Example) Super Power I: Strike Weapon PWR + 2.25%
  • N-Class-EXCube may drop.

System Update

New Event: ARKS Record

  • Players compete with each other for the highest score by participating in the qualifying content.
  • This Week's Content: Solo Trinitas Geometric Labyrinth.
  • Based on your score, you will be placed into Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
  • This ranking will determine the amount of ARKS Record Badges received as rewards.
  • You can trade in these badges for Armati Camos or Kaiseram Mk.I weapons.

Mission Pass

  • NGS Season 11 Mission Pass will be available until September 14th.
  • Rewards include Flex Barrel, Wooden Sandals, and Mag Form: Arion Machina, etc.

Scratch Update

SG Scratch: Refined Form 5

  • Phaleg, Mother, And Hagito outfits in NGS-spec.

AC Scratch: AC Support Item Selection 3

  • Adi-type Capsules.

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  1. "Adjusted the number of items required for Special Ability Capsule Exchange."

    Imminent price crash to most capsules, but may not be enough to trigger deflation.

  2. My brother is a PSO2 Vet and has me excited to play the game on PS4. These patch notes sort of increased that excitement. I'm looking forward to the PS4 private ships and the cross-play functionality.


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