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January 31st

Chapter 6: Final Part

  • Aina continues to work hard as a training instructor for new Arks.
  • Ains is still struggling with her worries.
  • New Arks recruit Rikul and Ruka state Aina is having a hard time training others.

Kvaris Fields Updated

  • All fields in Kvaris will be significantly updated.
  • Rayjord Gorge has increased levels for Ancient Enemies. Recon Gigants and Gigantix will appear.
  • New Starless Dread enemies will replace some of the boss enemies.
  • Grand Torch Stands will grant a heat coding effect for a certain amount of time, providing immunity to low-temperature damage and triggering a follow-up fire attribute effect to attacks.
  • The smaller Torch Stand extends the duration of the heat coding for a certain amount of time to a player who has the heat coding effect.

Belugana Ruins

  • A new Rank will be added to the Belugana Ruins combat sector.
  • New Starless enemies will appear.
  • Dash Rings have been installed to Belugana Ruins to make movement smoother in Floating Boards.
  • New ★10 Reyaar (Roseram) weapon series added, which potential ability increases the power of PAs and Technics in exchange for higher PP costs. This can be obtained by exchanging materials or from drops.
  • New rarity ★9 armor, the Einea Armor Series.
  • In the new rank at the Belugana Ruins, enemies other than bosses will drop the ★10 weapons and ★9 armor.
  • Gigantix with increased levels will spawn in Exploration Sectors outside of Rayjord Gorge.
  • Additional Red Item containers will be placed. Use these to obtain exchange materials for the Reyaar series.
  • The Reyaar (Roseram) series will be added to the Item Exchange in Kvaris.
  • In addition, the Reyaar series and the multi-weapon Reyaar Mk.1 series will be added to the ARKS RECORD Badge exchange.
    • Please note, that the Kaizaar series and the Kaizaar Mk.1 series will be removed from the Item Exchange: Kvaris and the ARKS Record Badge exchange in a future release to reorganize the Item Exchange menu.
  • New Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks will be added as well. The achievement requirement for all of these will be to defeat enemies. You can earn the materials needed to exchange for the Reyaar series.
  • The TAMES Trapping Trial will now also occur in Kvaris and Aelio.
    • ★9 Rarity armor and Meat have been added as rewards.
  • The additional enemies that appear around Dread Enemies will no longer appear in the Kvaris and Aelio Exploration Sectors.

Level Cap 85

  • Rangers and Gunners will experience balance adjustments to attack range, motion speed, and cancel timing, as well as additional behaviors and balance adjustments, such as increased charge phases to Photon Arts, New Class Skills, and significantly updated effects.
  • An Arks Record event exclusive to Rangers and Gunners will be available.

ARKS Record: Broken World (Rank.2): Ranger / Gunner

ARKS Record: Field Race – West Kvarid Dash (Stage 1): All Classes

New Ranks

  • New Ranks will be added to the EQs: Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris and Remnants of Ambition.
  • New Title Tasks will be added that can be obtained from completing the new EQ Ranks.
  • The Crocodylis Vera Suppression OP and Ams Vera Suppression OP will no longer occur as Urgent Quests. You can accept them as Trigger Quests if you still wish to play them.

Creative Space Additions

  • Kvaris Creative Space theme will be added.
  • You can now make more minor adjustments to the position and angle of Build Parts.
  • You can also adjust the size of changes in Terrain Height, letting you create gentle slopes.
  • You can now visit Creative Spaces from the Friends List or Nearby Characters.
  • The Mining Rig Build Parts Pack will be available in the AC Shop.
    • The pack contains 14 pieces to assemble into a Mining Rig.
    • Also contains a poster of the Mining Rig as a visual guide for assembly.
  • Earn Genesis Points by completing Limited Time Tasks involving Creative Spaces.

Auto-Join Party Feature

  • Players with the Auto-Join party setting ON will automatically join together to form a party under specific conditions.
    • Before the start of a Multi-Party Quest
    • During a Trial in a Combat Sector
    • At the Start of a PSE Burst
  • Settings are accessible from the Party Settings Screen.
  • You can also turn it on using Shortcut Keys.
  • In addition, you can keep the Auto-Join Party turned on at all times from the Option Settings.

Various Improvements

  • Battledia: Yellow and Battledia Purple will have reduced waiting times based on the loading status of each participant's quest.
  • The DPS display position can be selected from 3 options in the Option Settings.
  • Portable Holograms placed by other players can now be set to display by Sector Type in Option Settings.
  • Easy Photo Mode will now save the previous camera's angle and settings. These settings will be remembered until you exit the game.
  • Three new options will be added to save items for Looks:
    • Adjust Eye Size
    • Eye Horizontal Position
    • Motion Base Type
    • This above only applies to Looks that are saved after this update is implemented.
  • ARKS ID Backdrops will now have the Kvaris Quintuplets.
  • Selecting Gold Prim Sword II and Gold Prim Armor II as enhancement materials will skip the confirmation screen when grinding your equipment.
  • Gameplay Tips will appear on the screen for a set time after completing the Prologue.
  • New players can now skip the prologue even with their first characters.
    • You can check out the Prologue from the Quest Counter.

Preset Skills Adjustments

  • Preset Skills will experience a balance adjustment with increased effects excluding certain ones.
  • As they make Preset Skills stronger, they will also be reducing the power of potentials of the ★9 Verschmelz series so that it doesn't end up overpowered.
    • However, for players who have Preset Skill: Fixa Termina at level 1 or higher, it will be adjusted so that it is at the same strength as before.
  • Preset Skills that were only available through drops, can now also be granted through Enhance Preset Skills.
  • The new Support Item [Add Preset Skills Lv. 1] will add a random Lv.1 Preset Skill to a Weapon or Armor that has no Preset Skill affixed.
  • New Exchange Items will be added to Item Recycle:
    • N-Rare Drop Rate [1h] +100%
    • Add Preset Skills Lv. 1
  • You can trade in N-EX Cubes for these.
  • There is a weekly limit to the number you can exchange for.

Creation Data for Main Characters

  • You can download Character Creation Data to recreate NPCs from the official site.
  • These can only be used from the PC versions of the game in each territory.

SG Scratch: NPC Item Collection

  • A permanent SG Scratch containing the main characters' outfits, accessories, and more!

AC Scratch: Street Smart

  • Contains sci-fi street-themed fashion and Cast Parts.
  • Lobby Action: Breakdance Freeze
  • Motion: Idle – Outstretched Legs Sit
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Dash – Vertical Float EX

February 7th

Limited Quest: Dustyl Vera Suppresion Op V.2

  • In this remake of the EQ, you'll fight Dustyl Vera in the Murabba Canyon of North Retem.
  • After defeating Dolls and Starless, the Dustyl Vera, now a Gigantix, has beefed-up power.

Build Parts

  • PSO2 Classic Medieval- fantasy furniture will be available.

ARKS Record: Trania Crazy Tail (Rank 2): Solo & All Classes

AC Scratch: Starlight Fashion

  • Idol-themed plaid outfits
  • Lobby Action: Holding Flowers
  • Motion: Idle – To the Beat
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Gyro Runner EX

February 14th

Limited Emergency Quest: Halphia Lake Counter-Attack Part II

  • This an EQ version of Halphia Lake Interception Part II where you take on Dark Falz Aegis
  • Up to 8 Players can join this quest.
  • The failure conditions have been relaxed and they lowered the enemy's HP and attack power.

Mission Pass: NGS Season 29

  • Accessory based on the Unit themed after Vol Dragon
  • Color Variation of Glide – Jetpack

ARKS Record: Trania Dyna Assault (Rank 2): Rangers & Gunners

ARKS Record: Central Kvaris Dash (Stage 1): All Classes


  • Amamiya Kokoro, Nagao Kei, Matsukai Mao, and Yorumi Rena will be collaborating with PSO2:NGS.
  • Login bonuses feature stickers and build parts.
  • Region Mags will be decorated in a NIJISANJI theme

AC Scratch: Virtual Liver Style '24

  • Dress up as Amamiya Kokoro, Nagao Kei, Matsukai Mao, and Yorumi Rena.
  • Combat voices and body pillow weapon camos are also available.
  • ARKS ID Backgrounds and Vital Gauges.

February 21st

Updated Kvaris Combat Sectors

  • A New Rank was added to the Lost Central Combat Sector. It will have increased enemy levels and have Starless Enemies spawning. A mysterious Starless enemy may appear.
  • Non-boss enemies will drop ★10 weapons and ★9 armor.
  • For a limited time, the Crimson Realm will appear in Kvaris Combat Sectors. It occurs daily and switches between Belugana Ruins and Lost Central.
  • Sectors that transform into the Crimson Realm will have a red color haze. Special Trials with more powerful Starless enemies and rewards will occur.
  • New Starless boss enemy Dryverus will appear in Trials with rewards based on the damage delt.
  • Completing a trial in a Crimson Realm has a chance for a changeover to occur, which will then develop into an additional Trial. Completing the side-mission for the Trial from the changeover will have the next PSE Burst to become a PSE Burst Forte or PSE Burst Encore.

ARKS Record: Trania – Slope Style: Solo & All Classes

AC Scratch: Basilisk Beauty

  • Dragon-themed outfits and dinosaur-themed Cast Parts
  • Lobby ACtion: Action Hero Pose to Action Hero Pose 3
  • Motion: Move – I'm a Train
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Kick EX

February 28th

Limited-Quest: Plateau Clean-Up OP '24

  • This is a 12-player quest, where you defend the Transport Truck from hordes of enemies, culminating in a boss fight against Pettas Vera.
  • You can use Hindras Lillies placed across the field.
  • Additional Limited-Time Tasks and Title tasks will reward you with Special Scratch Tickets and Reward Box Medal Feb '24

ARKS Record: Field Race – South Kvaris Dash (Stage 1): Solo & All Classes

Two Revival Scratch Ticket

  • NGS Makeup Revival has NGS-spec eyes, makeup, patterns, eyebrows, eyelashes, and Body Paint.
  • Rewind Collection Feb '24 contains previously released NGS-Spec items released in Feb and March.

Developer Letter

The new 10 Star Weapon Series

The new ★10 Reyaar (Roseram) Weapon Series can be obtained through the Item Exchange by collecting the necessary material. That means, these weapons are easier to obtain compared to the other 10-star weapon series Flugelgard. However, they can not be sold in the Player Shop. The reason behind this policy is to make it easy for more people to experience the highest tier of weapons, the 10-star.

The materials required for exchange were designed to be easily obtainable during battles and while traveling around the Rayjord Gorge. Breaking all the new red item boxes in the Kvaris Region will provide about half of the required materials.

The Reyaar (Roseram) series can also be obtained as drops from the Kvaris region and other upcoming content. While they can not be sold in Player Shops, they have a higher drop rate for 10 star weapons.

The Crimson Realm's Design Intent

The Crimson Realm in Kvaris is designed to change the Combat Sector as a whole. It is structured to occur for a limited time, similar to the Rappy Spots implemented at the end of the year to give it an event-like feel.

The combat sector where the Crimson Realm occurs changes daily.

Future Duel Quest Considerations

Based on player feedback, they plan to change the specifications of Duel Quests starting with Phase 4 scheduled for release in March.

First, even if the quest does not come with special abilities that have special effects if you have general-purpose high-performing equipment, then it should be enough to complete the quest.

They would like to make it a policy to make special abilities capsules with special effects, easier to obtain and make them secondary to Duel Quest completion.

ARKS Operation Report

I'm having trouble with the ability buff on bosses in Leciel Exploration, which inflicts status ailments on players. Are there Any plans to introduce special abilities that nullifies status ailments?

Currently, there are no plans to release Special Abilities that nullify ailments. However, in most cases, if an enemy in Leciel Exploration has an ability buff to inflict status ailments, players can acquire an ability buff to reduce status ailment duration. By raising this Ability Buff to level 5, it can nearly nullify the effects.

It seems like many players abandon quests. Are the Live-Ops and Development teams considering a way to address this issue?

Log data, including data on quest abandonment, are accessible to developers. Periodic investigations are conducted using this data. If the number of abandoned quests or reports is excessively high, penalties may be imposed.

Keep NGS a fun place to play by practicing good manners and refraining from quest abandonment, quest idling, using profanities, or enforcing your own rules on others.

Many ability-related LC Capsules drop. Are you considering adjusting the drop rate of other LC Capsules?

They plan to increase the availability of LC Capsules by having them drop in Limited-Time Quests in the future. The drop rate for such cases will be adjusted based on the in-game situation.

Satellite Information

Once A Month Special Login Gifts

  • Log in at least once during February to get:
    • Material Storage Use (15 Days)
    • N-Color Change Pass (x5)
  • You can also get these items by logging in once a month in March and beyond.

Ultra PSO2 Day (2/2 12:00 AM)

  • Get login Gifts and more over 3 days, including super boosts of EXP Earned +100%, Rare Drop Rate +200% and Preset Skill Rate +200%.
  • Plus you can get Preset Skill Enhance Success Rate +15%, and N-Special Ability Success Rate +20%.
  • Ultra PSO2 Day Premium will be held on 2/22/24

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest

  • Remnants of Ambition, Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris, and Halphia Lake Counter-Attack Part 2 will occur at specific times. Enemy HP will be reduced and you can complete EQs twice.

Arks Cash Super Sale (Global Only)

  • Feb 7th will have a sale on Arks Cash
  • Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Epic Games Store, Razer Gold
    • 2,200 AC for 9.99 (once per store)
  • Steam Store
    • 1,200 AC bonus with total purchase of 2,200 AC or more (One Time)

Arks Cash Super Sale (Global Only)

  • 30% Discount on 1,000 AC and 10,000 AC

Creative Space Contest Winners

  • These 11 winners will be showcased as Official Creative Spaces from 1/31 ~ 4/10

Nijisanji NGS Stream

2/20/2024 21:00 ~22:00 (JST)

  • Nagao Kei
  • Yorumi Rena

2/22/2024 21:00 ~22:00 (JST)

  • Amamiya Kokoro
  • Matsukai Mao

They will visit Official Creative Spaces and the Contest Winners Spaces

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February 27th 2024

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