PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #31


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Super Genesis Festival

Super Genesis Festival

  • Super Genesis Festival will continue into the New Year!
  • They are also considering making more Super Genesis Festivals every 1/2 anniversary if the event is deemed popular enough.

Super 10-A-Day Free SG Scratch

  • Play the SG Scratch for free for two weeks.
  • If you play every day, that's 140 free draws.

Super Genesis Gifts Part 2

  • Log in during the campaign Period to get:
  • N-Color Change Pass (x10)
  • Material Storage Use (15 Days)
  • N-Master Cube
  • Stamp: Nex Aelio – New Year PostCard

Leciel Exploration & Limited-time Quest

  • Leciel Exploration & Limited-time Quests get +200% Rare Drop Boost and +200% Preset Ability Attachment Rate.

Super Pre-Announced Emergency Quest & Boost Campaign (Jan 10th)

  • More pre-scheduled Emergency Quests starting January 10th.
  • Experience +200% Rare Drop Rate and +200% Preset Ability Attachment Rate.

Super Genesis Gifts Pt.3 (Jan 10th)

  • Log in after January 10th to get N-Color Change Pass (x15) and Preset Ability Enhancement Success Rate +15% (x5)

Super Item Enhancement Support Campaign (Jan 10th)

  • Enhancement Boosts:
    • Preset Enhancement Success Rate +10%
    • Special Ability Success Rate +10%
    • Grind Success Rate +90%
    • 50% off N-Meseta Costs for Limit Breaking
    • 75% off N-Meseta Costs for Multi-Weapons

Super Seasonal World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Op (Jan 25th)

  • New rewards for Stellar Grace Recovery Op:
  • Arms Refiner II, Giga Strugment, and Growthment.

Super New & Returning ARKS Call-to-Arms Campaign (Jan 10th)

  • Post your Online ARKS ID and the #NGSSuperGenesisFestival to invite users to return to NGS.
  • If there are more than 5,000 posts during the period, we'll get 909: Hitsugi Pose 2+ and Hitsugi Outfits.

January 1st

Limited-Time Event: New Year '24

  • Central City and Retem City will be decorated with New Year's decorations.
  • Xiandy will be the navigator in a kimono.
  • Snome Rappy's first appearance
  • Xiandy Seasonal Point Exchange Shop will switch to New Year's 's-themed build parts and holograms.
  • Limited-time Tasks and Title Tasks on January 3rd.
  • Limited-Time Tasks related to Creative Spaces in which you can earn Genesis Points will be introduced on January 3rd.

ARKS Record – Trania Advance: Cannonball Strike (Solo)

New Year's Remix Line

  • New variations of past AC Scratch outfits.
  • Scratch count bonus include: C/Lux Halphinale S and Preset Ability Enhance Success & Substitute/Lv4.

New Year's NGS Lobby Action Revival

  • Contains a revival of NGS-spec Lobby Actions!
  • Scratch Bonus: Preset Ability Success Rate +100%/Lv4

NY AC Support Item Select

  • Contains Exdi-class Special Abilities that increase each stat.
  • Scratch Bonus: Preset Ability Success Rate +100%/Lv4

January 10th

Winter '24 Event

  • Central City and Retem will be adorned with winter and snowy-themed decorations.
  • Randomite will appear in the Retem Region.
  • Xiemi will appear as the host for the Winter Event.
    • Snow-inspired Accessories & Build Parts
    • Special Ability Capsules and Tech Arts Customization items
    • Certain items will have increased exchange limits.
  • Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks deliver Winter'23~24 SP Scratch Tickets & Variocool Armati Weapon Camo.

Limited-time Quest: Practice Drill: Chilliest Chase

  • Giant Mutant Konigssee Yedi Geo
  • Chase after it by using the floating boards throughout the area as it retreats after each battle.
  • Complete Limited-Time Tasks for Reward Box Medals .

SG Support Item Selection Jan'24

  • Contains powerful special ability capsules like C/Gladia Soul S and C/Gigas Maste S, along with Preset Ability Item Protections that preserve weapons and armor used as materials when enhancing Preset Abilities.
  • Same lineup as SG Support Item Selection Nov '23, but the win rate for some items related to enhancing Preset Abilities has been adjusted to increase availability.

AC Scratch: Modish Winter '24

  • Contains down jackets and girly mini-skirts.
  • N-Distinct Dbl-Edged Eyelids have been remade into NGS specs. The first one has a cost of 1, however, the second /B version has a cost of 3 and moves in-sync with your character's eyelids.
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion Dash – Wild 2 EX

January 17th

SG Scratch: Renewed Resolve

  • Contains Diri Actif T2 [Ba] (Manon's Outfit) and Manon's ver of Song of Mourning.
  • Scratch Bonus: Lobby Action: Flaunting

Mission Pass: NGS Season 28

  • 100 Watt Mask
  • Mag Form/Guardiantik

ARKS Record – Trania: Fleeting Fight (Rank.2): Solo

PSO2NGS x The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Login Bonuses contain life-size cutouts of the characters, Star Gems, & GP.

AC Scratch: The Seven Deadly Sins Style

  • Dress up as Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Diane.
  • Tons of Weapon Camos that mimic the special weapons from the anime.
    • Meliodas' Sacred Treasure Demon Sword Lostvayne
  • Collab Items contain Build Parts, ARKS ID Backgrounds, Stamps, and more!

January 24th

Limited-Quest: Nex Vera Suppression Op Ver.2

  • Changes to the field enemies and an even more powerful Nex Vera in the final area.
  • New Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks. Get Reward Box Medal Dec '23 and Titles!

Stellar Grace Recovery Operation

  • Improved Rewards, get high-quality Special Ability Capsules, Growthment, and Arms Refiner II.

ARKS Record – Field Race: Dreisen Plant Board (Stage 1): Solo

AC Scratch: NGS Accessory Revival

  • Revival AC Scratch that holds NGS-spec accessories and Scratch Bonuses of C/Highael Domina S and C/Gigas Maste S.

2024 Roadmap

Jan 31st ~ March Roadmap

  • Additional High Rank in Kvaris
  • Level 85.
  • Story Quests
  • Duel: Phase 4
  • New Type of Permanent Party Quest
    • This has a new type of gameplay with high and normal difficulty versions.
  • Limited-Time Emergency Quest
  • Limited-time Quests (x4)
  • Class Level Cap 85.
  • Ranger and Gunner Expansion.
  • Kvaris Creative Space Theme Added
  • New Build Parts
  • More Build Parts from PSO2.
  • NIJISANJI Collaboration Pt. 2

April ~ May Roadmap

  • NGS 3rd Anniversary
  • Leciel Exploration Expansion
  • Ultra-High Difficulty Permanent Quest
  • Battledia: Purple Added
  • Limited-time Emergency Quest
  • Limited-Quests (x4)
  • Tech Arts Customization Expansion
  • Build Parts ported from PSO2.
  • Anime based on shonen manga
  • Collaboration of Games from other companies.

June ~ July Roadmap

  • New Field
  • Story Quests
  • Duel: Phase 5
  • Limited-time Quests (x4)
  • New Action System
  • Fighter Expansion
  • Creative Space: Japanese Style Theme
  • New Build Parts
  • More Build Parts from PSO2
  • Collaboration with Sci-fi Anime
  • Collab with Anime based on a light novel.

Producer Message

Dark Falz Solus and Leciel Exploration received high marks for their playability, however, there were some issues. The hurdle for participation was set so high that fewer people played than what the development team expected. Among those who did play, many felt that the rewards were inadequate with the difficulty level or playtime.

The development team apologizes for the problems with the initial content design and reward balance.

In response to this, in October and November, they have been working to normalize the game, albeit gradually, through various improvements and boost campaigns. To make NGS easier to play, they made significant improvements and mitigants in conjunction with the Super Genesis Festival.

Going forward, they will redouble their efforts to utilize what they've learned from this case to ensure the design and balance will be appropriate for the in-game environment at the time of release.

In addition, they will make improvements and relax requirements in existing content while releasing new content as they stick to NGS to make it easier for everyone to play.

ARKS Operation Report

The wait time before a multi-party quest launches is too long. Can you shorten the time?

A new feature was implemented for Halphiria Lake Interception Part 2 on Dec 13th where the quest will launch a few seconds after all quest participants have finished loading.

We plan to have future quests of the same type work this way too, as well as, any content that requires a smoother replay process.

Can you add Battledia: Purple where you fight Starless Gigantix?

We are currently considering adding a Battledia: Purple where you fight Starless Gigantix.

We are hoping to do it a little differently from the previous Battledia: Purple.

Could we get character creation data of NPCs and other story characters?

We are working on a way to make the creation data for some of the major characters in NGS available for download from the official site.

In addition, we are planning to release a Scratch where you can win the required items needed to recreate them in-game.

There are also cases where we are unable to provide character creation data that perfectly recreates unique versions of NPC characters.

Is it possible to prevent the confirmation screen from appearing for items that are often used as grind materials, such as Gold Prim Sword II, regardless of their Rarity?

In response to this request, we are working on removing the confirmation screen for Gold Prim Sword II and Gold Prim Armor II when selected as grind materials in the Item Enhancement Lab.

Japan Satellite Information

PSO2 NGS x Viva Paella (Jan 11th ~ 2/12)

  • NGS is collaborating with Viva Paella, a home-delivery paella specialty store that offers traditional Spanish cuisine tailored to a Japanese palette.
  • Each purchase of a Paella comes with item codes for a random set of in-game items.

Item Codes

  • Bountiful Seafood Paella (24h Consumable +10% RDR/EXP/MESETA
  • Perched Paella (Accessory)
  • St "Viva Paella x NGS" (Stamp)
  • BP "Bountiful Seafood Paella"
  • BP "Viva Paella x NGS Poster"
  • PH "Bountiful Seafood Paella"
  • Eat Paella (Lobby Action)

Satellite Information

NIJISANJI Collaboration 2

  • Cosplay as Amamiya Kokoro, Nagao Kei, Matsukai Mao, and Yorumi Rena.
  • Items also include hairstyles, accessories, voices, weapon camos, and Build Parts.
  • The 4 characters will also hold an NGS live stream where they visit the winning entries of the Creative Space Contest.

Key Visual Art

  • New artwork featuring the 4 V-Tubers was created by @inooka72

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January 30th

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