Retem City is Decked Out for the Holidays!


Christmas 2023 Event

Central and Retem City both are decked out in cheerful Christmas adornments for the holiday event. Xitre, dressed in festive fur-lined attire, will run an exchange shop and offer limited-time tasks.

A new ★9 "Variocool" weapon series can be dropped by enemies or purchased from the seasonal points shop for the duration of the event.

A strange elderly gentleman named Benefan has organized a seasonal quest to show his appreciation for the ARKS. Try to earn as many presents as possible by clearing the quest's various trials.

King Captan

Hunt down Dread enemies indicated by special task markers to generate a Rappy Spot. Rappies, Captans, and the all-new King Captan may appear there.

Reward Box

Earn medals by clearing certain daily tasks and use them to acquire a selection of character cosmetics, Mag devices, and more from the new Reward Box feature.

Winter '23-'24 Special Scratch

New weapon camos and various cosmetics released in the past can be obtain from the Winter '23-'24 Special Scratch.

BLACK LAGOON Style (AC Scratch)

A new scratch will be held in collaboration with the Black Lagoon anime, including cosmetics of leading lady Revy, murderous maid Roberta, and homicidal twins Hansel & Gretel.

Black Lagoon poster build parts can be obtained as a limited-time login bonus.


New Year's Charm (AC Scratch)

Celebrate the New Year in elegant ensembles and kunoichi style garb.

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