Rundown Of Hunting Gigantix Enemies

These despaired enemies will appear in Exploration Areas during Thunderstorms. Defeating them will reward the players a chance at new Weapons, Armor, and the Gigas Special Abilities.

Players who actively hunt them down should be Lv.20 Main Class or else you'll deal greatly reduced damage to the enemy. Once the thunderstorm resides the enemy will retreat.


Gigantix Locations
Central Aelio Nagrus (Lv.24)
North Aelio Daedal Axe (Lv.24)
West Aelio Vallas (Lv.24)
South Aelio Oruq (Lv.24)
Lake Halphiria Daedal Sword (Lv.64)
  Nagrus Daedal Axe Vallas Oruq
Stragga Sword ✔️ ✔️    
Stragga Saber     ✔️ ✔️
Stragga Launcher ✔️   ✔️  
Stragga TMG   ✔️   ✔️
Stragga Rod ✔️     ✔️
Stragga Wand   ✔️ ✔️  
Ziont Armor ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
  • Still uncertain on the Gigas Power, Shoot, and Technic Special Abilities. I've seen it reported that at the very least Daedal Axe and Vallas can drop them all.


Hunting Tips & Notes


  • Become Level 20 Main Class to do most possible damage.
  • Feed the Region Mag to max out your area damage and personal boosts.
  • Eat Quick Food with mostly Meat to increase your damage.

Looking for Them

  • Thunderstorm and Rain weather can look similar. However, a Thunderstorm's rain will fall diagonally.
  • Set the Limited-Time Event Tasks as your display to see a white marker when the Gigantix spawns.
  • Most players are camping Exploration Areas sitting around waiting for Thunderstorms.

Gigantix HP Scaling

  • The enemy's HP will change in real time depending on the amount of players around it.
  • The Total amount of players in the area will not affect it's HP.

False Rumors

  • There is NO way to increase the chance of Thunderstorms.


24 thoughts on “Rundown Of Hunting Gigantix Enemies”

  1. One item on that drops table I know is wrong; Daedal Axe does drop Stragga TMG. I've had it drop a number of times while farming for Stragga Sword and I have only ever fought and defeated Daedal Axe. Never even tried fighting the others so there's not even the slightest chance of me misremembering.

  2. As if Power Level wasn't already enough bs to restrict people from entering EQs now a level difference of 5+ also reduces dmg you deal on certain enemies. unfortunately I found out about this the hard way. I was 12/10 when I went to my first EQ

    • I dislike it a lot too. "Sorry you aren't allowed to have fun until you are this lvl high". It's not stats that don't allow you to contribute but simply amount of grind you have to do and at the same time you can join gigani fight and scale its hp for others.
      Seems like sega is not sure if it wants people to enjoy game together or if it wants to grind gate people along with introducing them to no-f2p-market-access economy.

  3. Not that people shouldn't upgrade their equipment, but I see this power level restriction as encouragement for grinding elitism.

  4. Same here, kinda annoying at some point when you want to farm and level as well only to be restricted by power level. In PSO2 once you reach a certain level and gears you can finish quests above the recommended level so I don't really get the idea why they put power level restriction on some maps and EQ.

    • power level restriction keeps the lv12 guy playing a girl character who logs in to spend $400 on scratching for one item out of my lv20 endgame grinding. now if only sega would have the balls to add a kick system to EQs so we can stop getting players who join and go afk in the corner and never hit the boss

    • Power level doesn't keep 12 lvl old girls out of your grinding, it doesn't do anything but stop new players from enjoying the game until they upgrade *anything* no matter how useless that anything is.

    • It stops people who, in PSO2, grinded Tokyo keys then proceed to join UH contents just because they made the lvl 85 cut.

  5. Leveling to level 20 is not that hard. Just don't fight the gigas if you aren't at level cap as a common courtesy for those determined to get their first kill

  6. I welcome it. It's an MMORPG at heart even if it's totally fine for people to want to be casual about it. If you want to beat the hard boss and actually contribute and not spend most of your time on the floor being dead weight it makes sense that you should actually care about your gear.

  7. Battle Power is good and is necessary to not repeat PSO2 leeching hell.
    Elitism is a small price to pay for that.
    If anything it should be stricter and not raising with learning small window skills like Massive Hunter or Limit Break.
    And it's not like there weren't any elitists in PSO2 too.

  8. I love the power level system, in the past new players would power level their characters without learning how to play the game. This system basically makes players ask more questions. I don't understand how this stops new players from having fun, unless you're use to being a COD/Battlefield player spending half the time respawning from enemy kills (that's ok for FPSs, but MMos typically have a penalty system to discourage dying). The system sets goals and task for you to accomplish, you have fun doing those and with Gigantix as something to look forward too. leveling right now isn't hard, the story gets you more then half way to 20. if you can't do it alone, ask for help.

  9. Okay, here is my final thought, as a "new player," I found Power Level problematic since it restricted new/"new" players from actually doing something besides grinding and affixing, I don't mind affixing but I sure don't like grinding just to increase some numbers. Heck I'm sure as hell you can enter your first EQ even as a 10/10 with the right equipment. But I find the biggest problem to have your dmg reduced because of some level difference. I mean why do you have to get punished when you clearly meet or have more than the Power Level required?

    • grinding/leveling to 20 isnt an issue, game is mostly not balanced to force free users towards grinding mestea and "curb rtm but keep pay players fair" games balance is good and even a simpiler crafting system is still geared towards forced crap, they shouldnt force crafting to balance the game to begin with, the eq problem is solved with a phase one or phase 2 for higher bp players, also u give too much credit to this socialist/lazy pro bumpedsite admins, gigant problems are global people pay bumped for "only postive and pro comments/articles", if global workers give half a crap, they would have released a gigant schedule, that said if u want a schedule of gigants events, its not random despite lies from global and bumped just follow the jp schedule and depending on ur region in the world u cant caculate the time difference, its accurate and not random, regardless of globals crap info

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