A Chilling New Threat Emerges from the Rayjord Gorge


Ancient Enemies

Ancient adversaries from a bygone era have broken free from their icy prison in the depths of the Rayjord Gorge. These powerful enemies are a serious challenge, especially when paired with the damaging low temperatures of the gorge.

Refined Form 4 (SG Scratch)

Another set of highly-ranked costumes of yore voted for by the fans will be remade and released for NGS.

Mission Pass – Season 9

The ninth season of the Mission Pass brings rewards such as variations of the Aelio DLC outfits, stamps highlighting the new throw and floating board actions, and a new Mag Form resembling a glacial dragon.


Dark Falz Battle R.2

Go up against a much more ruthless version of Dark Falz with a group of up to four people in a new Trigger Quest available at the Quest Counter. Neglecting to repel the enemy within twenty minutes or being incapacitated five times or more will end the quest in failure.

Original Creations B (AC Scratch)

The second batch of winning entries from the PSO2 9th Anniversary Item Design Contest arrive.

7 thoughts on “A Chilling New Threat Emerges from the Rayjord Gorge”

  1. No wonder they blitzed us to level 60. At least the content is coming soon. I wonder if their intention is to spread more out over the next two months so there's less complaints about updates.

    • I'd hope so currently I'm just treating NGS as a backburner game checking on it every few weeks to see how it progress is going inch by inch it seem to be getting better

    • Sorry to break the bubble but you fell into the trap of sega. With the usual toothpaste rate of updates with FLASHY-but-empty content, it's like dangling a carrot while giving some tidbits of the carrot.

      At this rate and if they don't change the people in charge, probably in 2 years, we maybe gonna have potency augment+4%. No remake of flaws in the game like Blight duty/Te+Bo blade being disappointing for the mains/Fo being utterly overly op/etc. Maybe 2 PAs more and not patching old ones while there is gonna be 8 more techniques.

      But in nutshell, look at PSO2 and you will see how NGS future gonna be. Phashion simulator where players stay in lobby in boredom / or simply a game to play for 30min for dailies and for EQ-UQ
      Strunzy (and others) are correct about thinking that it is a backburner game. Because SEGA is far too arrogant to try making the game great, and only think of it as a nostalgia cash machine side project.

      It could surpass Genshin Impact with it's mobile gameplay, overly hype Lost Ark (redundant diablo-like gameplay seen in late game gameplay videos), but SEGA simply don't bother.
      They could easily make "Inventory +10" ticket with SG, or "Allow shop use for x days" with SG but they don't. Create dozens of PAs ? Why bother. Modify old PAs ? Not worth the money.
      Big game companies can't be trusted. Cod/Battlefield/Cyberpunk/Blizzard/LoL are big examples

      Everything to say : NGS is getting better ? Sure i agree but when it's at the rate similar to removing 1 grain of sand of the beach, you have more probability seeing this monthly mangas that started years ago still at 10% of the novel plot being finished in current life then NGS becoming a really great game in 10 years that is not just a Phashion simulator
      (unless miracle they focus on it for real or another company take over the IP)

      Having expectations in life near always bring disappointment. It is better to simply have none and be happy when things get better.

      PS : PSO2 is not the worse MMO gold-egg laying chicken that was killed though. Ragnarok Online 1 (for people that still remember) is worse. So worse that you wonder if the company simply did it to retaliate against the main creator staff that left them

    • @Tsuru
      The hell you talking about?
      All I said is they were spreading out content. Are you literally insane?

  2. To the salty peach in the comment section writing long a## poems, why are you even here? . dont like the game? move on.


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