PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: June 2022

June 08 2022 | Patch Notes

Class Updates

Level Cap

  • The level cap has increased to 60.

Field Update

New Region

  • Kvaris

New Enemy

  • Crocodallus
  • Proctos Ael
  • Proctos Retem
  • And More!

New Trials

  • Cold Photon Excitation
  • Frost Zone Enemy Suppression
  • DOLLS Transport Heist
  • Blizzard Zone Enemy Suppression

New Actions

  • Throw Action
  • Floating Boards

New Emergency Quest

  • Crocodallus Enemy Suppression

New Battledia

  • Battledia Yellow Kvaris
  • Battledia Purple Kvaris

Field Races

  • Added Field Races

Story Update

  • Chapter 3 of the Main Story has been added.

System Update

Special Ability

Added the following Special Abilities:

  • C/Tripible: Pwr + 2.0%
  • C/Gigas Thali: HP +15 & R/T WPN PWR +2.5%
  • C/Gigas Euphroy: HP +15 & S/T WPN PWR +2.5%
  • C/Gigas Aglai: HP +15 & S/R WPN PWR +2.5%

This is just a portion of the Special Abilities added.

New Weapons

The Rox Series


The Sextyl Series


The Evoliclis Series

New Potential Abilities

  • Sextyl Series: Increases damage against non-bosses.
  • Evoliclis Series: Increases natural PP recovery speed when you successfully evade using Step.

This is just a portion of the Potential Abilities added.

New Tasks

  • Added Team Tasks. You can earn Team Badges which can be traded in for various rewards.

Exchange Shop

  • Added the Team Badge Exchange Shop.
    • You can obtain items like Battle Triggers from here.

Quest Counter

  • Access the Quest Counter to replay story missions or cutscenes.
  • In the future, certain exclusive quests will be available from here.

Treasure Shop

  • Added the Treasure Shop. You can purchase items using N-Meseta or Star Gems.
  • The product listing changes each day.
  • You can force the shop to refresh the lineup once a day for free.
  • Premium players will be allowed to refresh the shop twice a day.
  • You can also refresh the shop by spending SG.

Arks Card

  • You can now have your character appear in your Arks Card.
  • You can customize the pose, appearance, and camera angle.

Character Creation / Customization

  • Added a "Kanroku" (Imposing) face type.
  • Added individual color settings to Cast Parts.
    • Due to this change, Color Variation version of Cast Parts will no longer be released in the future.

Preview Window

  • You can now turn ornaments ON/OFF in the Preview Window

Voice Preview

  • You can now hear samples of Voice Tickets within the game.

Magnifying Mode

  • You can now zoom in on parts of the screen.

Party Recruitment

  • You can now search for players recruiting party members in the same room.

Auto Sell

  • A new feature will allow you to set the types of equipment and rarity you wish to automatically sell.
  • You will also be able to set whether or not you wish to automatically sell equipment with preset abilities or color variations.

Mission Pass

  • There is now an option to collect rewards in bulk for the Mission Pass.
    • This does not apply to Mission Pass rewards where you must select a tier.

EXP Decay

  • Relaxed the EXP Decay when there's a 5 level difference between you and the enemy.

Other Adjustments

Class Adjustments

  • Adjusted the effect for the Talis Photon Art "Spread Feather" when using techniques while the forward version of the Talis is deployed.
  • The following class skills and weapon actions will now have an icon displayed above the sub-palette to confirm whether or not the recast timer is in progress.
    • Hunter: Volgraptor
    • Ranger: Rifle Grenadier
    • Force: Elemental Bullet Extend
    • Launcher's Weapon Action.

Quest / Field Adjustments

  • Adjusted the graphic display of some actions when playing below certain graphic settings for the boss "Dark Falz."
  • You will now have the ability to move sooner than before when inserting an item into the Region Mag.
  • You will now be able to insert an item to the Region Mag even when the [R-Mag Boost [All]] effect and the max level of [R-Mag Boost [Personal]] are activated.
  • The effect duration will now reset when the level for [R-Mag Boost [Personal] increases.
  • Added NPCs to Trials in the Retem Region.
  • The EXP penalty for enemy level differences will be removed for all Battledia Yellow.
  • Added Rank 2 to Battledia Yellow: Aelio Troopers and Retem Troopers.
  • For the Geometric Labyrinth, if the party leader selects to retire, all party members will retire, and if the party member selects to retire, then that individual party member will now retire.
  • Reduced the sound effect of the Mag's Active Sonar.
  • Reduced the sound effect volume when an attack is repelled by certain objects.
  • Adjusted the sound effects for [Extreme Weather Enemy Destruction!]
  • Color variant weapon's effect color will now still display even if a weapon camo is set.
  • Added Tedracite to the product list for [Item Recycle].
  • Added a portion of Spring '22 Special Scratch products to the Special Scratch lineup.
  • A notice will be displayed in the Item Details for all NGS items if an item cannot be put up for sale in the Player Shop.
  • You will now be able to get Star Gems directly for Title Rewards.
  • Adjusted the maximum value of each stat displayed in the stat gauge.
  • Added an [NGS Model Avatar Item] sorting option for [Product Search Results] and [Product List] when searching for items in Player Shops.
  • An exclamation Mark will now display when a new skill is added to the Class Counter.
  • Task Details will now display a special icon when the amount of exp earned from the Task increases due to the Class level.
  • Added the following options to Quick Menu customization.
    • Streamer Mode
    • Fashion Catalog
    • AC SG Shop
    • Draw a Scratch
  • Added a disclaimer window about the [Win Rates] for the Scratch prize list.
  • Added [6 Star+] rarity in the [Drop Animation Rarity Settings] in Options.
  • You will not be able to select from multiple [Expansion Storage] boxes when selecting Material Items when affixing Special Abilities at the Item Lab.
  • Added a note in regards to the text character limit when purchasing a name change ticket for Character Names and Player ID Names.


  • Added a [Transfer to this Location] so that you can join logged-in players from the Friend List and Team Member List.
  • Increased the number of characters that can be written to the comment area of the Arks Card.

Other Adjustments

  • [Photo Recommended Blocks] will now be excluded from automatic block selection such as when logging in.
  • For 4K displays, the screen size and the cursor speed on the world map will be adjusted to match the resolution.
  • You will now be leveled up if you choose to skip the main story.
    • You will be able to skip up until the story progress of the furthest character on the account.
  • The PC version will now be able to support high DPI (with no scaling).

Balance Adjustments


  • Skill: Guard Counter Plus
    • Increased the Animation Speed.
    • Improved the movement distance and made adjustments so that you are able to move left or right.
    • Increased the amount of PP recovered.
  • Sword Normal Attack
    • Increased power on the 4th step.
    • Added Guard Points in all directions on the 5th step.
    • Increased the animation speed on the 5th step.
    • Improved the movement distance and made adjustments so that you are able to move left or right on the 5th step.
  • PA: Spiral Edge
    • Expanded the attack range.
    • Added an effect that prevents being blown away or launched during its activation motion.
  • PA: Twist Zapper
    • Added an effect that prevents being blown away or launched during its activation motion.
  • PA: Streak Caliber
    • You will no longer move forward when you are close to the enemy while attacking on the ground.
  • PA: Relentless Cleave
    • Added an effect that prevents being blown away or launched during its activation motion.
  • Partisan PA: Triumphant Shift
    • Adjusted the [attack/skip/jump] cancel timing after thrusts.
    • Adjusted the weapon action cancel timing after thrusts.
      • Due to this change, you will no longer be able to cancel this with other actions immediately after cleaving.


  • Assault Rifle PA: Revolt Aim
    • Decreased PP consumption.
    • Expanded attack range.
    • Relaxed skip cancel timing.
  • Launcher PA: Divine Impact
    • The uncharged attack power will no longer decay based on distance.
    • Made adjustments so that its retreat distance during activation can be adjusted by using forward / backward input.


  • Skill: Strikeback Advance
    • Changed specifications so that invulnerability time occurs when you begin charging a photon art to which the effect is applied.

June 15 2022 | Patch Notes

Field Update

New Enemy

  • Added new enemy to Rayjord Gorge
  • Ancient Enemies are gigantix with a white frost over them.

System Update

Mission Pass

  • Added NGS: Season 9 (until July 13, 2022)

Exchange Shop

  • Added an Exchange Shop to the NPC [Lesso]
    • This shop becomes available after clearing certain Kvaris-related Tasks.

Enemy Adjustment

  • Adjusted the spawning locations of some Boss enemies in Rayjord Gorge.
  • Increased the number of enemy spawns in Rayjord Gorge.
  • Decreased the recommended Battle Power from [2944] → [2924]

June 29 2022 | Patch Notes

System Update

Balance Adjustments

  • Relaxed the difficulty regarding Lesso's Side Task "Core Competency II".
    • Instead of defeating a Kvaris Equalizing Enemy, you can now defeat any Equalizing Enemy.

6 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: June 2022”

  1. Damn! The auto sell feature is rather expensive. 500SG for 30 days, That's way too expensive. Jeez..
    It should be 500SG for 90 days at least. Would have preferred an one-time buy but of course we can't have that.

    I knew it wouldn't be player friendly, but this exceeds my expectations.

  2. I guess Rifle guy got something.

    Just a shame they didn't exactly give RA as much love as they did Hu, which…really didn't need any refining atm.
    But holy moly those sword buffs. I might go from my secondary main/sometimes actual main of Fi to Hu. 4th step normal damage increase is such a massive buff and makes whiffing 5th so much less painful. That's not even going into the 5th step being so much easier reducing the amount of whiffs.

    Still a shame uncharged techs haven't gotten buffed like at all, gonna feel it when 90% of the game is no longer weak to dark… but I do feel like other types do need a bit more focus than them first. Like Launcher being stuck too much in place.

    "Added a [Transfer to this Location] so that you can join logged-in players from the Friend List and Team Member List."

    F-ing finally

  3. O boy 500 SG for the auto-sell is rather expensive, I was expecting somewhere around 100 SG for 30 days. At that point I'd rather have Premium. That's probably the idea.

    Tested the Rod Technic PP Well Up, that thing is just so damn good. I have it with maxed PP recovery boost. I'm also liking the Photon Flare Short Cycle already. Foie Brand seems underwhelming, but I haven't really measured how bad/good it is. I'm questioning my use of Jet Intensity as Fo/Bo a little at this point, and Bo sub still seems to be a better choice due to its compatible passive skills.

    Photon Recommended Block automatic block selection after logging in was hell, so this is a nice change, especially for players who weren't aware that this block is very limited in terms of multi-block matchmaking and think nobody is playing it.

    The class skill/weapon action recast timers is a really nice add, finally.

    • I feel like Foie brand is "just enough" in a sense. In terms of output amongst other techs(not the rest of the game), Fire techs, with short charge, where kind of keeping up. If we factor in all non-weakness damage, Gifioe charged is literally the best DPS with the new brand. It may not always be the best choice of course, but any boss weak to it during a down period and a PF up is gonna melt. Literally.

      Gizan is literally pointless during down+PF because of it. Uncharged Fioe is no slouch either, comparable to a lot of charged techs in DPS.

      A lot of that shows how much a lot of techs need a buff.
      As for Bo sub, I have moved on from using JB and instead use talis WA, but it uh, might not even be necessary given short cycle, PP well up, etc. Feels like I have unlimited PP if I don't misuse anything even without countering a ton.

      Honestly, Fo might have just been skyrocketed in tier this update with how much more effective it can keep up it's DPS. Is the effort worth the DPS? Not 100% sure still, but there's no denying it has so little down time right now it's the class people thought it was in Retem now.
      Ok maybe not to that level, but still, don't need to be *as* up in the face of enemies to do well.

      Also yeah, I think that 500 SG thing is a very desperate attempt to get people to down some SGs after they gave a ton lately. I wouldn't be surprised if they lower it later and go "Yeah we totally heard you guys and totes didn't plan to release it high and reduce it later totallies"

    • Thanks, Bethsegada.

      Just funny since the autosell seems worthless from the time I did bother with the combat sector in Kvaris.

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