PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (02/01/2023)

Regular Maintenance


PSO2es Maintenance

  • 02/01/2023 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30

What We Getting Tonight?

Dark Falz Aegis

AC Scratch: Virtual Liver Style


  • Themed Region Mags
  • Liver Cut-Outs
  • Sticker Login Bonus

ARKS Record: Field Race

Refresh later tonight for more campaigns.

NIJISANJI Music Videos

Watch the [Little Humming] Music VideoMusic Disc: Little Humming
Title Name: Hakase Fuyuki
Watch the [Toumeina Shinzouga Naiteita] Music VideoMusic Disc: Toumeina Shinzouga Naiteita
Title Name: Kaida Haru

※These music videos will ONLY occur at the scheduled times in the EQ Calendar.
※Please note, if you have not watched any music videos by Feb 19th 21:00 JST, you will not be able to meet the conditions of receiving the rewards.

LIVE Effect

After the music video ends, a LIVE Boost of [EXP/Meseta/Rare Drop +10%]

NIJISANJI Collaboration & Boost

2.01.2023 ~ 3.01.2023

Commemorate the release of the NIJISANJI collaboration by logging into PSO2:NGS during the campaign. You will receive stickers based on the amount of days you login, and you'll get to experience an EXP boost.

Login Day(s)Prizes
Day 1「Kaida Haru Sticker」×2
Day 2「Hakase Fuyuki Sticker」×2
Day 3「Hoshikawa Sara Sticker」×2
Day 4「Shu Yamino Sticker」×2
Day 5「NIJISANJI Sticker」×2
Day 6「NIJISANJI EN Sticker」×2
Day 7「Special Scratch Ticket」×5

Start Dash Boost

  • +20% EXP Boost (Excluding Some Quests)

SUPER Bargains At The SG Shop

2.02.2023 ~ 2.04.2023 @ 23:59 JST

Bargains are now available at the SG Shop for a limited time. Get your hands on Item Set Bundles with bonus gifts attached.

Super Special Set [+Ticket]「Material Storage Use 30 DaysS」×1
「Expanded Storage 1 Use 30 DaysS」×1
「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+100%」×1
≪Bonus≫「Refined Form 10 Ticket」×1
Super Striking Support Set [+Bonus]「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+100%」×1
「C/Raedal ソール Ⅳ S」×1
≪Bonus≫「C/Alz Secrete Ⅳ S」×1
Super Ranged Support Set [+Bonus]「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+100%」×1
「C/Crocos SoulⅣS」×1
≪Bonus≫「C/Alz SecreteⅣS」×1
Super Tech Support Set [+Bonus]「N-Rare Drop Boost [24h]+100%」×1
「C/Ams SoulⅣS」×1
≪Bonus≫「C/Alz SecreteⅣS」×1

SUPER PSO2 DAY! Triple Burst

2.02.2023 ~ 2.04.2023 @ 23:59 JST

Every 2nd of the month is PSO2 Day, but this month is special because it's going to be SUPER PSO2 DAY! With this campaign, not only are there extra rewards for logging in, but the typical boosts will be increased, especially for PSO2 Classic Blocks.


Boost Event

  • Experience Boost +50%
  • Rare Drop Rate +50%
  • Preset Ability Drop Rate +150%

※For quests that have fixed rewards, only the EXP Boost +50% will apply.

Limited Task

  • "PSO2 Day" Limited Task

PSO2 Blocks

Boost Event

  • FUN Earned +200%
  • EXP Gained +400%
  • Rare Drop Rate +400%
  • Gathering Fever Rate +200%
  • Meseta Earned +200%
  • Bonus Quest EXP Earned +200%

Boost Event

  • Equipment Grind Success +20%
  • Special Ability Success +30%
  • New-Type Weapon EXP Gain +30%

Rewards will be presented when you log into New Genesis during PSO2 Day!

  • SG 50 Ticket (x2)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x4)
  • N-Grind Great Success +100% (x1)
  • N-Ability Success +20% (x1)

AC Shop Bargains

01.25.2023 ~ 02.15.2023

[Bargain] Premium Set 30 Days Pack「Premium Set 30 Days」×1
「N-Rare Drop Boost +100%」×2
[Bargain] Rare Drop Boost Set「N-Rare Drop Boost +100%」×3
「N-Rare Drop Boost [15m]+100%」×4

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