PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (6/15/2022)

Regular Maintenance


PSO2es Maintenance

  • 6/15/2022 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30

Mini Update

Mission Pass

  • Mission Pass Season 9 Added


  • Added Ancient Enemies to Rayjord region.

Sonic's Birthday 2022


Sonic is celebrating his 31st birthday with events, presents, and more. The official PSO2 Twitter account will reveal the secret phrase which you can use to acquire the following items.

  • Accessory: Sonic Shoes ×1
  • Special Scratch Ticket ×1

Check back around June 23rd JST for the secret phrase!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Trailer

06.15.2022 ~ 07.06.2022

The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Trailer [Sonic vs Knuckles] will be displayed on the in-game monitors. The movie will release in Japan on August 19th!

Sonic in PSO2 Blocks

06.16.2022 ~ 07.01.2022

The Sonic Lobby and Sonic Nyau will appear for a limited time on PSO2 Blocks.

Puso Ni Comic Anime

Puso Ni Comic Anime episodes will air on the big screens in each city. This is your chance to catch it if you haven't seen it before. These "Movie" events are different from the "Stage" events in that they DO NOT trigger an emergency quest once they are done.

6/16 : 12:00Movie Event "Puso Ni Comic Anime"
6/18 : 20:00Movie Event "Puso Ni Comic Anime"
6/19 : 12:00Movie Event "Puso Ni Comic Anime"

After the movie event, players will receive a Live Boost:


Let's Try Buying AC!

06.08.2022 ~ 06.22.2022

Purchase 500+ AC「N-EX Earned EXP+25%」×1
Purchase 4,000+ AC「N-EX Rare Drop Boost+25%」×1
「Rappy Ring」×1
Purchase 8,000+ AC「N-EX Earned EXP+50%」×1
「Necklace Rappy」×1
Purchase 12,000+ AC「N-EX Earned EXP+50%」×1
「Rappy Ring」×1
「Necklace Rappy」×1

Purchasing AC through PSO2es does not qualify for the campaign.

SG Shop Bargains!

06.08.2022 ~ 06.22.2022

Kvaris Support Set S「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×3625SG1
Kvaris Support Set M
[With Bonus]
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×6
+「N-Grind Great Success +20%」×1
Kvaris Support Set L
[With Bonus]
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×12
+「N-Grind Great Success +20%」×1
+「N-Ability Success+10%」×1

Now's The Time To Play! Welcome to NGS!

With the release of the Kvaris Region, the playability of Chapter 1 has greatly improved. You can receive lots of EXP and raise your Battle Power so you can take on the Kvaris Region.

The equipment rewards with Story Chapter 1: [Advice From Liu Lin II] has been powered up with the Renaissa series!

Top class among ★3 equipment, the cost to grind the Renaissa series is cheaper than other equipment.

Afterwards, once you reach to the Retem Region, we highly recommend equipping the Evolcoat series.

Reach Chapter 2 of the Story [Desert City] to participate in the Side Task from the NPC "Guiden," who will be in Retem City near the salon. Here you'll receive the Evolcoat series and ★4 armor, all already grinded to +39.

Story Clear Campaign

06.08.2022 ~ 10.05.2022

Limited Tasks will be available where you can earn lots of EXP.

Afterwards, once you reach up to Chapter 3 of the story, you can meet up with Guiden in Central City who will have Side Tasks with lots of EXP. You should really talk to him If you don't have enough Battle Power for the Kvaris Region!

Find Guiden in Central City for EXP GALORE!

Rappy Design Contest Winners Announced

The following works have been selected as winners of the Rappy Design Contest. These entries will appear in the game as enemies in a future update!

Specu Rappy by taitai
Dolls Rappy? by AvaikaofStarfox

Scratches Temporarily Suspended

The development team has discovered that some AC scratches do not display the correct banner image on the AC Scratch Selection screen. Until this problem is corrected, some AC Scratches will be temporarily suspended for a while.

AC Scratch Release for June 8th's Maintenance

  • Galactic Divinity will still release as scheduled for June 8th's Maintenance.
  • Rewind Collection, Bridal Memories, and Original Creations A will be temporarily suspended for June 8th's maintenance and will return for June 15th's Maintenance. Their scratch count bonus will not be reset and resume in the current state it was in.

Cosplay & Craft Contest

4.05.2022 ~ 07.25.2022

To celebrate PSO2's 10th Anniversary, Sega is holding a Cosplay and Craft Contest. This is your opportunity to cosplay as characters or create weapons, enemies, or other items from the Phantasy Star Series.

This is a joint event for both the Japanese and Global servers.

To participate, create a picture or a video of your [Cosplay] or [Craft] entry and tweet the hashtag:

Craft Contest:

Cosplay Contest:

Then on July 4th, you can submit your entry using the official form.

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