PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #35


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April 24th

Super Origin Festival

  • Get Up To 150 Free Draws! Super Free SG Scratch
    • You can draw 10 free SG Scratch Tickets per day up to 150 times.
    • Contains Avatar and Support Items!
  • Super SG Item Recycle
    • Trade in unwanted SG Scratch Items for rare items like Lobby Actions.
    • Can be accessed through NPC Xiemi.
  • Use Salon To Your Heart's Content
    • Unlimited Salon Uses
  • Other Weekly Prizes

Super Treasure Scratch & Pre-Scheduled EQs (April 28th~)

  • Scratch lineup will get Lobby Action: Crouch as a Scratch Bonus and you can complete Emergency Quests twice.

Super Boost Campaign (April 28th~)

  • +150% Rare Drop Rate
  • +150% Drop Item Preset Ability Rate
  • These boosts are for all quests and combat sectors.

Super Item Enhancement Support Campaign (April 30th~)

  • +10% Affix Success Rate
  • +10% Preset Skill Success Rate
  • N-Meseta Costs Discounted

2-a-day Super Special AC Scratch Tickets (May 15th~)

  • By completing Daily Tasks you can earn Scratch Tickets equivalent to AC Scratch Tickets.

Super Boost Campaign (May 15th~)

  • High boosts for all quests and combat sectors.

Super Seasonal World Trial (May 15th~)

  • Get Stellar Grace and earn lots of SG and buff boost rates.

Super Item Enhancement Support Campaign (May 22nd~)

  • +10% Affix Success Rate
  • +10% Preset Skill Success Rate
  • N-Meseta Costs Discounted

Super Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests (May 29th~)

  • Emergency Quest: Planet Crusher Assault will occur at specific times.

Crimson Realm & EQ Super Boost (May 29th~)

  • Super Boosts for Crimson Realm (which occurs in Kvaris Combat Sectors).
  • Boosts for Emergency Quests will also occur.
  • The 11-star Wingard Series will be added to the drops of some enemies in target sectors of the Crimson Realm.

SG Scratch: Halpha Revival Apr'24 (April 24th)

  • Get SG Scratch Prizes from previously released items.
  • Get Preset Ability Item Protection Lv. 3
  • A Free version of this SG Scratch Ticket will allow you to draw 10x a day for free! This allows you to draw up to 150 times if you participate through June 4th!

April 30th

AC Scratch: Remix Motions

  • Features Motion changes and lobby actions released in the past, including modified effect arrangements and mirrored versions.
  • Scratch Count Bonus includes Capsule C/Lux Halphinale S

Three Special Scratch Tickets

  • Refined Revival May '24
    • Past Refined Form items return in NGS Specs.
  • Type 1 Voice Collect May '24 & Type 2 Voice Collect May '24
    • Voice Tickets from PSO2 Japan

ARKS Record: Geometric Labyrinth Rank 2: Solo & All Classes

May 8th

Limited Quest: Ruins Interception '24

  • This is a remake of the quest that was released last August, where you battle a Megalotix version of Crcodylis Vera and the event-exclusive boss Resplendent Ams.
  • The max number of players has been reduced from 24 to 12 and the number of enemy reinforcements has been adjusted.
  • Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks will be available.
  • Clear this quest to get Anniversary Special Scratch Tickets, Reward Box Medal Apr'24, and Limited-time Titles.
  • New Items to Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.

Battledia: Purple

  • Battledia: Purple Aelio Intruders lets you face Gigantix Starless Bosses
  • Both Rank 1 and Rank 2 will be available simultaneously and each can be played with up to 8 players.
  • All enemies will be at level 89 with 3 Gigantix you'll need to defeat.
  • Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks will be available with N-Master Cubes and Titles as rewards.

ARKS Records – Field Race: West Aelio Dash (Stage 1)

AC Scratch: Urban Cybernetics

  • Cyberpunk Style CAST Parts, and trendy outfits for street dancers.
  • Motion: Idle – Lean | Lobby Action: Amazing Magic
  • Scratch Bonus: Glide – Paramotor EX

May 15th

Drill: Cascading Punishment Suppresssion

  • Takes place on Retem where you'll use Blastisigne and other gimmicks to defeat enemies.
  • On May 22nd, the quest route will go in a new direction.

ARKS Record – Trania: Helical Line (Solo and All Classes)

Revival AC Scratch: 3rd Anniv Thankful

  • PSO2 Spec Accessories, hairstyles, lobby actions previously released.
  • The [Ticket Ver] has the same lineup but without the scratch count bonus.
    • You can get Tickets to play this version of the scratch.

Collaboration with Atelier

  • Atelier Ryza 3 and Atelier Marie Remake collaboration with NGS.
  • Get Build Parts of Bos, Ryza, and Klaudia as login bonuses.

AC Scratch: Atelier Style

  • Avatar items for Ryza, Klaudia, Bos, and Marie.
  • Lobby Action to mimic Ryza's Synthesis
  • Weapon Camos of*Agnes Luce and *Cosmic Staff
  • Music Disc: That Summer Hideout.

May 22nd

Crimson Realm

  • Belugana Ruins and Lost Central will shift into the Crimson Realm on a daily basis.
  • Starless enemies will become more powerful with exclusive trials taking place.
  • The chance of trials occurring has been increased, and the time limit for Crimson Realm exclusive trial "Dryverus Suppression" has been extended.
  • Complete limited-time Tasks to receive the Reward Box Medal April'24.
  • Seasonal Point Exchange Shop will be updated with new items.

ARKS Record – Field Race: Aelio Board (Stage 1)

Emergency Quest: Planetcrusher Assault

  • This is an EQ version of Planetcrusher Blitz where up to 8 players can participate.
  • The quest failure conditions and HP and ATK of enemies have been relaxed.
  • After this update, Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris will no longer occur as an Emergency Quest. You can still perform it as a Trigger Quest.

SG Scratch: Refined Form May '24

  • NGS Spec versions of Active Camisole and Sleeveless Coat
  • Scratch Bonus: Lobby Action: Pose 25

Mission Pass: NGS Season 32

  • Stamps, Accessories, and Personal Shop Use 3 Days.
  • Mag Form modeled after Zephetto and Accessory based on Tinos.

AC Scratch: AC Support Item Select May '24

  • Contains the new Anaddi-class Special Abilities, an upgraded version of Exdi-type Ability.
  • The Capsule C/Hi Perio II will be available instead of EXP Weapon II & EXP Armor II.

May 29th

Limited Quest: Nazun's Big Quest

  • Takes place on Kvaris and Stia
  • Features "Guess the Quintuplets" of the Kvaris Leader NPCs and "Who Could It Be" where you guess who the NPC on screen is, and more!
  • New Limited-time Tasks and Title Tasks are available!
  • Complete this quest for Anniversary SP Scratch Tickets, Reward Box Medal Apr '24, and Titles.

Arks Records – Trania: Face The Darkness (Rank 2): Solo & All Classes

AC Scratch: Elegant Harmony

  • Features jumpsuits and dresses.
  • Lobby Action: Big Bear Doll
  • Your JoJo-inspired PH: Rrrrumble… (Ef) and PH: Bam! (Ef)
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Dark Magic EX

Line Strike

Releases July 2024

In Line Strike, you will build a deck of cards based on PSO2 series characters and enjoy this simple but strategic mini-game against NPCs and other players.

During the summer of 2021, a contest was held within the development team for ideas of mini-games to expand the gameplay of NGS. Based on the proposal they selected, a task force team was formed with interested staff.

Development started behind the scenes without officially setting a release schedule. Since then, each member has managed to find time around the regular update tasks to proceed with its development bit by bit. Now after three years, it was finally near enough to completion that they decided to release it with the PSO2 anniversary event.

More info, such as the game's rules, will be revealed in future NGS Headlines.

Letter From The Developers

Balance Adjustments

They would like to conduct balance adjustments for the Fighter class in June and the Techter class in October. After that, they will make adjustments to Force, followed by Hunter.

They also plan to introduce a third implementation of Tech Arts Customization in October, and a fourth implementation afterwards.

The fourth implementation will have PA customizations for Talises and Wands.

They are relying on the usage status of classes and feedback to proceed with future adjustments and expansions.

ARKS Operation Report

Is it possible to add more [My Fashion] Slots?

They are planning to increase the number of premium set exclusive slots from the current 20 to 40 in a future update.

Players currently have the ability to save and load creation data, so this can be used as an alternative way to save more [My Fashions] if the number of slots is insufficient.


They are considering implementing a function that will allow players to create a multi-weapon using other weapons that have a particular special ability affixed as a material.

Can you make the Special Ability Categories Easier to Understand?

In order to make it easier to understand which special abilities can be used together, they are considering adding a category display in the Item Details of special ability capsules and in the Add Special Abilities function in the Item Lab.

There's not much of an incentive to play Emergency Quests because there's not a big difference in rewards between EQs and Standing Quests. Do you have plans to address this?

The development team is aware of this issue and intends to set the rewards for future Emergency Quests with an eye to differentiating them from Standing Quest rewards. They are also considering improving existing Emergency Quest rewards in a future update.

On the other hand, they also want to make sure that gameplay is not overly biased towards Emergency Quests.

Satellite Information

Code Geass Collaboration: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

  • Collaboration items include Lelouch, C.C., Suzaku, and Kallen avatar items, as well as, Lobby Actions, and Voice Tickets modeled after Lelouch and his Geass.
  • This collaboration releases in June 2024

Super Origin Festival! ARKS Cash Super Sale「Japan Only」

  • You can purchase 2,200 AC with 1,000 Yen
  • Limited Once Per Store
    • AC Purchase Page
    • PlayStation Store
    • Nintendo eShop

Razer Gold ARKS Cash Super Sale (Global Only)

  • 150AC = $0.99 (Up to 10)
  • 750AC = $4.99 (Up to 10)
  • 1500AC = $9.99 (Up to 3)
  • Purchase certain amounts of AC or more to receive Nagisa and Shizuru outfits, hairstyles, and camos.

Phantasy Star Remix

  • Streaming begins today April 23rd!
  • Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC, Apple Music, Amazon, and more!
  • You are also free to use these tunes when posting videos on TikTok.

Changes to the Official Creators Requirements

  • NGS Official Creators term has been updated from 1 month to 3 months.
  • Applications and screenings will now be conducted in January, April, July, and October.
  • YouTube Shorts, X (Twitter), and Instagram have been added to eligible sites in the selection process.
  • Screening requirements have been relaxed and other rules have been updated.

Next NGS Headline

May 28th

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