PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #18


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November 30th

Revival Scratch

Two Revival Scratch Tickets

  • NGS Spec: Rewind Collection 6
  • PSO2 Spec: Gothic Memories

December 7th

Stia Region, Crystalline Concepts

New Region: Stia

  • Arks Base: Stia Camp
  • The environment gets harsher as you head towards the center of the volcano.
  • The depths of the region have scorching Lava Pools and dangerous Lava Bombs that rain down.
  • Face on the Recon Gigants, a gang of Gigantix.

New Region: Stia

  • New Trania will be available in the Exploration Sectors!
    • Challenge Settings Unlocked at Rank 2!
    • You can receive a Title for completing Rank 2 with certain settings.
  • In Exploration Sectors, you can find Invisible boxes with valuable items!
  • There's also Complex Minerals, which are large clusters containing tons of minerals inside. There's also new Gathering items, some will appear for a limited time or under certain weather conditions.
  • Burst Encore chances increases every time the PSE level drops!

PSE Burst Encore Changes For All Battle Sectors

  • The probability of PSE Burst Encore will increase every time the PSE Level decreases.
  • If the PSE Level drops several times, a new icon will appear indicating an increase in PSE Burst Encores along with a message.
  • After that, the chance of an Encore will increase each time the PSE Level drops.

Chapter 4 Story

  • Crawford suspects Dark Falz is lurkin in the Stia Region.
  • What happened between Crawford and Glen.
  • Commander Guren and adjutant Kanui are leading an Advance Team.
  • Guren and his team are not very welcoming towards the protagonists, due to something happening in Guren and Crawford's past.
  • Side Tasks from Guiden in Central City will help you level up quickly.

Class Level 70 Unlocked!

New Skills For All Classes

The new skills will enhance the traits of existing skills or compensate for their weaknesses.

  • Hu: Partisan Quick Assault
  • Fi: Twin Daggers Quick Attack
    • After certain attacks, your normal attack will turn into a ranged attack in the direction you're aiming.
  • Ra: Launcher Attack Reinforce
    • Greatly boosts speed of Launcher normal attacks while active.
  • Gu: Hail of Bullets
    • Rapidly build up Chains to perform a powerful continuous-fire attack!
  • Fo: Rod Charge Quick Move
  • Te: Wand Element Pursuit
    • Adds an additional attack to Wand Element Revoke.
  • Br: Bow Elusion EX Counter
  • Bo: Pinion Blade
  • Wa: Familiar Harmony Marking Clef

New ★8 Rarity Weapons

  • Seigayou / Effulgent: Advantageous against enemies weak to Fire.
  • Kouklophis: Potential provides increased power and damage resistance against Dolls.
    • You can get Kouklophis by trading in the material item: Infernium.
    • Infernium is available through Gathering or by defeating the Gigantix in Stia.

New Special Abilities

  • Stira Domina: Power +3% / All Down Resistance -2.0%
  • Doldor Soul IV: HP +15 / PP +5 / RNG WPN PWR +3.0% / All Down Resistance -10.0%

Emergency Quest: Doldoris Vera Suppression Op

  • The boss attacks with a massive Drill that can be destroyed to expose its weakpoint.

Battledia: Stia Troopers and Stia Devastators

  • Stia Troopers: Use a variety of special attack actions to combat enemies appearing in Stia. Gain tons of EXP and Drop Items from here.
  • Stia Devastators: A series of battles against the Gigantix in Stia. The enemies will be level 74.

Field Races

  • Two new Field Races: Stia Outskirts Dash (Stage 1) and Dreisen Plant Board (Stage 1).

Gigantix in All Sectors

  • Gigantix in all Sectors will now be Level 74.

New Features

  • Lively Face gives you the option of making a more anime style character. By default it has Double Eyelashes but this can be toggled off in the Face Options ornament display settings.
  • When an individual region mag boost is at level 3, an additional item can be thrown in to overwrite the effect's duration.
  • Featured Items will be added to the Item Recycle lineup to trade for.
  • Items that will be added to the SG Scratch Ticket prize list will be marked with a "New" label. Items that are scheduled to be removed in the next scratch update will be marked with "Display End."

New Features

  • Ryuker Devices are now accessible when enemies are nearby.
  • A feature will be added to automatically add players to currently recruiting parties when they meet the Join requirements.
  • The Rank will now display in the Matchmaking UI for quests.
  • The Alliance Name will now appear on the Arks ID.
  • New ARKS ID Backdrops featuring the Retem Region.
  • The character count when writing comments about your Team will be increased.

AC Scratch: Crystalline Concepts

  • Contains Sci-fi style skeleton suits, casual mountain parkas, and new Cast Parts.
  • Lobby Action: On the Phone
  • MTN: Idle – Playing with Butterflies
  • MTN: Dash – Floating Skates EX (Scratch Bonus).

December 14th

Christmas '22 Event

SG Scratch: Refined Form 9

  • NGS-Spec versions of Reindeer Costume and Joyous Noel.
  • Lobby Action: Preparing for Battle 2 (Scratch Bonus)

Mission Pass Season 15

  • Stamps, Accessories, and Mag Form / Raindear

Revival Scratch

  • NGS Spec: Rewind Collection 7
  • PSO2 Spec: Holiday Memories.

AC Scratch: AC Support Item Selection 5

  • Get Addi Series Special Abilities that can boost two attack stats.
  • Same lineup as AC Support Item Selection 4.

December 21st

Christmas '22 Event

Limited-time Event: Christmas '22

  • Central City will be decorated in Christmas Cheer.
  • Reindeer Rappies will spawn wearing a cute little Santa Claus on their backs.
  • Defeating Marked Dread Enemies may cause a Rappy Spot to appear.
  • Xitre will be hosting the event in a Christmas Outfit. She will task you with collecting Rappy data!
  • Gain Seasonal Points by clearing Tasks.
  • Collect Seasonal Titles and SG by clearing Christmas '22 Title Tasks.

Xitre Seasonal Point Exchange Shop

  • Cast Headset Accessory
  • EX Cubes, Class EX Cubes, Beta Reactors
  • Trade in for ★8 Weapons: Seigain / Tenebrous
    • Ice Element Weapons with the Ice Exploit Special Ability

Limited Quest: Practice Drill: Snow Field Workup

  • Defeat the enemies and throw Cannonballs to destroy the targets while descending a snowy mountain. At the end, the snow sculptor master, Snowflake Bujin has a unique attack.
  • Saint Empe Rappy may spawn as well.
  • Special Scratch Tickets and SG Scratch Tickets may drop as Quest Rewards.
    • The higher the rank, the higher the drop rate.
    • There's a first time completion reward available at Rank 5.

ARKS Record: Field Race between 12/21 ~ 12/28

  • Stia Outskirts Dash Stage 1
  • Dreison Plant Board Stage 1
  • Central Aelio Board Stage 1

AC Scratch Frozen World '22

  • Get ready to sleigh this season with an Ice Queen dress and SEXY DADDY SANTA outfit.
  • Lobby Action: Hug 2
  • Motion: Swim – Walking on Ice
  • Motion: Glide – Comet EX (Scratch Bonus)

Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, and Boost Events

Crimson Lotus Stia Pack: December 7th, 2022

  • Stia Pack / Type 1
    • 1980 AC | $19.99 | 1980 Yen
  • Stia Pack / Type 2
    • 1980 AC | $19.99 | 1980 Yen

Training Support Boost Campaign (12/7~)

  • Gain a +100% EXP Boost in certain Sectors.

Christmas Boost Campaign (12/14~)

  • Experience a +20% EXP Boost and +25% Rare Drop Boost

Seigain / Tenebrous Series Enhancement Boost (12/21~)

  • This Weapon Series will experience increased Great Success Rate and Special Ability Success Rate with 50% off N-Meseta Enhancement Costs.

AC Purchase Campaign (12/7~)

Get a Sunny Head Mount or Holiday Bear based on the amount of AC you purchase.

Great Deals in the SG Shop (12/7~)

Item Sets containing [C/Gigas Power IV S] + [C/Power IV S] will be available.
You can purchase one of each set geared towards Striking / Ranged / Tech

Special Sets Available in the AC Shop (12/7~) (GLOBAL ONLY)

  • Contains 7 music discs from each region in the [Aelio Music Disc Set] and [Retem Music Disc Set]. Additionally there's a Stamp & Emote Set with 5 Stamps and one Emote.

ARKS Cash Super Sale (Christmas) (12/14~) (GLOBAL ONLY)

  • 200 AC = 1.99
  • 1,000 AC = 5.69
  • 5,000 AC = 26.99
  • 10,000 AC = 49.99

NGS Official Creators Accessory

  • NGS Official Creators will get an accessory after 3 months of being certified as an official creator.
  • Every 3 months, the rank of the accessory will increase to different color variants.
  • The accessory will be released in a special color to those with a full year of service.

Sympathy 2023 Concert Cast

  • Asuza Tadokoro, the voice of Nadereh will join the stage.
  • A total of 8 performers will be presented during the concert.

Sympathy 2023 Set List

  • Music from Phantasy Star, PSU, PSO2, IDOLA, and NGS.
  • Listen to the vocal version of Unfathomable Darkness.

Sympathy 2023 Bonus Items

  • All concert goers and streamers will receive 5 bonus items
    • 876: Play Violin
    • Mag Form / Myau
    • STP: Sympathy 203
    • PS 35th Anniversary Logo
    • Music Disc

Sympathy 2023: Ticket Info

  • Tickets are already on sale at e+
  • All tickets, including streaming tickets, will contain a bonus item code.
  • Streaming Ticket Price: 4,500 Yen (≈ $31 USD)

JAPAN: Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, and Boost Events

Sympathy 2023 Merchandise

  • Rappy Penlight = 3,000 Yen
  • T-Shirt = 3,300 Yen
  • B2 Tapestry = 3,000 Yen

Sympathy 2023 Merchandise

  • Clear File = 1,000 Yen
  • Mug Cup = 2,200 Yen
  • Acrylic Stand = 2,800 Yen
  • Acrylic Key Ring = 1,300 Yen
  • Sarasa Grand Gel Pen = 1,800 Yen

Sympathy 2023 Merchandise

  • Microfiber Cloth = 800 Yen
  • Blanket = 4,000 Yen
  • Calendar = 1,800 Yen
  • Arcylic Charm: Rappy Collection: Single = 600 Yen, Box = 7200 Yen

Other Merchandise

Lawson Bonuses

  • Purchasing the PlayStation Store Card at Lawson in Japan will net you NGS ARKS Tops outfits!

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

Since the PSE Burst Forte was implemented, my inventory becomes full of Gold/Silver Primm Swords and other rare enhancement items after one or two Bursts. Could you please include these in the Auto Sell Settings?

We plan to extend the Auto Selling Feature in a future update to include rare enhancement items. You will be able to specify this setting for each item, however please note unlike before they won't be included automatically, and you will need to set them yourself.

I would like to be able to check if a Music Disc is already registered to my Mag.

We are planning to expand the feature in a future update so that you can check whether you have already registered or not. Just as you can with tickets for avatar items or mag forms.

Recently, there was a bug on the Japanese version's servers that allowed players to access regions and other content that had not been released yet. I came across spoilers spread over social media with clips or images of that bug happening. Could you share your thoughts on this?

First of all, we would like to apologize once again for the bug and any negative impact it may have had on your playing experience or participation of future content. Please accept our sincerest apologies. Next, we ask that you strictly refrain from using or spreading the bug as that may violate the terms of use. We have separately contacted all official creators to ask them to remove or prohibit the dissemination of any videos or information that may lead to the spread of this bug. We ask not only official creators to refrain from such activity, but all of you as well. We will continue to make every effort to prevent a reoccurrence, and appreciate your cooperation with this issue.

I want to play without worrying about my Inventory and Storage getting full, so could you make it so items are registered in the Creative Space?

All building materials, furniture and other objects that can be placed in the creative space are to be registered for use so they will not take up unnecessary space in your inventory and storage. Once you register them, they will be registered on your account information and can be used by all characters on any ship. Furthermore, you will be able to place multiple units of an object.

It was announced that the PSO2 Furnishings would not be able to be used in NGS. I would like the same items released again for NGS.

Since the specifications of the Creative Space are different than those for the Personal Quarters in PSO2, it is impossible to simply bring over and use existing furnishings, however we plan to port popular items including furnishings in a step-by-step manner to be released as new goods for use in the Creative Space. In regards to furnishings we plan to port from PSO2, most of the collab items would be difficutl to bring over. Furnishings with PSO2 exclusive functions would mostly be ported as goods that only look like the originals.

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  1. the Q and A section is always a joke, i doubt any player asks these questions. they keep buffing field mag but whats there to say? shove generic items like photon scales in its mouth, get buffed. nobody cares for music disc stuff, inventory being filled with silver/gold prim? then you have not even experienced PSO2 levels of 50 inventory space quick clear inventory and you should not even be playing at this point asking this question. as Todic as that sounds these questions are things nobody cares for and the audacity of sega to even bring them up.


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