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April 3rd

Rurouni Kenshin Collaboration

  • Life-size cutout Build Parts of Rurouni Kenshin characters will be available.

Rurouni Kenshin

  • Dress up as Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya, and recreate the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu with motion change items.
  • Life-size cutouts of characters will be available as Portable Holograms.
  • There are also Stamps, Build Parts, and ARKS ID Background.
  • Scratch Count gets Weapon Camo of the Sakabato sword.

SG Scrach: SG Support Item Selection April '24

  • Identical to the SG Support lineup released in January.
  • Get powerful Special Ability Capsules like C/Gladio Soul S and C/Gigas Maste S.
  • Scratch Bonus gets Preset Ability Enhance Success Rate +100% and Preset Ability Enhance Material Not Required.

April 10th

Leciel Exploration Update

  • Items that enhance player ability buffs such as consecutive use of Photon Blast and more powerful Throw Actions.
  • New Trial: Giruva Diversion
    • These DOLLS have an eery appearance, and can only be damaged with certain attacks. If you get caught by Giruva, it unleashes a powerful attack.
    • Destroying all the Girvua cores on the field will allow an opportunity to counterattack.
  • New Ruine bosses, Ruine Vibras have distinctive horns, and Ruine Exegul can manipulate gravity.
  • The new 10-star Xover weapon series will restore HP when using Photon Blasts and contain 3 different potentials based on the weapon type. Multi-weaponize them to find the best combination to suit your playstyle.
  • Growthment II and LC-type Special Ability Capsules will also now drop.

New Feature: All-Ship Matchmaking for Leciel Exploration

  • Enable this in the Matchmaking Word Settings to play Leciel Exploration with ARKS from different ships.
  • Unlike PSO2's Universal Ship, NGS's All-Ship Matchmaking allows one to acquire N-Meseta and Items
  • Please note, that by enabling this feature, Team & Friend related features, Group Chats, and some shops will be unavailable. In addition, Emergency Quest notifications and LIVE Boosts will be turned off.
  • For now, All-Ship Matchmaking will only be available for Leciel Exploration, but they plan to gradually expand the list of eligible quests in the future.
  • Please note, that since this feature includes experimental elements, they may suspend this feature without prior notice.

Tech Arts Customization Update

  • New Tech Arts Customization will include 1 PA for each weapon type, plus Ice, Lightning, and Dark Techniques, (excluding Wands and Talis).
  • Balance Adjustments will be applied to some existing Customizations.

Mission Pass: NGS Season 31

  • Mag form based on Kanui, winner of NGS character election.
  • An accessory version of armor themed after the enemy Fal Vibras.

Other Updates

  • Some Daily Tasks that were previously limited to specific regions will now be accomplishable anywhere.
  • Team Tasks that previously required collecting note-type special ability capsules have been changed to collecting any special ability capsule.
  • Please note, that after the update, Team Tasks that require note-type special abilities will no longer be available. Please be sure to complete them before the April 10th update.

ARKS Record – Field Race: Mediola Outer Area 2 Board (Stage 1)

Various Improvements

  • Certain capsules like C/Endymio and C/Astrio S, which increase grind EXP, can be directly used as Materials for grinding equipment.
  • Items that can't be used as material, such as the 9-star Argenti weapon series, will now show "Not a Material Item" in Item Details.
  • The Player Shop will now display the current Grind Cap for weapons and armor in the Item List. Equipment that has reached its maximum grind or the current Grind Cap will be highlighted in Orange text.
  • The feature to randomly add a Level 1 Preset Ability will now be separated and introduced as "Add Preset Ability."
  • The Item Lab will now remember the state of selected tabs until you exit the game.
  • You can now save items to your Wanted Item List through your inventory, the "Use Item" screen after drawing a scratch ticket, and the Player Shop search list screen. In addition, if you select an item that is already on your list, you can now remove it instantly.

Various Improvements (2)

  • You can send a "Good Job" through the GP Tree in Creative Space. You can earn SG when sending Good Jobs!
  • The save slots for designs will be expanded from 20 to 40.
  • You can now earn Genesis Points by completing Creative Space Limited Tasks.
  • Easy Photo Mode will allow you to pause lobby actions (Premium Only)
  • In the Salon, you can now go bald if you don't choose a specific hairstyle.
  • Added a Refined Skin for Base Body T1, and a face type with doe eyes for the Lively Face.
  • The new Guren and Kanui ARKS ID Backgrounds can be unlocked with Title Points.

AC Scratch: Vintage Classics

  • Clothes include a hakama, boys' school uniforms, and border-patterned innerwear.
  • Motion: Idle – Coffee Break / Lobby Action: Hold Hands
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Cherry Blossom Petals EX

April 17th

Planetcrusher Blitz

  • Up to 4 players can battle Starless-class Dark Falz Dalion.
  • The quest fails after a certain amount of incapacitation.

Planetcrusher Blitz

  • The new ★11 Wingard Series will drop for this quest.
  • The potential increases damage to enemies for a set time after hitting them with a Photon Blast.
  • New Title Tasks will also be available.
  • Weekly Tasks will be updated from targeting Halphia Lake Interception Pt. 2 to Planetcrusher Blitz.
  • Leah May will have a new task for Planetcrusher Blitz.

Build Parts Added

  • Sweets-themed and Retro-themed room items based on PSO2 will be available through SG.

ARKS Record – Trania: Parkour Master (Solo & All Classes)

Revival AC Scratch: Hairstyle Revival April '24

  • Features past NGS-spec hairstyles. The first draw for this scratch is free!

Rewind Collection April '24

  • Rereleases NGS-spec items from April~May in the past.

April 24th

Super Origin Festival

  • Commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of NGS with special campaigns.

3rd Anniversary Event

  • Decorations will be applied to all regions, in addition to, mischief symbols scattered throughout.
  • Anni Rappy and Anni Emperappy will appear.
  • Xiemi, dressed in a hakama, will open a Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.
    • The ★9 Aeoni Dekelion weapon series contain +80 grind and potential Lv. 6.
    • Special Ability, Sezun Terceranifiv, is effective against Seasonal enemies.

ARKS Record – Field Race: Stia Outskirts Dash (Stage 1)

Limited Emergency Quest: Happy Rappy Rumble

  • A quest containing dazzling Rappies and Resplendent Nex and Resplendent Ams
  • The more enemies you defeat, the more lively the event grounds become.

Limited Quest: Halpha Environmental Testing Zone Clean-Up Op Part 2

  • This takes place in Kvaris and Stia.
  • Clear rank is based on how many Trials were completed.
  • Limited-time Tasks can be accomplished by completing the quest.
  • Get the Reward Box Medal April '24 which has a variety of camos and accessories released in PSO2.

Anniversary SP Scratch

  • Obtain Gené outfit from PSO2es and stamps and build parts from other PSO2es characters.
  • Also contains *Petal Shroud and *Conch Spire, along with other camos, music discs, & mag forms.

AC Scratch: Noble Shadows

  • Contains light combat wear and Japanese pattern style shirts.
  • Lobby ACtion: Weapon Display Pose 2
  • Motion: Swim – Shinobi
  • Scratch Bonus: Glide – Shinobi EX

Letter From The Developer

the ★11 Wingard Series

The intention of updating the rarity this time around was to provide ARKS with a motivating reward in line with the difficulty level posed in taking on the new Dark Falz Dalion. When Dark Falz Solus was released last August, they regretted not setting up a reward to serve as the centerpiece for that quest, which did not provide a purpose for people to work hard to beat it. Back then, the first 10-star rarity weapons were released later on for the EQ version of that quest. However, for this new quest, they decided to set a new rarity of weapons as a reward right from the beginning.

Raid Boss: Dark Falz Dalion

They will also release an Emergency Quest version for Dalion in May, making the gap between releases shorter than it was for Solus. When Dark Falz Dalion's quest releases in April, they hope the top players will be leading the charge in attempting a clear, and expect even more players to join the fray when the EQ version drops in May.

Special Ability Transfers

Sega has received feedback that the pace of equipment updates has been too fast. Equipment that players have worked hard to affix is becoming obsolete too soon.

For this reason, they plan to release a feature to transfer all Special Abilities from one piece of equipment to another in a future update. They originally planned to implement this alongside the 11-star rarity weapon release, but due to time constraints with solidifying specification and implementation, they will be unable to do so at this time.

Tech Arts Customization Balance Adjustments

The balance adjustment of existing customizations will receive an overall buff for actions and types that were underutilized in order to widen the range of useful customization options.

Only the Type 2 customization of the Sword PA: Spiral Edge, will have some of its attributes reduced. Its maximum damage when combined with Sword Arts Overcharged stands out as unintentionally high compared to other actions.

In the balance adjustments, rather than reducing maximum power, they will be making adjustments to the increased charge time. They believe this will make it easier to use a charge in situations where Sword Arts Overcharge cannot be applied.

They will continue to make balance adjustments, mainly looking to add buffs, based on how actions are used by players.

ARKS Operation Report

Could you increase the number of ARKS Decoys that can be placed in Creative Space?

They plan to increase the number of placeable ARKS Decoys in a future update.

Would it be possible to bring the camera even closer to the characters in the Salon?

They are considering adding another step to change the camera distance in the Salon so you can get even closer to your character.

Could you increase the number of accessory slots for each character?

They are considering adding an accessory slot because the variety and demand for accessories that have a cost of 1 is increasing. Plus the current twelve slots are increasingly being filled without maxing out the cost.

Please note however there are no plans to change the maximum cost.

Satellite Information

AC Super Sale (Global Only)

  • Get 2,200 AC for 9.99 (once per store) (Microsoft, PlayStation, Epic Games, Razer Gold, Coda)
  • Get a bonus 1,200 AC when you purchase 2,200 AC or more (Steam Only) (One Time Only)

Special Program For Class Training (April 10th)

  • Perform limited-time Tasks for Bouncers and Rangers to receive prizes such as SG Legacy Fashion Badges

Bonus Daily Tasks (Begins April 14th)

  • Japanese Version
    • Monday: N-Color Change Pass / Star Gems
    • Tuesday: N-Meseta / Star Gems
  • Global Version
    • Sunday: N-Color Change Pass / Star Gems
    • Monday: N-Meseta / Star Gems

Atelier Collaboration

  • Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key
  • Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemis of Salburg
  • Ryza, Klaudia, Bos, and Marie avatar items.
  • Mag form of Fi, and Fairy, and alchemy cauldron Build Parts
  • Music Disc of Ryza 3's opening.
  • Coming in May

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April 23rd

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