Sympathy 2023 Concert & Benefits

Ticket Sales Period: 10/26/2022 (1:00 AM EDT) ~ 1/29/2023 (7:00 AM EST)
Price: 4,500 JPY (Streaming)
Purchase: Japan / Global

Sega will be holding a new edition of their Phantasy Star Sympathy concert, which will be available for viewing through paid indoor seating and online streaming. An item code for several in-game rewards will be included with all purchases.

Item Code Contents

Japanese Benefits

  • St「シンパシー2023」
  • PS35周年記念ロゴ
  • 876「バイオリンを弾く」
  • マグフォルム/ミャウ
  • Phantasy Star Medley for Sympathy 2013

Global Benefits

  • STP: Sympathy 2023
  • PS 35th Anniversary Logo
  • 876: Play Violin
  • Mag Form/Myau
  • Phantasy Star Medley for Sympathy 2013

Item codes will be sent depending on what time frame tickets were purchased.

  • Purchases made by 1/22/2023 will receive their item code on 1/24/2023 during maintenance.
  • Purchases made after 1/22/2023 (7:00 AM EST) will receive their item code on 1/31/2023 during maintenance.

※ Japanese and Global tickets will include codes redeemable only in their respective version of the game.

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