PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (9/22/2021)

Maintenance Notice

PSO2 Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 9/22/2021 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST


Current Campaigns

AC Shop Bargains

During the sales period, the AC Shop will sell items with bonuses attached.

Until September 29th

Item List

  • Premium Set 30 Days (1200AC) (Purchase Limit: 1)
    • + N-Ability Success +5%
  • Premium Set 90 Days (3300AC) (Purchase Limit 1)
    • + St [Emilia: Praise]
    • + N-Ability Success +5%


Twitter RT Campaign

In celebration of the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, Sega will be holding a Retweet Campaign. If we can reach 30,000 RTs, we'll get the 「Mag Form / Tails Doll」as a reward!

Until Sept 29th @ 12:00 JST

Task Prize
Reach 30,000 ReTweets for Tweets with #NGSxSonicCollab. The goal will be tallied with both Global and Japan tweets. Prizes will be distributed Late October if the goal is met.
「Mag Form / Tails Doll」 ×1
5 People from Global and 5 People from Japan will get selected to win the Sonic The Hedgehog movie Blu-Ray disc. You must follow the respective account and retweet for the region you qualify for: Global or Japan. Sonic the Hedgehog Movie
(5 Winners JP + 5 Winners GB)


Sonic Colors Comm: Login Bonus

Login each day to receive various items!

Until Sept 29th

Login Bonus プレゼントアイテム
1 Day
St「Sonic: Good!」×1
2nd Day
St「Dr. Eggman: Perfect!」×1
3rd Day 「エステ無料パス」×1個
「Free Salon Pass」×1
4th Day
St「Amy: Hello」×1
5th Day 「SG30獲得チケット」×1個
「SG 30 Ticket」×1
6th Day アクセサリー「ソニックピアス」×1個
「Sonic Earrings」×1
7th Day アクセサリー「ソニックシューズ」×1個
「Sonic Shoes」×1


Spend AC and Get Items Campaign

Spend various amounts of AC to receive exclusive items!

Until Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Spend 2,000+ AC during the campaign:
「Tails Tail」×1
Spend 5,000+ AC during the campaign:
Mo「Glide: Tails」×1
Spend 10,000+ AC during the campaign:
Mo「Dash: Sonic」×1

Items are distributed when the conditions are met. However, the Global version is releasing the rewards in mid-November, so there might be a discrepancy here.


Premium Set Campaign

Using a Premium Set Ticket of 30 days or more will net you an exclusive lobby action!

Until Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Use a 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day Premium Set during the campaign:

「761「Sonic / Tails 3」」×1

Using the 1 day or 15 day Premium Set does not qualify for this campaign.

Prizes will be distributed Late October.


Let's Join a Team Campaign

Join a team during the campaign period to receive prizes!

Sept 15th ~ Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Join a Team 「N-強化大成功率+20%」
「N-Grind Great Success+20%」
Clear an Emergency Quest with one or more Team Members in your party.
St「Sonic & Tails : Yay!」(x1)

This campaign will be presented as Limited-Task.



13 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (9/22/2021)”

    • They got you booty clapping with drip feed content. Just like your car, you've been totaled.

      Sitting on their Japanese throne
      Dangling you that little bone
      Dance little doggy, get real mad
      They still get your money, you've been had
      But listen here, juicy! It's all right
      They'll lubricate thick because you're still UP TIGHT
      Cussing at people who really don't care
      Counting that cash while you swear at the air

    • Be happy its not a ubisoft game. otherwise they would have been counting that cash while selling you an unfinished bare scraps of a game, while using the profits for another game…

    • somehow… it is, considering the bugs, the graphic issues when switching windows, let aside that no multi item consumption for tickets had been added even though this runs on a new engine, i'd have to say while users are somewhat "addicted" to the gaming experience aren't really motivated to play as they used to on PSO2, so while the game is alive its not that much active.. nor is it dead yet

  1. Even as a huge Sonic fan, it really feels like SEGA just dropped the glassball they had in their hands and let it shatter to dust on impact.

    With the massive cash sinks involved to get even CLOSE to feeling for the anniversary, it was so underwhelming; it murdered EVERY mood or desire to celebrate it in the first place.

  2. I get it's a multiplayer game, but I wish sega would piss off with these "join a group" objectives in events. I get some 70 year-old upper management type that never played a videogame in their life thinks it promotes teambuilding, but no it doesn't. You were solo and doing nothing before, and you're solo and doing nothing after, the only thing the objective achieves is put a pointless 30 second step of going "Need a group for the campaign." in-between you doing nothing by yourself before and doing nothing by yourself after.

  3. Are they ever going to take down the region lock bullshit that's been implemented on JP? I literally have over a thousand hours and have spent an ass ton of money or the years on it so it's just really agitating af they deemed it appropriate to simply lock us out now because they want people to play the inferior global version.

    I completely understand one can get around with issue with a vpn but -we shouldn't have to-

    • Probably not. As you've said, they deemed it appropriate to simply lock us out now because tehy want people to play the inferor global version.

      I mean, it's a dick move on their part, definitely. But you did kind of weight the opions and decided to take the risk yourself. The second they region locked JP in PSO2 years ago, it was a sign to stop, but you chose not only to continue but also to invest, and as much as I empathise with your situation of not being able to access all of that easily, at a certain point, the onus is on you, since they did make their intentions clear. You should always strive to know better, rather than expecting corporations to adapt. The consumer needs to be smarter than the company.

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