PSO2 NGS JP: Early Maintenance (7/06/2022)

Early Maintenance

Early Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 7/06/2022 @ 8:55 ~ 17:30

Celebrate PSO2's 10th Anniversary

7.06.2022 ~ 08.03.2022

PSO2's 10th Anniversary is finally here! Your host, Peppy Rappy, will be distributing a plethora of items in their Seasonal Point Exchange Shop! Check out the various events and festivities starting July 6th!

10x A Day Free SG Scratches

7.06.2022 ~ 07.13.2022

This week you'll get to play the SG Scratch 10 times a day for free!! Now's your chance to get SG aesthetics you've missed out on with the release of the "Halpha ARKS Revival" SG Scratch.

Character Creation Support: Salon Free-For-All

7.06.2022 ~ 08.03.2022

This month you'll be able to use the Salon for FREE without purchasing or consuming Salon Passes!

In addition, you'll get a free [N-Color Change Pass] for each week you login after maintenance.

Weekly Prize
July 6 ~ July 13th
July 13 ~ July 20
July 20 ~ July 27
July 27 ~ Aug 03
You can get a maximum of four N-Color Change Passes!

Evolova (Evolorbit) Series Grind Boost

7.06.2022 ~ 08.03.2022

The ★6 Evolova (Evolorbit) Series is getting a grind boost! The following boosts will be applied:

Grind Great Success Rate +80%
Ability Affix Rate +10%
Grind Meseta Cost Discount 50% OFF
Potential Meseta Cost Discount 50% OFF
Multi-Weapon Meseta Cost Discount 50% OFF
Limit Break Meseta Cost Discount 50% OFF

10th Anniversary Boost Event #1

7.06.2022 ~ 07.20.2022

During the campaign period, weapons and armor will experience a grind boost!

Weapon and Armor Ability Affix Rate +10%
Weapon and Armor Grind Great Success Rate +40%

AC / SG Shop Special-Set Sale

7.06.2022 ~ 08.03.2022

Special discounts and item sets will be sold in the AC and SG Shops. As a bonus, you can also receive the [PSO2 10th Anniversary Ticket] which you can trade in for popular items released in the past.

AC Shop

Premium Set 30 Days
「Premium Set 30 Days」×11,000AC1
[Ticket Included]
10th Anniversary Premium Set
「Premium Set 90 Days」×1
+「PSO2 10th Anniversary Ticket」×1
N-Item Pack Expansion+10
「N-Item Pack Expansion+10」×1200AC1

SG Shop

【Ticket Included】
10th Anniversary Special Set
「Material Storage Use 30 DaysS」×1
「Expanded Storage 1 Use 30 DaysS」×1
「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+50%」×1
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×1
+「PSO2 10th Anniversary Ticket」×1
【Striking Bonus】
10th Anniversary Support Set
「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+50%」×1
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×1
+「C/Gigas Power Ⅲ S」×1
+「C/Ability Ⅲ S」×1
【Range Bonus】
10th Anniversary Support Set
「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+50%」×1
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×1
+「C/Gigas Shoot Ⅲ S」×1
+「C/Ability Ⅲ S」×1
【Tech Bonus】
10th Anniversary Support Set
「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+50%」×1
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×1
+「C/Gigas Technic Ⅲ S」×1
+「C/Ability Ⅲ S」×1

What is the PSo2 10th Anniversary Ticket for?

The 10th Anniversary Ticket is an exchange item that can be traded in to Travis in Central City. With this, you can receive popular items released in the past.

The PSO2 10th Anniversary Ticket may be sold or distributed in other campaigns.

Let's Try Buying AC

Purchase 500+ AC「N-Earned EXP +25%」×1
Purchase 4,000+ AC「N-EX Rare Drop Boost +25%」×1
「Sunny Parasol」(Accessory)×1 NEW
Purchase 8,000+ AC「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Region Mag Earrings」(Accessory) ×1 NEW
Purchase 12,000+ AC「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Sunny Parasol」(Accessory) ×1 NEW
「Region Mag Earrings」(Accessory) ×1 NEW

AC purchased through PSO2es does not qualify for the campaign.

Vocalize Music Survey

You can vote amongst forty instrumental songs from PSO2 and NGS. The song that reaches the most number of votes will be re-produced into a new version with lyrics.

PSO2 Episode Oracle

PSO2 Episode Oracle Anime will be streaming on YouTube and the in-game monitors. Each week they will release 3~4 episodes, and a live boost will occur after they air in-game.

Live Boost: EXP / Meseta / Rare Drop Boost +10%

7/7 20:00Episode Oracle 4~6
7/9 20:00Episode Oracle 4~6
7/10 12:00Episode Oracle 4~6
7/14 20:00Episode Oracle 7~9
7/16 20:00Episode Oracle 7~9
7/17 12:00Episode Oracle 7~9
7/21 20:00Episode Oracle 10~12
7/23 20:00Episode Oracle 10~12
The Episode Oracle Playlist is available for both Japan and Global.

Online ARKS Card

The ARKS Card Generator is now online! You can create your very own ARKS Card to share on social media! In addition, if you post your ARKS Card using the hashtag #PSO2_10th, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win 1000 Star Gems.

If the hashtag reaches 5,000 tweets by August 2nd, everyone will receive a 50 SG Ticket in Late August.

Now's The Time To Play! Welcome to NGS!

With the release of the Kvaris Region, the playability of Chapter 1 has greatly improved. You can receive lots of EXP and raise your Battle Power so you can take on the Kvaris Region.

The equipment rewards with Story Chapter 1: [Advice From Liu Lin II] has been powered up with the Renaissa series!

Top class among ★3 equipment, the cost to grind the Renaissa series is cheaper than other equipment.

Afterwards, once you reach to the Retem Region, we highly recommend equipping the Evolcoat series.

Reach Chapter 2 of the Story [Desert City] to participate in the Side Task from the NPC "Guiden," who will be in Retem City near the salon. Here you'll receive the Evolcoat series and ★4 armor, all already grinded to +39.

Story Clear Campaign

06.08.2022 ~ 10.05.2022

Limited Tasks will be available where you can earn lots of EXP.

Afterwards, once you reach up to Chapter 3 of the story, you can meet up with "Guiden" in Central City who will have Side Tasks with lots of EXP. You should really talk to him If you don't have enough Battle Power for the Kvaris Region!

Find Guiden in Central City for EXP GALORE!

Cosplay & Craft Contest

4.05.2022 ~ 07.25.2022

To celebrate PSO2's 10th Anniversary, Sega is holding a Cosplay and Craft Contest. This is your opportunity to cosplay as characters or create weapons, enemies, or other items from the Phantasy Star Series.

This is a joint event for both the Japanese and Global servers.

To participate, create a picture or a video of your [Cosplay] or [Craft] entry and tweet the hashtag:

Craft Contest:

Cosplay Contest:

Then on July 4th, you can submit your entry using the official form.

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