PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #3


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Early September Update

Sonic Collaboration, Autumn Event

Early September Update

  • Sonic Collaboration Campaign
  • Exclusive Login Bonus
    • Sonic Shoes, Sonic Earrings and more!
  • New Mag Form: Tails Doll (Twitter Campaign)
  • Lobby Action: Sonic / Tails 3
  • Motion Dash: Sonic
  • Motion Glide: Tails

Sonic Collaboration

  • The Sonic Collaboration celebrates the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate.
  • There's a login bonus and a Twitter Campaign
  • The Tails Doll mag will be given out in the future if they reach a certain amount of ReTweets.
  • There's also a drawing for Sonic The Hedgehog movie on Blu-Ray!

Sonic Collaboration

  • There will be other campaigns where you can get other Sonic items by completing limited tasks, adding friends, spending AC, and activating Premium sets. Details will be revealed in the future.

Autumn Event

  • The city will transform into an Autumn festival.
  • There are mischief symbols around the city.
  • Xiandy is coming back with new tasks and an Exchange shop
    • Rappy & Moony – Moon Gazing Stamp
    • Bunni Hood
    • Frostel Weapons
    • Trinite
    • Photon Quartz
    • C/Ice Exploit I
  • Moongaze Rappy will appear on the field until Sep 29th.

Autumn Event

  • Seasonal enemies will appear with symbols over their forehead.
  • These enemies will be weak to Ice.
  • Pettas Vera, Nex Vera, and some enemies in Mining Rig Defense will be seasonally tagged.
  • The Frostel series are Ice elemental weapons that can be obtained through drops or at Xiandy's exchange shop.

AC Scratch: Moonlight Sanctuary

  • Shrine priest and maiden-style battlewear.
  • Moon Gazing and Rabbit Dance Lobby Action
  • New Motion: Playful Run

Late September Update

Autumn Event

Autumn Event

  • The Seasonal Exchange shop lineup will be updated.
  • Seasonal enemies will appear in different sectors every day.
  • The Giganti Nex Aelio will be coming back.

AC Scratch: Silhouette of Darkness

  • Scifi samurai and Scifi ninja outfits.
  • New Lobby Action: Dance 62
  • New Motion: Dash Ninja

AC Scratch: Oracle Renewal Collection III

  • Releasing September 29th
  • New Lobby Actions

Bouncer! Bouncer!

Coming October

Jet Boots

Dual Blades

Campaigns & Merch


Zutomayo Collaboration (Global Version)

  • Now Global players can get the collaboration items from Zutomayo.
  • Say the phrase" ZUTOMAYO" in chat when the campaign starts to receive Nira-chan's hairstyle and uNiGuRi-Kun's Head Mount accessory.


  • A new web comic starring the 4 Central City Operators will begin in September.

Sega Lucky Lottery (Japan Version)

  • Sega Lucky Lottery will now include a Rappy Plush, Region Mag Soft Vinyl Savings Box, and more.
  • All prizes will include an item-code that can be used in-game.
  • Find them at Lawson and Hobby Shop starting Winter 2021!

Next Broadcast

October 5th, 2021

8 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #3”

  1. Geez.. When I said I wanted the cool dash/glide motions, SEGA is just tripling down on making them scratch bonuses. Why oh why!! Dash Hover, Glide float and and now Ninja Dash.. Ugh..

    On the plus side though, that Bouncer gameplay got me hype as hell! Can't wait to see a skill tree breakdown. Maybe finally Te/Bo could bring amazing utility and damage without being to gimped in one way or the other with the class combo.

    • Yea, it's 90bux or gtfo. And that ninja run as an advertisement for ninja dash, that's just a damn cheap move from HMZK (as usual).
      I wouldn't put hopes for Bo tho, Br looked good too but turned out to be a turd. This way worst case will be nothing new but best case will be a pleasant surprise.

    • Lmao. Temper your hopes, guys.

      Expecting to high heavens about something then become disappointed so you then proceed to curse Sega to hell.

  2. BO JBs look interesting, but I wonder, will it also require the weapon action button to change PA behavior (Who am I kidding?), or will it be another casual/"easy to use" class with chargeable PAs? DBs look a little lackluster tbh. That new scratch can't arrive any sooner.

  3. almost 3 months and we still don't have any content drop.
    and also, this mtn locked behind pay wall is so stupid for its price.
    id rather buy 2 AAA games than that bs

    • Damn. These are contents, whether you like it or not. And no one's stopping you from buying AAA games.

      But by the looks of it, I'm sure you'd run out of content from those two in just one week.

    • Guess you missed the new emergency quest somehow. Or the fact that they're planning major content updates every six months.

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