PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #8


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February 9th Update

Nadereh Concert

Chapter 2 Side Story & Concert

  • Nadereh will hold a concert in Retem City.
  • There will be two songs: Song of War And Song of Mourning.
  • The concert will also be broadcasted to Central City in Aelio.
  • Watching the concert in Central or Retem City will give you a concert boost effect.

Level Cap 40 and New Rank Sectors

  • The level cap will be raised to Lv. 40.
  • Rank 3 will be added to Mt. Magnus.
  • In the new high ranked sectors, Chaos Trials will have a higher chance to occur.
    • Chaos Trials are when two Trials occur simultaneously.
    • Transorve Destruction Trials from Retem will also occur here!
    • There could also be Chaos Trials of combined Boss Trials.
    • Completing a Chaos Trial increases the PSE Gauge 1 level.
  • You can now limit break your equipment to +50, but you'll need a new material.
    • You first acquire fragments from enemy drops in the new high rank sectors.
    • Then you'll have to trade them in for a new material called "Arms Refiner."
    • "Arms Refiner" will also be dropped by the new Megalotix enemies.
    • Equipment at +50 unlocks the 5th Special Ability slot.
  • A new enemy type called Megalotix will appear!
    • Megalotix drops lots of grind materials and meseta.
    • These will appear in the new high rank sectors.

More Rank 2 Sectors

  • Rank 2 is coming to Battledia in Aelio.
    • The previous AC Scratch Reward, "Dash Fairy," will drop in another color variation.
  • Rank 2 will also arrive in Aelio Emergency Quests!
    • Level 40 enemies will spawn here.
    • These EQs will drop the fragments for Limit Breaking to +50.
    • Photon Scales are also obtainable here.
  • Photon Scales will be added to completion bonuses!
  • Level 44 Gigantix will appear in every region.
    • The drop rate for Gigas-type Abilities for this enemy level will increase from 2 to 3.
  • Emergency Quests can now be accepted across regions!

Various New Elements

  • Season 5 Mission Pass
    • Mag Form: Willow (You can also change its color with "Change Mag Color")
  • Mags will now have a Jukebox feature.
    • Songs you have registered in PSO2 can be played.
  • Party Bonus will boost EXP, Meseta, and Rare Drop Rate
    • The more party members, the higher the boost. (Max: 10%)
  • ARKS ID lets you add your own comments, symbol arts, or stamps.
    • Create an original Title by combining Titles you've acquired.
    • More features will be available in the future.
  • N-EX Rare Drop Rate +25% will be added to the Recycle Shop.
    • You can use this in conjunction with other rare drop boosters.
  • NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR 1.0 will be supported.
    • PC gets NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR.
    • XBOX gets AMD FSR.

AC Scratch: Sugary Sweets

  • Frilly ribbons, maid, and butler uniforms for Valentine's day!
  • Lobby Actions: At Your Service / Relax
  • Motion: Idle – Butler
  • Motion: Dash – Wild (Scratch Bonus)

February 16th Update

Dark Falz & Nadereh Outfits

Diva of the Desert (SG Scratch)

  • Dress up as Nadereh, Jalil, and Mohsen.
  • The update to the SG Scratch lineup will reset the count bonus and stage bonus.
  • New Weapon Camo!
  • Lobby Action: Nadereh Concert 2
  • Motion: Idle – Checking Things Out (Scratch Bonus)

High Rank Vanford Ruins

  • Vanford Laboratory Ruins will get Rank 3.
    • Similar to Rank 3 Mt. Magnus, the Chaos Trial Occurrence Rate will be increased.
    • The Megalotix will also appear!

Dark Falz Appears

  • Face a Lv. 40 Dark Falz in an 8-player Emergency Quest!
  • There are many Titles you can get from Dark Falz.
  • New ★5 Weapon Series: Cinquem.
    • Drops from Dark Falz and the new high rank Aelio sectors.
    • The weapons are on par with the Relik series.
    • The potential unlock requires a large amount of Photon Scales.
    • Photon Scales are in the Aelio Region and high rank Aelio EQs.

February 22nd Update

Smart Military & Resol Forest

Smart Military (AC Scratch)

  • Sci-fi outfits and parts and Japanese-style maid uniforms.
  • Due to the size of the Cast Parts, certain weapon categories will be held in a different way.
  • Lobby Actions: Aerial Battle
  • Motion: Glide – Defensive
  • Motion: Dash – I'm Flying

Resol Forest

  • Rank 2 will be added to Resol Forest with Level 35 enemies.
  • Has increased chance of Chaos Trials occurring.
  • The highly difficult Ronaldine Tasks will be updated along with this.
    • Please be aware the current tasks will no longer be available afterwards.

March 2nd Update

Revival Scratches

Three Revival Scratches of PSO2 Spec Items

  • Cast Type 1 Memories + Cast Type 2 Memories + Accessory Memories
  • Items that were previously not sellable in Player Shops will continue to be untradeable in this scratch.

Satellite Information

Merchandise and Campaigns

  • Sega Sapporo Studio is now hiring staff for NGS!
  • They are currently looking for Designers, Programmers, and Software Debuggers!

Phantasy Star Music

  • Phantasy Star Music will be made available to various streaming and download platforms!
  • More albums will be released on the last day of each month.

Official V-Tuber Popona!

  • Popona is no longer homeless and will become the official V-Tuber of NGS!
  • She has opened a new channel on Youtube!

Dark Falz Suppression Support Campaign

  • Battle Power Up Campaign and Party Play Campaign! (2.09.22 ~ 3.09.22)
    • Complete Limited Tasks to receive items that increase EXP and equipment strength.
  • Dark Falz Suppression Support Login Bonus (2.22.22 ~ 3.09.22)
    • Login to receive N-Special Ability Success +10% & N-Grind Great Success +20% and more!
  • Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest: Dark Falz Interception
    • Dark Falz arrives at specific times during March 2nd ~ 8th.

EDWIN Collaboration

PSO2 is collaborating with japanese clothing brand EDWIN to bring you new real-life and in-game outfits.

EDWIN Collaboration

  • Each NGS branded apparel comes with a different set of items.
    • EDWIN Denim Jacket T1 [Ou] [Outerwear]
    • EDWIN Denim Jacket T2 [Ou] [Outerwear]
    • 795 "PR Pose 6" (Lobby Action)
    • St "EDWIN x NGS" (Stamp)
    • EDWIN x NGS (Sticker)
  • If you want all the items at the same time, you should buy the Denim Jacket.

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

In December, there was an announcement that it would be difficult to release CAST parts more often because of the low ratio of players using them. However, in the six months following the launch of NGS and into December, there were only two CAST parts released in NGS specs, so I believe it's not a matter of usage ratio.

As you pointed at, during the first six months after NGS's launch, the release of new CAST parts fell below their usage ratio. The reason for this was that our development system for NGS-spec CAST parts, which are more difficult to make, was not yet sufficiently developed. However, now that said system is finally in place, we should be able to release the proper volume of CAST parts according to their usage ratio and player demand. When we previously shared our plans, we said that the releases would remain at the same frequency based on the release schedule for 2022 that was already set in stone by the dev team. This led to a misunderstanding that the frequency of releases up until last December would be the standard.

Please release a revival collection of avatar items previously released in PSO2 for new players who started with NGS.

In response to player requests, we are planning to release more revival scratch tickets containing PSO2 spec items in the future.

The release of the Relik series weapons was a surprise because there was no announcement ahead of time and they are quite strong. Are there plans to release weapons more powerful than Relik in the near future?

There are no plans to release weapons significantly more powerful than Relik in the near future. The Cinquem series that drops from Dark Falz has a slightly higher potency, but there are differences in their potential effects, so their performances are almost the same.

It feel like the class level cap is increasing too soon. Will it continue like this in the future?

There are no plans to change the current schedule of increasing the level cap to 60 by June as written in the roadmap. However, we do plan to slow down the pace of level cap increases after June.

Please increase Meseta drops from enemies. The Meseta boost feels less effective if the original amount dropped is small.

We have received many similar comments and requests and are planning to increase the Meseta drops from enhanced enemies starting with the February 9th update.

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  1. Thanks very much for the summary

    Lots to take in this time and this is so neatly put together

    I am glad the jukebox discs will transfer over to the ngs mag

  2. Ooof at that last part of QnA section.
    Why do people make these stupid complaints? Please increase meseta drop from the enemies? Why would anyone ask for that? The economy is screwed because the prices are overinflated, not because enemies don't drop enough meseta. The market will just compensate. As soon as enemies start dropping more, people will up the prices on the stuff they're selling. Making enemies drop more is purely a cosmetic change and fixes nothing. At this point setting maximum asking prices would be a better fix (Mind you, it still wouldn't be a good fix, it would just be a better fix than just adding a zero to all the prices because enemies drop more meseta)

    • Sometimes when you dont have enough questions, or the ones that are made dont really bennefit you, you make a couple of dumb ones for filler.

      At least that's what i'd do.

  3. Instead of asking for Revival Gachas, just let people with old PSO2 Cosmetic covert it into the new version. And give us a full wardrobe fuction already, hate having my storage filled with Weapon Camos and Suits.

  4. More stupid carbon fiber getting in the way…. The worst thing is that the fiber is the main costume and the cloth is what can be removed… -_-

  5. Kind of thought it was shallow to reuse Popona to scare us here and try to abuse the Vtuber craze, but honestly, with how video games are with employment and how much Idola was a job death trap, actually glad to see some one got to keep their job for a change. Design looks so much better too. Less KR mmo style trash. I hope that terrifying pigeon is gone tho.


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