Super Genesis Festival: NGS 2.5 Anniversary

The Super Genesis Festival is now here! Celebrate PSO2:NGS 2.5 Anniversary with various campaigns. This event runs through January 31st!

Super Salon Free-for-All

12.06.2023 ~ 01.31.2024

You can use the Salon to your heart's content without consuming or purchasing Salon Passes!

Super Item Enhancement Campaign

01.10.2024 ~ 01.31.2024

During the campaign period, Item Grinding and other features at the Item Lab will experience a variety of boosts. This will be in effect for ALL EQUIPMENT, so use this opportunity to strengthen everything all together.

Boost Effect

  • +100% Grind Great Success
  • +10% Preset Ability Enhancement Success
  • +10% Special Ability Affixing Rate
  • 50% OFF Limit Break Meseta Costs
  • 75% OFF Multi-Weapon Meseta Costs

Super Genesis Gift #3

Log into New Genesis during the timeframes to receive various gifts.

Log into NGS Before 1/31 MaintenanceN-Color Change Pass (x15)
Preset Ability Sucess +15% (x5)
BP "Super Genesis Festival Poster"

Prize Distribution

  • Prizes can be collected from the Collect Campaign Reward(s) section in the System menu.
  • The BP "Super Genesis Festival Poster" can only be obtained once during the Festival.

Super New & Returning ARKS Callback Campaign

01.10.2024 ~ 01.31.2024

Post to X (formally Twitter) using the hashtag #NGS超創世祭 (or #NGSSuperGenesisFestival) with your Online ARKS Card! If the total number of submissions for Global and Japan surpasses 5,000 posts, everyone will receive the [Hitsugi] outfit and pose!

Step 1: Create an Online Arks Card using the Online ARKS Card Generator:

Step 2: Save the generated image and text from the ARKS Card Generator and post them to X.

909「ヒツギポーズ2+」909 "Hitsugi Pose 2+" ×1*クリオ・天叢雲*Clio Murakumo ×1
ヒツギフウノヘアーHitsugi-Style Hair ×1N-火を継ぐ真衣[Ou]N-Ascendant Flame [Ou] ×1
N-火を継ぐ真衣[Ba]N-Ascendant Flame [Ba] ×1スタージェム100 Star Gems
冬'23-'24Special Scratch TicketWinter '23-'24Special Scratch Ticket×10

Prize Distribution Date

  • Mid February

Go for the Fluegard Series! Super Emergency Quest Boost Campaign

01.10.2024 ~ 01.24.2024

All Emergency Quests will experience a boost and additional drops during the campaign period.

+200% Rare Drop Boost

+200% Preset Ability Attachment Rate

+Fluegard (Flugelgard) Series Drop

+Winter '23~'24 Special Scratch Ticket Drop

Super Seasonal World Trial Stellar Grace Recovery

01.25.2024 ~ 01.30.2024

Stellar Grace Rewards have been updated! During the campaign period, Stellar Grace will reward you with SG, Arms Refiner II, and even Giga Strugment.

Furthermore, based on the number of Stellar Grace recovered, a Rare Drop Boost and Seasonal Point Acquisition Boost will be applied!

1stTrial PeriodThursday0:00~23:59
Boost PeriodFriday0:00~23:59
2ndTrial PeriodSaturday0:00~23:59
Boost PeriodSunday0:00~23:59
3rdTrial PeriodMonday0:00~23:59
Boost PeriodTuesday0:00~23:59

Nonstop Progress Through The Latest Content

Combat Sectors, the best place to raise your character, will experience +300% EXP until Level 80.

Also, you can get equipment instantly based on your progress through the story!

Combat Sectors, the best place to raise your character, will experience +300% EXP until Level 80.

Also, you can get equipment instantly based on your progress through the story!

  • 「Vanford Laboratory Ruins」Rank.1~5、「Mt. Magnus」Rank.1~5、「Resol Forest」Rank.1~4
  • 「Retem El-Nossa」Rank.1~4、「Lower Maqaad」Rank.1~4
  • 「Bergana Ruins」Rank.1~3、「Lost Central」Rank.1~3
  • 「Dext Base」Rank.1、「Neusen Plant」Rank.1

Story Progress + Equipment

  • Chapter 1: Receive Exter and Renessa Armor
    • Main Story Chapter 1: Liu Lin's Advice
  • Chapter 2: Receive Evolcoat and Catoria Armor
    • Side Task: Strolling Through Retem (Appears after Chapter 2: The Desert Town)
  • Level 65: Receive L'Argentier Series

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