PSO2 NGS JP: Early Maintenance (6/22/2022)

Early Maintenance

Early Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 6/22/2022 @ 8:55 ~ 17:30

Mini Update

Quest / Field

  • Added Trigger Quest to the Quest Counter


  • Added Exchange Items to the Team Badge Exchange Shop.

Regarding the Kaisarem Series

The development team received questions regarding the item exchange from the ★6 Rox weapon series to the ★7 Kaisarem series.

When you trade in a [+50] Rox weapon to the NPC "Lesso", the following features do not transfer over:

  • Grind Value
  • Special Abilities
  • Potential Ability
  • Preset Ability
  • Multi-Weapon Status
  • Color Variant

They apologize for neglecting to inform you about this, and they understand this specification caused a large impact on the game.

[Premium] PSO2 Day!


Every 22nd of the month is PSO2 Premium Day. Bonuses will be given to Premium Set users when they log in on this day. All users will also be able to participate in a Limited Task on this very day!


Boost Event (Premium Boost)

  • Experience Boost +10% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +25% (Premium Only)

Limited Task (All Members)

  • "PSO2 Day" Limited Task


Boost Event (Premium)

  • FUN Earned +100% (Premium Only)
  • EXP Gained +200% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +200% (Premium Only)
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100% (Premium Only)

Boost Event (All Members)

  • Equipment Grind Success +10% (All Members)
  • Special Ability Success +15% (All Members)
  • New-Type Weapon EXP Gain +15% (All Members)

Rewards will be presented when you log into New Genesis during PSO2 Day!

  • SG 50 Ticket (x1) (Premium Only)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x2) (Premium Only)

Sonic's Birthday 2022


Sonic is celebrating his 31st birthday with events, presents, and more. The official PSO2 Twitter account will reveal the secret phrase which you can use to acquire the following items.

Type the following phrase:


  • Accessory: Sonic Shoes ×1
  • Special Scratch Ticket ×1

Check back around June 23rd JST for the secret phrase!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Trailer

06.15.2022 ~ 07.06.2022

The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Trailer [Sonic vs Knuckles] will be displayed on the in-game monitors. The movie will release in Japan on August 19th!

Sonic in PSO2 Blocks

06.16.2022 ~ 07.01.2022

The Sonic Lobby and Sonic Nyau will appear for a limited time on PSO2 Blocks.

Now's The Time To Play! Welcome to NGS!

With the release of the Kvaris Region, the playability of Chapter 1 has greatly improved. You can receive lots of EXP and raise your Battle Power so you can take on the Kvaris Region.

The equipment rewards with Story Chapter 1: [Advice From Liu Lin II] has been powered up with the Renaissa series!

Top class among ★3 equipment, the cost to grind the Renaissa series is cheaper than other equipment.

Afterwards, once you reach to the Retem Region, we highly recommend equipping the Evolcoat series.

Reach Chapter 2 of the Story [Desert City] to participate in the Side Task from the NPC "Guiden," who will be in Retem City near the salon. Here you'll receive the Evolcoat series and ★4 armor, all already grinded to +39.

Story Clear Campaign

06.08.2022 ~ 10.05.2022

Limited Tasks will be available where you can earn lots of EXP.

Afterwards, once you reach up to Chapter 3 of the story, you can meet up with "Guiden" in Central City who will have Side Tasks with lots of EXP. You should really talk to him If you don't have enough Battle Power for the Kvaris Region!

Find Guiden in Central City for EXP GALORE!

Rappy Design Contest Winners Announced

The following works have been selected as winners of the Rappy Design Contest. These entries will appear in the game as enemies in a future update!

Specu Rappy by taitai
Dolls Rappy? by AvaikaofStarfox

Cosplay & Craft Contest

4.05.2022 ~ 07.25.2022

To celebrate PSO2's 10th Anniversary, Sega is holding a Cosplay and Craft Contest. This is your opportunity to cosplay as characters or create weapons, enemies, or other items from the Phantasy Star Series.

This is a joint event for both the Japanese and Global servers.

To participate, create a picture or a video of your [Cosplay] or [Craft] entry and tweet the hashtag:

Craft Contest:

Cosplay Contest:

Then on July 4th, you can submit your entry using the official form.

10 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS JP: Early Maintenance (6/22/2022)”

  1. Ah ah ah ! SEGA's answer to the Kaisarem issue is literally "we apologize for ripping you off" !
    We're worth nothing to them anyway… To all people still supporting SEGA ? Serves you right !

  2. Funny how PSO2 was able to handle weapon exchanges that let you transfer affixes and similar no issue… It makes it sound like a whole new group is handling weapons and exchanges.

    Love the rappy designs. Clearly whoever picked those was not involved in picking player fashion because those rappy picks are legit.

    inb4 some random guy decides to misinterpret this comment as me being a sega fanboy slave as well lol

    • It's been obvious since the beginning that a whole new group is handling everything in NGS. I highly suspect the devs aren't a "team", but temporary contractors. NGS barely feels like original PSO2. It's like someone took PSO2's framework and replaced assets with worse ones. So many things that made PSO2 great are gone. So many problems they fixed over the years have reverted to broken state. Enemy/outfit design, story/setting animation, sound design and music are all far worse. I could list all the problems, but it would make this comment into another giant wall of text.

      As I said before, I played PSO2 JP since the beginning. I still listen to PSO2's BGM and sometimes play original PSO2. It was and still is objectively better. People keep insisting "original PSO2 was barebones, NGS got more updates and more content", but that's blatantly false. Anyone can look at the JP update history on Bumped and see that original PSO2 was treated far better earlier on. That's why JP people kept playing for so many years, up until SEGA publicly shat on everyone's faces.

      It's extremely clear that SEGA does not care about this game or series, nor its fans or players. So why do I and others keep playing this pile of trash? You all know the answer: there are literally no other similar decent-looking F2P games with anywhere near a satisfactory combination of decent character creation, character customization, or real-time combat. I'm sure SEGA knows they have no competition for the unique (but simple) aspects that PSO2 offers, and that they already lost most people's trust. That's why they've only been putting out the bare minimum. That, and they are less than a mere shadow of what they were. I get the impression most Westerners don't know the depths to which SEGA has sunken.

      Regarding your being "misinterpreted" as a SEGA fanboy slave… whenever I peek at these comments, I keep seeing comments from you that sound that way. If many other people are also "misintepreting" you, then maybe it's the way you're saying things. Social interaction and language are a two-way thing. It isn't just about what you believe you're saying or what you intend to express, but how others interpret and understand you. It boggles my mind how many people don't seem to understand this. And I'm no master of communication either.

    • @Whatever
      You kind of are bad at communication if you can't comprehend that, ya know, I actually have stated problems with the games. Well, that, and the misinterpretation part has to do with some one going on a tangent after I said "they're spreading out content". Probably would help next time to know what you're talking about instead of twittering it up in here. So yeaaaah, all you did was fulfill a prophecy some one would misinterpret what I said.

      I think the biggest issue is, you, yourself, have the "fanboyism" issue. Especially with old PSO2. No one else here except whiners are stupid enough to believe I am a fanboy because I actually complain all the time about this crap. I also don't stand for people pretending to know what they're talking about either. Hell, it's pretty obvious from this comment alone that I don't care for SEGA's inabilities.

      Want a million different ways to attack the same 3 bosses? Elsword has that covered.

      And no, it's not obvious that the staff is all different. The fact we have a director from before suggests otherwise. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if it's old staff who just don't care. Shouldn't have to remind you of the issues ep4-6 had. Dear god the issues of that. Hell, Ep1-3 had some stuff really worth slamming Sega for. It's kind of clear you don't actually keep up to date, given the poor reaction to Buster Quests and the staff telling everyone to "Deal with it".

      And honestly, you really need to ask if just having "the best character creator" is worth playing something you consider a pile of trash. That shows an inability to move on from something. To find something better in your life. Instead your wasting time on a comment section showing you know little about what you're talking about. Especially when I can look up NGS credits and PSO2 credits, even see the same names doing music, the stuff you trashed.

    • Here is a story, that although have nothing to do with pso2 or ngs, it somehow is able to explain why people complain about this game the way they do.

      My mother used to have a 12 year old dog, whom she loved it like a son, one day he got really sick, was too expensive to treat him and had low garanties of his survival, so they put him to sleep. Less than 2 months later we got another dog, very energetic and seeking attention from everyone. My mother didn't want to care about him, cause losing someone she loves was too painful to her, but the dog kept insisting on playing with her, biting her feet to get her attention. That only made her angrier, to the point that she sometimes even hit the dog, something she always despised other people doing. After a few more months, she had time to grieve, and the new dog warm up to her, and now she loves him like a son as well.

      What does this have to do with pso2? Well, for ngs to come to life, pso2 had to die, it might have even felt sudden too despite being a 9 year old game, perhaps because luster was released near the end, but either way, ngs arrived as a way to replace pso2, and many people werent ready to move on from it, so every interaction they have with it comes with a comparison to pso2, as well as that old fashioned mindset "things arent the way they used to be, in my time everything was great". So it doesn't really matter what sega does to improve ngs, the real enjoyment of it will only come to those that are willing to welcome it. That's why they still play it but comment like it's a torture to them, they are trapped in the 4 stages of grief Denial "ngs is worse!" Anger "this is a pile of shit" Bargaining "If they don't do this or that to improve their game, they will bankrupt" and Depression, which they dont show us because their prides wont let them.

      The worst part for me is seeing people stating opinions like they are facts. Saying that pso2 songs are far better than ngs, when I used to play pso2 with live streams as background noise, and now, I stay in specific areas longer just to listen to the songs. Saying that they are putting the bare minimum when they accomplished so much in ngs already, the reason perhaps it feels less is might be what miobunny said about they "spreading out content", they need to cover up so much stuff to make ngs playable, salon/enemy/area/quests/skills/PAs and Techs/story/music/cosmetics/marketing/bugs and so on, and unlike a fully released game like zelda botw, (which was released in 2017 and botw 2 which is still in development 5 years later) we dont get to see their development until its released, but in pso2/ngs we do, and they come in the form of regular updates every month. If people stop treating ngs like its a fully released game and treat it like the big open beta that it is, perhaps there would be more understanding on their part.
      And hearing that sega doesnt care about their game, from people that always makes an effort to ruin their point with their swears, excessive tantrums and false accusations, "they dont care about their fans because im their fan and im not happy with it!" is kinda tiring for everyone involved.
      The only people who act like they dont care about this franchise are people who think they are going to "fix" the game by whinning at it.

      Ps.: gonna be really funny being called a sega fanboy even tho the only 2 franchises i know sega owns are phantasy star and sonic, and i dont even play sonic

  3. There A couple dozen people running around with a fully kit Rox/Fixa/color variant so F in chat for those ones, and while im okay with the upgrade idea (i know how base was with Zieg don't worry) it ONLY would have been good if they announced it before it dropped. since they did it so late is really a slap to the face, like how do you forget to announce something so important like this lol, otherwise everyone would have been A okay with just obtaining it and making it +50 and leaving it at that.

  4. never understood augments, tradeins, crafting, etc., just knew it cost mesta which was more important for the dreaded bound to account sega forced on players, that said, its more productive to update the f'ing special scratch thats been generic/idle with throwaways since birth, cant even use special scratch tickets since theres so much trash put there


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