PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #22


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March 29th Update

Emergency Quest Calendar

Emergency Quest Calendar will be back this week. The calendar will be updated later tonight.

April 5th Update

Chapter 5: Story

Story Chapter 5

  • Manon's wherabouts are unknown.
  • Manon talks about putting an end to the "experiment", while an ominous figure watches.
  • Chapter 5 takes place at the floating structure in the sky. The floating island is known as Leciel which means "the sky" in french.

Improved Daily/Weekly Tasks

  • Weekly Task content and rewards will be updated. New items will be added as rewards.
  • Meseta earned from Daily Tasks will be adjusted so that you can get even more Meseta for completing Daily Tasks every day.
  • Complete Leah May's tasks to earn even more EXP.

New Features (1)

  • Arche will appear early as a guide to the Creative Space coming in June. She's doing research on structures and buildings and is looking into the structures of Ryuker Devices. There will be dedicated task ahead of time late May.
  • Potential Lv.5 will now be unlocked for ★7 and ★8 rarity weapons. As before, you will need N-EXCubes to unlock potentials.
  • Weather icons will be available for some weather conditions.
  • It will now be easier to continuously generate Add-On skills.
  • Bosses in Trania and other content will have HP gauges.
  • Search for currently recruiting Teams in NGS Blocks.

New Features (2)

  • Auto-Switch Lock-On Target Feature: Select whether to automatically lock-on to a new target after defeating an enemy.
  • Reduce Character and Enemy Draw Refresh Rate: Reduces the draw load.
  • Change the display of Critical Damage Highlights: This changes how the text is highlighted whenever critical damage occurs. For example, bold yellow text could display as critical damage.
  • High-resolution settings will now be available in the Preview windows for the PC version.
  • You can link a My Fashion Save Slot with a My Set (or Loadout) created at the Class Counter.
  • Sort by name when Selecting Titles from the ARKS ID.
  • You can toggle the display of weapons and whether the eyes look at the camera at your ARKS ID.

New Features (3)

  • Manage All Color Settings: This place lets you revise colors all at one place.
  • Adjust the Fixed Camera Zoom: The fixed camera will be updated to make it easier to operate with more zoom positions. Plus you'll have the ability to zoom in and out by holding down the button without having to repeatedly press it.
  • Use a chat command when you want you and other players to face the camera.
  • New Category Added to Exchange Shop and Item Recycle Menu: This displays all items available for trade-in. All the items held in inventory and the various storage boxes will be displayed in a single category.
  • You can now filter by category in the Scratch Prize List. For example, you could say you want to see only Accessories, Innerwear, or Weapon Camos.
  • Expanded Storage 7 will be added.

Additional Features

  • Music set in the Mag Jukebox will no longer switch to the Emergency Quest Alert background music. However, your music will play until the Emergency Quest actually begins.
  • In Combat Sectors, the PSE Level will raise by 1 when the Transport Truck defense trial is completed. If the Transport Truck Defense is included in a Chaos Trial, the PSE Level will increase by 2.

New Features (4) [Global Only]

  • Mission Pass Storage: Global players can access this for a period of time when consuming a "Mission Pass Storage Use" ticket. This ticket is available each season from Mission Pass normal tier rewards. While the feature will be added into the April 5th update, you won't be able to actually use it until Mission Pass Season 19 launches on April 12th.
  • 16 Weapon Camos will be added to the Exchange Shop in PSO2 Blocks.

AC Scratch: Combat Classics

  • Light combat wear and flight jacket-style outwerwear and more!
  • Lobby Actions: Aerial Battle 3, Giving Orders
  • Motions: Idle – Playing With My Phone, Glide – Swimming Through Space, Elegant
  • Scratch Bonus: Swimming Through Space EX

Slayer Class Update

April 12th

Slayer Class

  • Slayer Class releases on April 12th.
  • Slayer is a ranged class that uses Gunslash weapons. They specialize in weaving together a variety of actions for quick sequences of attacks.
  • Using directional inputs changes the performance of the Photon Arts.
  • Certain Class skills get a boost to Critical Hit Rate, or a bonus when you land a Critical Hit. These effects will also be available when Slayer is set as the Subclass.
  • The green attack effects you've seen in the videos are due to a special weapon camo. These effects are normally blue.
  • From April 5th, Gunslashes will become available via drops and other means. The class instructor Slaine will also appear. However, Gunslashes can't be equipped, and Tasks from Slaine can't be accepted until the update on April 12th.
  • Slayer Operation Prep Ticket Exchange will be added to the Item Trader on April 5th as well.

Skill Tree Preview

Gunslash GearCritical UpGallant Attack Critical UpCritical Hit PP GainShortrange Hot ShotCharge Slash
Gunslash Gear OverdriveGunslash Gear Gauge AmplifyGunslash Gear Reset PP GainGunslash Gear Critical UpSlug ShotSlash Pursuit
Unleash RageSlash CounterMoving SlashGunslash Gear OverflowSlash Pursuit Reinforce
Unleash Rage
After Effect
Slash Counter Critical UpMoving Slash Counter

Gunslash Focus:

  • Build up the Gear Gauge by hitting enemies. In accordance to the gauge level, your Attack Power and PP Recovery from attacks increases, while the PP Consumption decreases. The Gear Gauge will reset to zero after a certain amount of time has passed without hitting an enemy. [Gunslash Only]

Gunslash Gear Overdrive:

  • [Active Skill] Once the gear gauge reaches its maximum stage, activating it will consume all the gear causing the Gunslash Gear effects to increase for a limited time. Using the skill again while it is active will unleash a powerful blow. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Unleash Rage:

  • [Active Skill] Unleash a powerful blow by consuming the gauge that fills up from PAs and Slash Pursuit attacks. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Unleash Rage After Effect

  • Temporarily increases Critical Hit Rate after activating Unleash Rage. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

SG Scratch: Slashing Slayer

  • Obtain Cast parts and Weapon Camos based on the new Slayer Class.
  • Equipping this weapon camo enables the green effect shown in the videos and slides.
  • Featured items will be the new hairstyles, eye and weapon camo.
  • Scratch Count Bonus is Motion – Jump: Comical
  • Mag-Form/RAM-1000 Millenion

April 19th Update

2nd Anniversary Extravaganza!

2nd Anniversary Event

  • NGS will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary in June. A variety of events and projeccts will kick off starting at the end of April.

2nd Anniversary Event

  • Central City, fields, and Region mags will be decorated to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary.
  • The DOLLS Rappy which won the Rappy Design Contest will appear in the fields.
  • Xiemi will appear wearing the winning design from the 10th Anniversary Item Design Contest.
  • Xiemi will be giving a new 2nd Anniversary Rappy Stamp, a Motion – Dash Airborne Color Variation, and more at the Seasonal Points Exchange Shop!
    • 8 Star Revita Weapons
    • NGS 2nd SP' Scratch Ticket
    • Aegis Integra

2nd Anniversary Event

  • ★8 Revita weapon series are Dark elemented that have the effect of recovering HP after a certain time. You can also get these weapons at the Seasonal Point Exch Shop at +51 with Lv.5 Potentials.
    • Sezun SecondAnivaFev: Power +5% / Critical Rate +20% / Damage Resistance +25%
  • Get the Revita Armati Camo by completing the NGS 2nd Anniv. Point Collector Title Task.
  • Enemies will have elemental weakness to Dark during the event.
  • NGS 2nd SP Special Scratch: Obtain new weapon camos and other hard to find items.
    • You can obtain the tickets at the Seasonal Point Exchange Shop and Limited Quests and Tasks.
    • Some of these items will be added to the regular special scratch after the event is over.
    • However, the difficulty of obtaining these items will increase.
  • Arks Record: 3 Field Race Courses (4/19 ~ 4/26)
    • West Retem Dash – Solo
    • Central Kvaris Dash – Solo
    • Stia Fringes Dash – Solo

New Limited-Time Emergency Quest: Happy Rappy Rumble

  • Defeat 300 enemies attracted by Peppy Rappy's experimental device. As you defeat enemies, the device will light and become even more spectacular attracting various rappies.
  • At the end of the quest is the event exclusive boss Resplendent Ams. This boss drops accessories themed after its appearance.
  • The quest drops Seasonal Points, ★8 Revita weapons, Aegis Integra, special capsules for the Duel Quests, and items required to unlock potentials to Lv. 6.

Duel Quests

  • These are a new type of quest where you'll face bosses alone. They have a strict 5 minute time limit and you won't be revived after a period of time when incapacitated. The bosses have been enhanced to the point where a One-hit KO could occur.
  • The initial release will have four different quests with a boss representing their respective region.
  • You can gain the upper-hand by getting certain Special Ability Capsules that affect Duel Quests
    • Defi Eris P.01: Power +7% / Damage Resistance +20% during Duel: Phase 1
    • Defi Ceres P.01: Power +7% / Attack PP Recovery +30% during Duel: Phase 1
    • Defi Plutos P.01: Power +7% / Critical Rate +5% during Duel: Phase 1
    • Defi Makemes P.01: Power +7% / Damage Variance +20% during Duel: Phase 1
    • Defi Haumeas P.01: Power +7% / PB Gauge Increase w/ Attacking +30% during Duel: Phase. 1
  • There are 2 Title Tasks for each quest, one for clearing and one for S-Ranking.
  • Clear all 4 Duel Phase 1 Quests to receive:
    • Mag Form/Re-Agastia
    • MTN: Idle – Checking Things Out/B
    • Stamp: Rappy Sleepy
    • Title: Battle-word

Potential Level 6

  • Potential Level 6 can now be unlocked for all items.
  • Two new material items: "Photon Chunk IIA" and "Photon Chunk IIB" will be required!

Required Items and Materials for Lv. 6 Potentials

  • ★8 Weapons: Photon Chunk IIA (x60) + Photon Chunk IIB (x60)
  • ★1 ~ ★7 Weapons: Photon Chunk IIA (x30) + Photon Chunk IIB (x30)

How to get Photon Chunk IIA and Photon Chunk IIB

  • Drops from Emergency Quest: Happy Rappy Rumble (4/19/23)
  • Drops from Limited-Quest: A Wetlands Interception (4/26/23)
  • Drops from Pedas Vera, Nex Vera, Snaedal Vera/Dustyl Vera, Lenus Vera at Lv. 61+ (4/26/23)

AC Scratch Armor of Darkness

  • Sci-fi Samurai style outfits and suits with mecha parts.
  • Lobby Action: Sandcastle, Sit on Air 2
  • Motion: Idle – Angelic, Move – Angelic
  • Scratch Bonus: Dash – Angelic EX

April 26th Update

2nd Anniversary Part 2

Limited-Time Quest: Wetlands Interception

  • A 24-player quest available for one week only.
  • You will fight Pedas Vera and Nex Vera back-to-back.
  • These enemies will appear as their Megalotix versions with stronger attacks than usual.
  • Limited-Time Tasks will offer Star Gems and Accessories if you complete the quest a set number of times.

AC Revival Scratch: School Day Memories

  • PSO2-Spec uniforms, sweatshirts, and other accessories and lobby actions.

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

In the Salon, the Hairstyles/Head Parts selection window and the Head Ornaments Display Settings are far apart, making them awkward to use. Could this be improved?

They will be adding the Head Ornaments Display settings to the Hairstyles/Head Parts selection window in a future update, though this will be limited to NGS blocks.

Could you improve the Search feature in the Player Shops? It doesn't find the items I want unless I put their exact names.

They will modify the Player Shop search feature to provide candidate item names that resemble what you input, even if the spelling is slightly off. Up until now, even the slightest typo means you won't be able to find what you're looking for. This fix will make things much more convenient.

Lots of Neos Astreon-series weapons are filling up space in Storage. Can you increase the cap on weekly exchanges for Aegis Integra?

They will raise the weekly limit on how many Neos Astreon-series weapons you can exchange for Aegis Integra in a future update.

Whats the maximum amount of players that can enter a Creative Space?

Up to 100 players will be allowed to enter a single Creative Space. The owner can grant editing permissions and up to 12 players will be able to edit a Creative Space at the same time.

What are the concepts behind the Slayer Class's design and battle graphics?

In terms of design, black was used as the base color, and the back of the frame was designed to glow to give the Slayer a fresh impression that differentiates it from the classes we have so far.

For combat, we wanted the graphics to match the high-mobility of the class and for players to pick up on that visually as well.

In particular, they developed actions like the counter and photon blast in a way that felt more dynamic for the Slayer's movements and effects. They think players will be able to enjoy the flashy actions on screen by mixing and matching abilities.

Why did you go with the name "Slayer" and not Luster like in PSO2 Classic?

Unlike the Luster class from PSO2 Classic, the Slayer is not a Successor Class. It also differs system-wise because it can be set as a subclass in NGS.

In addition, they have updated the controls so that more users will be able to play it compared to Luster. For these reasons, they have decided on the class name "Slayer" to represent this new and different class.

The Slayer and the Luster carry the same appeal where both are equipped with a fighting style that makes use of their high mobility.

Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, and More!

Team Up Campaign (4/5/2023~)

  • Get the Rappy Song accessory by joining or belonging to a Team. There will be Team related Tasks that award Star Gems and N-Color Change Passes.

Slayer Mission Execution Campaign (4/12/2023~)

  • Play the Slayer class to get Lobby Actions and other rewards. You can get the Reneissa Slash too!

NGS 2nd Anniversary Campaign Part 1 (4/19/23~)

  • A special Daily Task where you can get Star Gems every day, a Doubled Login Bonus Campaign, and a Limited Quest offering Limited-Time SP Scratch Tickets, and more luxurious campaigns are arriving!

JAPAN! Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, and More!

EDWIN × PSO2 Collaboration

  • Japanese clothing brand EDWIN is doing yet another collaboration with PSO2.
  • This time they're selling PSO2 Parkers, T-Shirts, and Jeans!
  • Sale begins March 29th!
  • Products are scheduled to be shipped around July

Each product contains an Item Code for in-game goodies.

  • EDWIN×NGS'23 (Sticker)
  • St EDWIN×NGS'23 (Stamp)
  • EDWIN Shirt & Jeans T1 [Ba] (Basewear)
  • EDWIN Shirt & Jeans T2 [Ba] (Basewear)
  • PR Pose 8 (Lobby Action)

EDWIN × PSO2 Collaboration

  • The denim jacket from the previous collaboration will be going on sale again.

Next NGS Headline

April 25th

Next Episode: April 25th

  • May Update Info
  • Creative Space

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  1. I think it would be interesting if someone asks Sega in that operation report section to reconsider adding other payment options, such as SG, to things that require real money, for instance, changing the name of our characters. All I want to do is add a – to her name, but I dont want to pay real money for it. I would ask it myself but I dont speak japanese and I dont play on global. I also had the assumption that Sega were more likely to pick questions that gets repeated a lot, so just me asking for this would never reach their eyes and ears? I dunno, I just thought that this would be a more interesting question to see, cause it looks like on the next operation report, they are going to ask what Hiro eats for breakfast…

  2. Thanks for the recap….

    Anyway just feel like writing it here. I've stopped playing more than a month ago, but still visiting bumped site to see if there's anything to bring me back, at best, this end of the month's update. I thought that the Slayer news since last month, now the increased daily rewards, photoshoot QoL features that I've been waiting for, upcoming Space, and a story answer in The Sky can really bring me back to this game…. but they really don't. I know I've been pushing this NGS despite of the bad reception and whatever past it had in which I felt too, but I guess this is where I stop. I don't know how to express this but it just feel bland to know, might as well feel like I already know, on what will happen after Slayer and the story are done, despite of a few days hype when they are in. It's kind of mildly depressing, every time. Kind of feel like that every region update, even though I believe this is still part of the dripfeed update from the current region.

    So I guess this is my last comment, and I just want to thank you for this site and anyone that's involved in it for providing information since the early beginning of PSO2 days for more or less a decade (?!!).

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  3. "we have changed his class to be more boring so it appeals to no one at all instead of a crowd who appreciates complexity"~Sega
    Thanks, really need another class that plays exactly like all the others instead of mixing it up. Variety is key to get as many people as possible. If a person doesn't like how one class is too hard they have many others to choose from.

    Kind of kills the mood to see them just not care to think about what they're doing there.

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