An Avalanche of DOLLS is Attacking the Kvaris Mining Rigs!


Trainia Advance: Bunker Type.1

The "Cannonball Rumble" quest has players defeating enemies and hurling cannonball projectiles at targets within a set time limit. No triggers are required to participate.

Artie, a member of the ARKS Combat Support team, will have new tasks relating to the quest.

New abilities can be obtained, such as a "C/Super Stamda" ability that buffs HP and striking power.

ARKS Record: Geometric Labyrinth

The ARKS Record pits players against each other to see who can achieve the highest score during a set time period. The first period will target solo scores in the Geometric Labyrinth. Based on their score, players will receive a rank of Gold, Silver, or Bronze that determines the amount of ARKS Record Badges awarded.

Trade in your badges for Kaiseram Mk. I weapons, camos, and even a couple ancient Interrupt Ranking prizes from PSO2.

Refined Form 5 (SG Scratch)

The cosmetics of popular PSO2 characters Hagith, Phaleg, and Mother have been remade for NGS!

Mission Pass – Season 11

The eleventh season of the Mission Pass offers Waker stamps and a mechanical steed Mag Form on the free track, and a color variant of the ninja dash motion on the gold track.


Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris

A large company of DOLLS units, led by a new "Vardias" boss enemy, have begun an assault on the Kvaris mining rigs! Floating boards and additional mobile cannons have been deployed on the field.

Among the quest drops are a new "Kaiseram Armati" camo and the "Rugged" series weapons.

ARKS Record: Field Race

The second ARKS Record, scheduled to begin on August 31st, will focus on three particular Field Races.

Virtual Streamers (AC Scratch)

Cosplay well-known VTubers signed under Hololive Production with NGS's first collaboration scratch!

Items based on PSO2's very own official VTuber, Popona, and streamer, Sabakuro, will also be included.

2 thoughts on “An Avalanche of DOLLS is Attacking the Kvaris Mining Rigs!”

  1. Are there perhaps any known plans to change, at least, the AC purchased EXP tickets effect duration counting down even when offline? Last night's abrupt emergency maintenance was pretty unfair. I still had more than 35 minutes left that I planned to utilize before we all got the boot for the 5+ hour maintenance.

    Does anyone even make noise for this issue..? Kinda really hate the pressure that comes when using tickets now too. Play the entire time or waste the item; money, in the AC purchased case.

    • I feel ya uwu so easy to get burned out. And what if real life happens? Or a power outage? Seriously uwu what on earth were they thinking…

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