Tech Arts Customization Comes To New Genesis! [Updated]


Super Genesis Festival

Celebrate the 2.5th anniversary of NGS and enjoy in-game benefits during the Super Genesis Festival! Campaigns for free salon changes, Genesis Point boosts, and more will be held over the next two months.

Story Chapter 6-4

Aina is struggling to train her new recruits. Meanwhile, Manon seems unlike her usual self.

Tech Arts Customization

Modify your photon arts and techniques with increased attack range, gauge accumulation, and more with the new Tech Arts Customization feature.

Bouncer Balance

The Bouncer class is receiving an update to some of its skills, as well as added visual effects to its attacks.

Leciel Exploration Update

The level of enemies within the Leciel Exploration quest will be increased, and new Ruinus bosses added.

Creative Space Additions

Create a European village in your space with the "Euro" Build Parts series.

A cuddly collection of stuffed DOLLS will be available in a new AC Shop BP Pack.

A silhouette of the part will be projected onto the walls or ground when being moved or placed.

Team members and visitors can be given C-Space editing privileges with a new setting.

Additional Features

Aina and Manon with appear in their new outfits during trials across Aelio and Retem's combat sectors.

An additional selection of parts is available for creating Symbol Art, including renders of various NPCs.

New ARKS Card backgrounds featuring Nadereh and Hadi in their concert attire are available.

The ★10 Flugelgard weapon series will drop from Gigantix Lv. 84+ and Dread Enemies Lv.82+.

Drop rates for ★10 Flugelgard and ★9 Tissa weapon series will be increased for UQ: Omen of the Planetbreaker, UQ: Mining Rig Defense: Retem Rank 3, and Sign of the Planebreaker.

The Item Exchange Shop has been updated to allow trading for more than one of an item at a time.

A new rank was added to Battledia Purple in Retem and Aelio.

The weapon and armor grind cap has been raised to 80.

Joyful Holidays (AC Scratch)

Dress for the winter holidays with new Santa outfits and thick, fluffy dresses.


"Lake Interception Pt. 2" Quest

Go all out with a party of up to four against Malignant Dark Falz Aegis in a highly difficult new quest. Being incapacitated five times or running out of time will result in the quest failing.

A bracelet accessory to commemorate your accomplishment will be rewarded after successfully clearing the quest.

Mission Pass – Season 27

Nab new PSO2 unit and TAMES themed accessories in the next season of the Mission Pass.

PSO2 Build Parts

Steampunk and wooden lodge style room goods from PSO2 will become available as Build Parts.

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