The Spring '23 Event Enters Its Second Phase! [Updated]


Refined Form Revival (SG Scratch)

Cosmetics from the previously released Refined Form scratch series will become available again for a limited time! Unfortunately, there will be no free daily draws for this scratch.

Mission Pass – Season 18

The Mission Pass reaches its eighteenth season, with prizes like a dragon claw-shaped ring and a mechanical owl Mag.


Spring '23 Event – Part 2

A new seasonal quest taking place in Unidentified Region X1024 will be available during the second half of the event.

More items will be added to the seasonal shop lineup, including a Rappy pouch accessory.

Lake Halphilia Field Race

A new field race course can be accessed in the Lake Halphilia sector.

Vigilant Recruit (AC Scratch)

Tactical uniforms and a simple dress with a sci-fi flair are coming in a new AC Scratch.

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