Regarding Our Future NGS Scratch Coverage

According to Sega, they will cease publishing the scratch item catalogs entirely on the official PSO2 website on June 8th, 2022. All of the past scratch pages will also be removed.

Due to this, the following changes will be made regarding our coverage of future scratches:

  • We will no longer be covering revival scratches of PSO2-spec items.
  • Scratch pages may be published in an incomplete state until we can verify all of the scratch contents in-game after maintenance.

17 thoughts on “Regarding Our Future NGS Scratch Coverage”

    • Sega should just bring back
      Pso episode 1&2 for Xbox one
      Series X And s
      But with more content this time
      And with no lagging either bc
      On the pso2ngs
      It lags
      I Dnt like that
      I nvr had any lagging issues with any other games
      2 Sega brought out pso2NGS way too early last yr so ya

  1. We know exactly why they are doing it. So f2p players would be more inclined to buy lootboxes, instead of spending meseta buying what they want directly from selling players, because there will be no easily accessible catalog of new items, only terrible list menu buried in the game with half-assed preview option.
    Expect them making it more obtuse or straight up removing it down the road too.
    This is their new low.

    • it was always better to view the items ingame da fuck are you on lol. you always get to see what shit looks like on your character compare to the shit previews we always got of default characters.

    • Nah, this is just laziness. It might also be to promote NGS spec stuff but really it's not gonna make "Them f2p who will not pay anyway to lootbox". If anything, the free scratch and far more in depth, cheaper SG scratch kind of makes it less likely for new people to start, even if they only likely did it for good PR.

      Honestly, if anything, it just makes me less likely to scratch because I won't have an easy way to view it. Kenneth and Ricardo are gonna do more to sell these things than Sega will be.

      You're free to have complaints about the game's state but, like, actually make sure you're not just trying to salty post to decry Sega. Think logically, basically.

    • I Dnt wanna buy loot boxes
      I didn't buy loot boxes on in
      Pso episode 1&2 for orig Xbox
      So why would I wanna buy loot boxes now
      U silly thing u 😆😂

  2. > Scratch pages may be published in an incomplete state until we can verify all of the scratch contents in-game after maintenance.

    well let me know if you need some sort of help,
    using bumped is too comfy, so i hope at very least there's a jp+en name with the scratch date. and i don't want to lose that convenience

  3. I used to copy paste the Japanese item names from here before the game is up so I can quickly search any of them in the shop by alt-tabbing. I guess the day is finally over. 🙁

    • not exactly, at least not unless bumped runs out of volunteers to verify all scratch contents.

    • All of the costumes and accessories should be up before maintenance ends, barring I don't miss any. It's moreso the scratch bonus and possibly motions and lobby actions that I may have to wait on.

  4. Honestly a shame. I can't really see any big benefit because, while it likely saves on man power cost and some small amount for server data costs, that is so minimal to what they can gain by openly demonstrating and showing stuff off, enticing people to scratch.

    My guess is they don't want to bother at all because they always want the focus on the newest scratch, but can't just, like, ya know, delete the old one when it's gone because that would "be a waste".

    My other guess is they just realized all the fansites just do it way better than them. And also those don't hide how much all the female outfits clash with the different body types, all because some one in charge clearly has a favorite body type they want all the players to use. :U

    Hopefully they reverse the decision, if for anything, to make running this site easier.

  5. What would honestly be nice and actually make the catalogue defunct would be taking the existing option in scratch previews to check market price and let you use that to conveniently and quickly direct purchase the item off the market that way.

  6. Why is the NGS team so goddamn lazy? EQ schedules too hard. Forums too hard. Scratch previews too hard. Maybe opening my wallet is too fucking hard.

  7. For a moment I was shocked, thinking Sega would remove items from the game or at least the scratch menu for some reason, maybe to make scratch untradable or whatever after seeing people's reactions.

    But then I realized Sega is just stopping to list scratch items on the site. Who cares, there is a complete list in game anyway.

    The translators have to fix the broken translation patch ASAP because at the moment this would mean there is no more way to actually search properly for scratch items once they have been translated in game.

    Currently once the translation patch has translated an item it will be displayed in English but the search function is no longer as translated as it used to be at times before so searching for English names no longer works and as a result we'll just see the English items names without being able to search them and since the translation is often not literal but fancy it means we'd ll have to guess a lot what the original item names are to search and buy the items from the shop unless we get lucky and a 3rd compiles a list of items for each scratch but bumped is very slow with this and often doesn't do it until weeks or even over a month after the scratch launched when the items are 3 times more expensive than during the first 2 weeks.


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