PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: December 2022

December 21 2022 | Patch Notes

Quest & Field Update

  • [Rappy Gathering Spots] will now have a chance to occur when defeating the Dread Enemy at the location where the Special Guide Marker is displayed.

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased the drop rate for the following items for the Recon Gigants [Despaired: Vardias]:
    • 8★ Weapon Series: Gunblaze
    • Infernium

December 07 2022 | Patch Notes

Class Update

  • Range Class Skill "Spread Shot Auto Charge" will no longer activate before the quest actually starts.

Quest & Field Update

  • Changed Specifications so that when the PSE Level drops, the probability for the PSE Burst Encore increases.
  • The functions of the Ryuker Device can now be used during battle.
  • The following have been added to Active Sonar Target Settings:
    • Mischief Symbol
    • Stellar Grace
    • Dazzle Pod
    • Invisible Box
  • R Mag Boost [Personal] effect duration can now be extended.
  • During Field Races, added a new feature to return players to the Racing Console if they dismount from the Floating Board.
  • For Arks Records, the [Current Best Record] column will now be updated immediately even if the Best Record is updated before the tally.
  • Added items you can obtain in the Trial: Stella Gift Collection.

Interface Update

  • For [Auto Sell Drop Items] Settings, the detailed info content has changed from "Items Not to Auto-Sell" to "Items That Can Be Auto-Sold", and made it so that you can select the qualifying items.
    • Check the items you want to add to the [Auto-Sell] list, and save them so that they will be included.
  • Added rarity that can be specified for weapons and armors in the [Auto Sell Drop Items] settings.
    • Added ★6, ★7, ★8 weapons and ★6 & ★7 Armor.
  • Add ★8+ rarity for [Drop Animation Rarity Settings Weapons/Armor] in Options
  • Added Team Names for Arks Cards
  • Added new selectable backgrounds for ARKS Cards.
  • The number of characters that can be set for the name name of Symbol Arts in NGS blocks is 20 characters.
  • Added a [Auto-Select Party] button that will automatically select a party for you to join when [Currently Recruiting Party Members Search].
  • Team Master comments have changed from 3 to 6 lines in Team Settings.
  • Added a feature in which you can narrow down by usage history for NGS Stamps.
    • Stamp usage history will be saved after this update.
  • For the Add-On Skill Lv display, changed the text color when it reaches the Lv Cap.
  • Adjusted the maximum values for each stat in the Stat Info Gauge.
  • Quest Rank will now be displayed in the window during matchmaking for Emergency Quests and Battledia, etc.
  • Changed the text when a quest cannot begin immediately because the block is full.
  • In Arks Records, the date and time the record was tallied will now be displayed for [Participation Rewards] and [Top Records].
  • The [Current Best Record] will now be displayed for the [Top Records] with Arks Records.
  • The text "Tune Changeable" will no longer appear for certain music discs.
  • Items intended for certain platforms will now be subjected to platform display restrictions.

Character Creation

  • Added Lively Face as a selectable face in Character Creation and Beauty Salon.
  • For the Salon with PSO2 body type Basewear that hides the innerwear, it will now be synchronized with the color set to the innerwear.


  • For some boost items, the item name displayed in "Active Effects" has been overwritten so that the extended effect duration is displayed.
  • For the Item Trader, you can now exchange items by using Featured AC Items.
    • Featured AC Items are "Featured Items" that can be received from the AC Scratch.
    • Featured AC Items will no longer qualify for recycling when "Target AC Items" are requested. However, Featured AC Items can now be traded in to receive N-Recycle Badges.
    • Please note that once Featured AC Items have been exchanged for N-Recycle Badges, they can not be returned back to a form that can be used for exclusive exchanges.
  • Added [Item Exchange: Stia] and [Expedition Prep Ticket Exchange] to the Item Trader.
  • Added new items to the product listing for the Special Ability Capsules section of the [Enhancement Material Exchange] at the Item Lab.
  • Scape Dolls and N-Scape Dolls can no longer be redeemed for money.
  • [N-Half Doll] and [N-Scape Doll] not held in your item pack, will now be consumed taken from those stored in Material Storage.
  • If you gain experience where you can be leveled up several times when reaching the level cap, the maximum level-up bonuses can now be obtained all at once.
  • Adjusted the N-Meseta that can be earned with partial progress of the Daily Task: [Clear 4 Daily Tasks] to 4,000 N-Meseta.

Balance Adjustments

  • For photon blasts and compound technics, improved the rate in which the gauge accumulates when attacking some enemies.
  • Increased the downing and compound technique gauge accumulation rate when performing Tech Explosions with the following Wand attacks:
    • Step Counter
    • PA: [Rapid Smash] when charged.
    • Wand Parry Counter
  • Increased the effect duration for Gunner's [Chain Boost] skill to 120 seconds.
  • Increased the effect duration that gets extended with successful evasions for gunners [Chain Boost Advance] skill.
  • Increased the Double Saber's whirlwind effect duration to 15 second.
  • You can now turn at the start of the attack when inputting movement for Ranger's [Rifle Grenadier] skill.
  • Adjusted Waker's [Treble Clef Marking] to maker the marker easier to understand.
  • Adjusted some of the attack actions for the enemy [Bubble Crab].
  • Adjusted the speed of certain attacks for [Sava Discythe]
  • Adjusted the rewards for Main Tasks for Story Chapter 2 and 3.
  • Increased the grind value of equipment acquired from Guiden's Side Task [Strolling Through Retem]. Along with this, adjusted the contents of the detailed rate of progression for the Task.

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