PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #1


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Early July Update

Scratch, 9th Anniversary Event Part 1

Early July Update

  • AC Scratch: Rapid Aqua Bullet (Sweet Summer)
  • New Motions: Arm Spread, Jump – Arms Spread, Swim – Diving.
  • Landing – Support with Hands.

Early July Update

  • PSO2 9th Anniversary Event
  • Central City will be decorated for the 9th anniversary with fireworks and lights.
  • Enemies, fields, NPCs, and drop items will change in a variety of ways across the region.

Early July Update

  • Peculiar Phenomenon Researcher Xiandy will appear between July 7th ~ August 4th
  • You can exchange points earned during the event to obtain limited-time stamps, accessories, SG and other items.
  • Exchange Shop Listing
    • Moony & Sunny: Heart (Stamp)
    • Twinkle Ribbon
    • 20 Star Gems
    • Greisen Series Weapons (Lightning)
    • Photon Chunk
    • Photon Quartz
    • C / Thunder Weaker I (Lightning Exploit I)
      • +2.5% Power towards enemies weak to Lightning
    • Power III
    • Shoot III
    • Technic III
    • Alpha Reactor
  • Each product can only be purchased in limited quantities.

Early July 2021

  • Enemies with a "Seasonal Symbol" will spawn. These enemies will be weak to lightning.
  • Defeating them will net you seasonal points.
  • Ceremo Rappies will also spawn. They will have different drop items than usual.
  • Pettas Vera and the Gigantix will also be seasonal enemies.

Early July Update

  • New ★3 elemental weapon series "Greisen Series" (Glissen Series) through limited-time drops.
  • These weapons have element themed potentials.
  • You can acquire the weapons from either seasonal enemies or the exchange shop.

Mid-July Update

  • Past PSO2 items from each category are coming in a Revival scratch.
  • The items released will be PSO2 spec, but they can also be used with NGS characters.
  • They will be separated into categories of Emotes, Accessories, Hairstyle, and Weapon Camos.

Late July Update

Scratch, 9th Anniversary Event Part 2

Late July 2021

  • AC Scratch: Various Trainees (Trainee Line)
  • Contains CAST Parts on Trainee-themed outfits.
  • Emote – Sit 8, Idle – Power Stance, (Scratch Bonus) Dash – Fairy

Late July Update

  • During the 2nd half of the event, the spawn locations for "Seasonal Symbol" enemies will change.
  • There will be some changes in Tasks, Gigantix, and Shop lineups.

Campaigns and Merchandise

9th Anniversary, Starter Package

9th Anniversary Event (July 7th ~ August 4th)

  • A special Anniversary event will be held to commemorate the 9th anniversary of PSO2.
    • Web Panel Event
    • 9th Anniversary Login Bonus
    • Stamp-Drawing Contest
    • Item Design Contest
    • Screenshot Submission Campaign

AC Purchase Campaign (JP & Global)

  • Purchase a total of 500 AC or more during the event to receive an N-Color Change Pass.
  • Campaign Period June 23rd ~ July 7th. (Once per Account)

New Genesis Starter Package Bonuses (JP ONLY)

  • Store specific illustrative bonuses are available for the Starter Package.
  • The Starter Package goes on sale August 19th.

ZUTAMAYO x PSO2 Collaboration (Japan)

  • I don't know if Global is getting this, so…
  • Collab items include [Nira-chan Hair] and [Perched Uniguri-kun] accessory.
  • In addition, a Character Creation Campaign will be held.



Coming in August

Next NGS Broadcast

July 27th 2021

Next NGS Headline is July 27th, 2021

26 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #1”

  1. I really liked Aina's and Manon's poster, and the female cast but that rappy completely butchered it, saed lyfe 🙁

  2. Game is now bland and boring in its gameplay and costumes, and its not even stable
    Such a shame, ep6 in PSO2 was going great and to think they rushed to finish the game leaving an unsatisfactory ending for THIS

    • Rushed? I'm no developer, but one of the earliest statements ever made about PSO2 development was that original PSO2 had a strict 10-year plan. 10 years of support, meaning things were figured out ahead of time.

      PSO2 had its debut in 2011, when CBT and OBT were available for players to participate in. Now that it's 2021, it's actually exactly like they promised. I would say that 10 years is plenty of time on a game, you may as well consider NGS a new game entirely and decide to skip it. It isn't really the same game, and they never planned on supporting OG PSO2 past 2021 so it's not like NGS 'ruined' it since it was part of the plan years in advance.

    • If you're a Global Server player, then sure, I suppose it's rushed. Something that I also question Sega as to why the hell do they decided to rush contents that took 6-7 years to come in just 1-2 years. But then again that could also mean their almost-9-years-old game is actually pretty shallow. If they polish the story somehow, ep6 could be pretty good. It's just that we don't really have any clear explanation as to what exactly is Primordial Darkness and how it could come to exist.

      And no need to hope for game balancing. If they actually did such a thing, we wouldn't have 15-star weapons.

    • @Jetski ARKS
      What SEGA did to PSO2 is that in order to work NG is that they cut the story with the primordial BS and just finished the game skipping like 3-4 chapters, destroying years of narrative and just to end it at year 9/10 because they have to work on the new project, not only that, that whole year we had zero content
      So yeah not worth the damage or the wait

      Jp player, i think i wouldn't care if i only played it just the time NA was here, If the ending was good or this game was good it would be ok, but not getting any… feels like getting scammed

    • Episode 6 would have been better if there was more to actually do besides divide quests.

      Honestly I don't think ramping down production starting with Episode 3 was part of the ten-year plan. First we get two exploration areas with only one zone (boss aside) in Episode 3, then two more with only one zone (boss aside) in Episode 4, then one that wasn't even supposed to exist that's full sized but there's only one and again, it wasn't even supposed to exist in Episode 5, and then none. NONE! No new areas! (Mothership Shiva doesn't count) Not even new ultimate quests!

      Just story quests, divide quests and urgent quests. That's it. That's all Episode 6 was.

      Was adding new game modes and ignoring them the next episode part of the ten-year plan?

      Was going a year without a major content update part of the ten-year plan?

      People can whine about the story all they want (seriously, Episode 4 was NOT when things started going downhill, just because Episode 3's story was better in your opinion doesn't mean it's not where the problem started), that's subjective (I do personally agree that Episode 4's story was pretty bad but not for all of the same reasons, too many people can't seem to comprehend that Khori was a FAR more problematic character than Hitsugi, Hitsugi was a cardboard cutout, Khori was the living embodiment of several severe mental disorders and her actions were ENTIRELY unforgivable, especially her disturbing AF attraction towards Al/Aru who she didn't even know wasn't a preteen like he appeared to be) but this, this is bullshit on an OBJECTIVE basis!

  3. so much geared towards epic/sony standards and pro censorship….seems the death of scratch…well this is a big reason for f2p players since its even less of a reason to pay money

    • Should definitely quit if you're unsatisfied!
      It's the only way to make a difference if you aren't happy with how things are going.

    • Not to add more wood to the fire but the fate of NGS was sealed the moment sega decided to add a Global server, now they have to also consider the "feelings" of the west. Although it's not that hard to just ignore them. We'll see. I only want Riva Swallow Shadow [Ba] renewed damn it

    • Some of my guild were considering playing BlueProtocol, Looks like a boring game tho…
      Maybe its a time to search for other types of games

    • You can literally bring all the old outfits into NGS, I don't buy it at all.

      Also Sony gives special treatment to big names, just look at P5R and Catherine Full Body, both published by Sega and aside from Atlus' own self-imposed harebrained attempts at removing transphobia, no censorship was done.

      There's also FFXIV Shadowbringers with the Viera base outfits.

      Maybe get your facts straight before whining about "muh cencorships"?

    • @Mattwo

      There are plenty of outifts from PSO2 that didn't make it into the Global version. And as far as we've seen, Global and JP are pretty much completely in sync. The footage for the livestreams is identical, they just dub over it. It may be too early to say, but at the rate it's going, censoring the game for Global will prevent other things from being added into JP.

    • The only outfits that I can tell were deliberately excluded from Global are the humanoid "Mini" costumes, for obvious reasons. Also, the JP version of NGS already has exclusive cosmetic content.

    • @Icis My point is that Sony's not to blame here. Not sure how you two (including Salmonela (It's spelled Salmonella btw, three "l"s) whose comment appears to have been removed, assumedly for hate speech) missed that.

      I never even said Sega didn't censor anything, I know full well Sega had censored some stuff like the high slider, mini suits and most infamously those idiotic bath scenes, that in spite of what some claim, add literally nothing of value and all the characterization found in them can be found elsewhere in the story. My only beef is removing them made the scene were Casra grilled Xiera over spying on those scenes make no sense.

      Most of the outfits that anti-censorship crowd complained were missing were actually added later on too. Not sure if they ever added Smart Inner but they did add stuff like MFDB Hoodie [In], Bloody Vamp [In], Tudo Irogeon [In], Selvaria Swimwear, Viel Cytus, Innocent Cytus and Captive Records.

      Honestly at this point they really don't have an excuse to not add Smart Inner and if the anti-censorship crowd would actually acknowledge these outfits exist, I will stand by them on that. Until then, that's just my own take.

      Anyway back to my point: None of those would fit Sony's current guidelines and if it weren't for Sony playing favorites, would have to be completely removed to get the game on PS5.

      But here's the thing: The game's not going to be on PS5. It's not going to be on Switch either. Phil Spencer lied. Plain and simple. He doesn't speak for Sony and Nintendo and clearly he wasn't aware of the logistics of getting an MMO on the switch in any nation that doesn't have a proper fiber optic infrastructure. Or perhaps, being a corporate executive, he believed or wants to propagate the cable oligarchy's propaganda of the lie that 5G WiFi is superior to fiber optic.

      There's also the issue of him having said that before the SECA to SIC restructuring. While Sony might not have a problem with Sega having uncensored content that doesn't fit their present censorship policies, there's doubtlessly other logistics involved.

    • @Icis

      That's exactly what I thought and afraid, they should've ignore Global a bit while it's not hard to do so and put their priority on JP as a base game first. I understand the financial status of SEGA that they needed more income and stuff but I also guess this is where all those dislikes in the JP livestream came from. Pretty sure many Japanese folks aren't ok with this "Sync" style either.

    • We don't know EXACTLY when. Only that it will happen in the coming winter.

      That said, an ACTUALLY good question would be "When are we getting N-MyRooms?" because even PSU and PSP2 launched with MyRooms.

    • Content tho… New Gigantix types, new event with 2 types and rewards, new gear, new class, new weapon series..

  4. Question is in regards to the revival scratches: Is this for a limited time, or is permanent like the outfits/CAST parts? We may get some stuff that wasn't released globally like we did with the other revivals.

  5. Get a load of these edgy comments of people who no longer play the game but still took the time to come and lay down their edgy commentary.

    Now I gotta bandage my wounded fingers from all the scrolling I did.


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