Adjustments Coming To Gigantix Enemies in Mid-July

Based on feedback SEGA has received, the following changes will be made to improve hunting down Gigantix Enemies.

Gigantix Enemies

  • Gigantix Enemies will not retreat in the middle of the battle even after the Storm ends.


  • The Weather Conditions seem to repeat each week, so adjustments will be made to make it more random.

Adjustments to the HP Scaling and Dealing with Leechers

  • The HP of a Gigantix is based on the number of players around the Gigantix.
  • Players who are not within the level range to deal damage will now deal '1' damage to Gigantix Enemies.
  • Players who are not within the level range to deal damage will no longer increase the Gigantix's HP for being there.
  • Players who are not within the level range to deal damage will no longer receive any drops or EXP from the enemy being defeated.


47 thoughts on “Adjustments Coming To Gigantix Enemies in Mid-July”

  1. So instead of dealing with stupid 20 lvl limit, they only made it more harsh. Why they even implemented BP then? What if I randomly stumble gigantix on lvl19 char? I have to relogin to char who lvl20 just to participate, risking missing it out alltogether? So stupid.

    • you are not suppose to kill gigantix on lvl 19 like the level requirement on eq. tf you talkin about? its always been like this and they implemented it for lesser toxic environment as max lvl players harass low lvl players ingame cuz of it and they are fixing it.

    • "you're not supposed to kill Gigantix at lvl 19," LULZ WOHT this is a true BRUH moment right here, but all seriousness, this must the most ignorant thing to say. It's like saying lvl 10s are not "supposed" to go to EQs, they MUST BE lvl 13.

      Gena, if anything, the BP system was meant to "weed out" slackers at least for EQs and "higher difficulty" areas, but as you probably experienced like I have, your level still matters the most, and even more so because Gigantix spawn on GATHERING Zones, and not Battle Zones.

      As for Gigantix, IF sega really wanted so, they could make Rank 3 Battle Zones for Gigantix battles, places in which your BP won't qualify unless you are lvl 20/20, but as we can see, that's not the case and probably won't be in the near future.

      My toxicity ends with this. good weekend y'all

    • They didn't make it more harsh. Gigantix are content intended for max level character, that was always the case, that's why they were set at 4 levels above max and that was always the intention.
      I don't get what you're trying to accomplish by bringing up BP. It's a rating of your character overall at a glance. That's all it's ever been. It never had any effect over level difference restrictions.
      Also not sure what you mean by randomly stumbling into gigantix. They spawn in a very specific place under a very specific condition, only in exploration zones. Go around them, ignore them. You do the exact same thing that you did with Veteran enemies when you were level 1. Why is only avoiding this one specific enemy a problem when there are plenty of other scenarios where you already had to do the same?
      I get it man, don't think I'm not aware of your frustration, I really do get it. The game already launched kind of light on content and it sucks there's something you're sectioned off from. But when gigantix were random and scaling off low-level players and practically impossible to complete and everyone was trying to blame low-level players for the bad experience, I was telling people that it's not low-level players fault because SEGA was enabling the situation. Now that they are correcting it, and you can't just stand around pretending you're helping so you can get drops off other people's work while simultaneously grieving dozens of people because your presence alone is driving up the HP pool. I get that it sucks for you and the best I can say is I hope you hit level 20 soon, but you're really not the victim in this one.

    • Oh yeah! You're right, it's so stupid! Like the system of the EQ, 1184 of Power?? So what if I want to do it with 537? So stupid. Some weapons require level 15 to use… BUT I AM LEVEL 13!! IT'S STUPID, THEY SHOULD LET ME USE THEM!… Oh! And the RANK 2 areas? Why are they not enabled from the beginning? I DEMAND TO GO WITH MY LEVEL 1 CHARACTER! SEGA you suck, they should fire all their developers…

      ….Yeah that's how stupid you guys look when I read your complaints. Thank you fore read :3

    • @Blazekidz i don't know what kind of stuff you smoke but isn't level locked content already ingame and i didn't just say it, this has always been the case even on base pso2.

      "It's like saying lvl 10s are not "supposed" to go to EQs, they MUST BE lvl 13." show me someone who can enter the 2 eq ingame on lvl 14 below.

      @Rayto this kids lol. so many entitled people around here.

    • lol, okay long story short, I went to my first EQ as a lvl 12/10, YES as lvl 12, and YES I had 1190 BP at that time, so I pretty much had "my permit" to go to EQs. Now, my biggest complain is "why I dealt reduced dmg on enemies who were 5 levels above my char's current level?" even though I clearly had more than the minimum BP required. That's the bull that got me ticked. It has nothing to do with feeling ""entitled.""

    • People seem to believe that SEGA thought these systems through from a logical standpoint of weeding out leechers and such. To me, it's obvious that most of NGS' current systems are primarily in place to either make people stay time in-game (so that the game doesn't look dead), or to push people towards paying real money.

      Want to participate in EQ? Get your BP score up by upgrading equipment (which costs tons of meseta, which you can only get easily by paying real money). "BP score is to stop leechers!" Except, it doesn't actually do that, because they can still just stand there. Or they can be below level to deal damage, but still high enough BP to get in.

      So, how to deal with leechers? How about making it so if they don't contribute at least a small percentage of damage (adjusted by number of players), they don't get rewards? Like they're going to do with Gigantix? Every class is designed to do damage in this game. If you're not doing at least 2% damage in an 8-person EQ, there's something wrong.

      Want to fight Gigantix as Lv19 and your BP is 1300+ while Lv20 are at 1200? Too bad. Why? "Because endgame content!" No. It's because they want you to spend time getting to Lv20. Ask yourself why the levels and level caps are in there. Ask yourself what "endgame" actually means. Why are people talking about "endgame" 1 month in? Do you seriously believe Gigantix is there for "endgame content" and not to just keep people logged in?

      And "From player feedback we're making stormy weather random!" sounds like BS. I bet the truth is they didn't expect players to figure out the weather timetable. People aren't going to stay logged-in if they know exactly when storms are happening, so they're changing it.

      Sure, this could all just be typical incompetent SEGA who didn't think anything through. Either way, it's stupid and harms this game. Several years back, someone in Japan wrote a list of how players become disillusioned and distrustful of MMO management over time. I'd say NGS management is way ahead of schedule in achieving that.

    • I mean…I know there are heavy arbitrary road blocks that are there to overtly slow you down to pad out the game time but…I'm not sure what you mean by pay wall?

    • PSO2 is lobby simulator with character dress-up/posing.. what are U talking about?
      no point to complain about main gameplay feature…

      Fighting is just an alternative for those who got no friends 😀 Or simply don't wanna chat a lot doing nothing

      "Jokes are fun as long as they are just jokes"…
      but sadly this sarcasm is reality of JP server (idk about GL one.. never attended, never plan to…even if SEGA ban my account forever someday)

      Consider PSO2 as JP's Second Life 😀

    • @Kanna
      Market paywall, can't sell things till unless you still have passes from preNGS puso or pay for 30day shop pass or premium. Thankfully it's the only paywall.

      You got me confused.

    • @LordKaiser
      Nope. 700AC for 30day shop pass or 1300-3300 for 30-90day premium, these are the only options now. Having a separate 30day pass shows that sega embraced the shitty f2p/freemium model.

    • PSO2 Japan probably only lasted a decade because they had a good F2P balance. Free players were still able to obtain most of the cosmetics they wanted, and paying players would pay real money to sell scratch goods in exchange for meseta. If it wasn't for PSO2's character creation, I doubt many people would have kept playing for so long.

      PSO2 was localized into other areas such as Thailand, South East Asia. I heard they all tried to change the F2P balance, and they all died very quickly. So it's funny that SEGA ignored those versions and messed with NGS' F2P balance.

      And imagine how new players feel when they see all the awesome old PSO2 stuff they will probably never be able to get, because it's not distributed anymore, or because the prices on old PSO2 are ridiculously high. I can't imagine most new players sticking around long enough to see those items get revived, if ever.

    • Shhhhh~!!! You'll expose the fact that NGS is nothing but a trash Pre-Alpha Early access game if you keep talking like that!!

    • I can't wait for the level 34 Super Gigantix of the exact same enemies. And level 44 Ultra Gigantix of the exact same enemies. And level 54 Ultimate Gigantix of the exact same enemies.

      Best ENDGAME content evarrrrrrrrrr

  2. "The Weather Conditions seem to repeat each week, so adjustments will be made to make it more random."
    Now instead of having actual schedule made by random people and having to wait at the calculated time (and that helped me a lot so i can do irl things while waiting) , i had to wait endlessly for that "adjusted thunderstorm time" , sheeeeeeshhhh

    • Or you can just go mine resource, port to any Ryuker when it's storming, and pick a room that most likely contain people hunting the enemy. They don't poof after the storm, so you can solo it if you wish to.

  3. For all those complaining about not being able to fight Gigantix pre-20, you were adding more HP to the Gigantix than you were dealing to it. You are literally dead weight pre-20 due to the 5-level range damage attenuation.

    Better content is coming, and complaining ain't bringing it any quicker. Especially on a Bumped fanblog. Quit and come back a year later and then you'll have your content, lest you want them to release more half-baked content just to waste our time.

    OG pso2's early content wasn't exactly exciting or revolutionary either, and I'd say it was a lot less enjoyable than what we currently have. Unless you miss the Matter Board that badly.

  4. Finally they about to fix gigantix.
    Tho i hate they won't despawn anymore even after storm ends. ( if players are attacking him), but i will take it ig.

  5. No one at SEGA thought to make an an area where only players within gigantix "level range" can enter? These current changes don't change the fact that random sub-20 players will randomly enter gigantix areas for daily tasks.

    The least they could do is say they're adjusting the matchmaking so that lvl 20 players will get sent to the same instance.

    • They'd have to pay to make new areas. It's a lot easier to simply dump new stuff in the existing map. It's also not very "open world" if they have to make special areas just for boss spawns. What are people going to do in those areas when it's not storming?

      If you're talking about making max level instances, then that makes sense. They already have separate instances for some zones based on BP. There's also the room system. But I feel like those systems also kinda defeat the purpose of "open world".

    • Players that are under lvl 20 in giga areas won't increase giga hp anymore.
      So doesn't matter, those changes are actually good.
      Matchmaking isn't needed for gigas with those changes.

  6. Why am I even here? just to read all the toxic elitisms being sarcasm around bumped reply section… while I'm the only one fucker who still waiting for Desert area to be open next after finished the Aelio story… I don't mind if Gigantix was gladly adjusted, but I'm here to see if SEGA did fix the NGS from clipped under map bug to PSE burst bar undrain bug…

    • Why am I even here? just to read all the toxic elitisms being sarcasm around bumped reply section… I 100% agree.

  7. Cool changes that needed to happen. But we still see some people b*tching about everything per usual lol Just play the damn game and you will see why these changes are good.

  8. HOLY S***!
    Is this really Sega???

    I can't believe that after 9 yaers of PSO2 having issues with leechers, which were literally ruining everything for a while, Sega is actually implementing a great system that completely fixes the issue of leechers, at least in case of bosses like this.

    Well, in case of Gigantix but I hope they will keep this system for all other non eq bosses from now on.

    And while they're at it, adjust all enemy and boss HP according to player count in old PSO2 quests as well. We only have it halfassed in some quests and then the way it works is often iffy.


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