PSO2 NGS JP: No Maintenance (08/10/2022)

Happy No Maintenance!

Enjoy this week with two Revival Scratches!

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests With Boosts!

8.10.2022 ~ 08.24.2022

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests will be running for two weeks straight. Players who participate in Mining Rig Defense will receive additional goodies along with an EXP boost!

Mining Rig Defense: Aelio + RetemBoosts
Quest Additional EffectEXP +100%
Enemy Additional EffectEnemy HP -50%
Additional DropsBlizzardium
Icicle Orb

Vocalize Music Winner

The results of the Vocalize Music Survey is finally here. Unfathomable Darkness has won

PlaceSongVote Percentage
1Unfathomable Darkness
2Primordial Darkness – 1st half
3Resonant Nation
(『PSO2』エピソード2 オープニング / 「防衛戦」テーマ)
(『PSO2』エピソード3 オープニング / 「禍津戦」テーマ)
6Superluminal – chase – Esca Falz Mother – phase1
7Formidable Gigantix
8Rebellion to Luminmechs – Sector 2-1
9Majestic Dynasty – Falz Angel –
10Divide Quests – Area 1~4

Thank You For Raising Me! A Gift From Your Pet

8.03.2022 ~ 08.31.2022

When a Pet reaches level 80 or higher, you can acquire a [~Master] title of the respective pet.
Earning that Title will reward you with a Mag Form of the pet so they can float alongside you in NGS.

These Mag Forms will be delivered in mid October, so you have plenty of time to raise your pets!

1Title:「Wanda Master」「Mag Form/Wanda」×1
「Mag Form/WandaS」×1
2Title:「Torim Master」「Mag Form/Torim」×1
「Mag Form/TorimS」×1
3Title:「Cery Master」「Mag Form/Cery」×1
「Mag Form/CeryS」×1
4Title:「Maron Master」「Mag Form/Maron」×1
「Mag Form/MaronS」×1
5Title:「Melon Master」「Mag Form/Melon」×1
「Mag Form/MelonS」×1
6Title:「Viola Master」「Mag Form/Viola」×1
「Mag Form/ViolaS」×1
7Title:「Rappy Master」「Mag Form/Rappy」×1
8Title:「Synchro Master」「Mag Form/Synchro」×1
「Mag Form/SynchroS」×1
9Title:「Jinga Master」「Mag Form/Jinga」×1
「Mag Form/JingaS」×1
10Title:「Aero Master」「Mag Form/Aero」×1
「Mag Form/AeroS」×1
11Title:「Popple Master」「Mag Form/Popple」×1
「Mag Form/PoppleS」×1
12Title:「Redran Master」「Mag Form/Redran」×1
「Mag Form/RedranS」×1
13Title:「Glass Master」「Mag Form/Glass」×1
14Title:「Vulcan Master」「Mag Form/Vulcan」×1
「Mag Form/VulcanS」×1

If you've already earned the Title, you will also qualify for the campaign.

Distribution Date

  • Mid October

AC Pointback Campaign

8.03.2022 ~ 08.17.2022

Purchase 10,000 Arks Cash to receive 500 Star Gems!

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late September

※AC purchased from PSO2es does not qualify for the campaign.

New Registration Campaign

All brand new players will receive Tickets for Star Gems, Special Scratches + Sonic themed items!

スタージェムSG 50 Ticket ×5
(250 Star Gems Total)
スペシャルスクラッチ券Special Scratch Ticket ×10
602「ソニック/テイルス」602「Sonic /Tails」×1
(Lobby Action)
*ソニックリング*Sonic Ring ×1
ソニックのおめんSonic Mask ×1テイルスのおめんTails Mask ×1
*スカルシュトルム*Skull Sturm*カザロドウ*カザロドウ(武器迷彩)
*ブラックバルズ*BlackbullN-ハーフドールN-Half Doll ×5

More PSO2 10th Anniversary Campaigns

8.03.2022 ~ 08.31.2022

Satisfying the conditions in PSO2 Blocks will reward you with [PSO2] Special Scratch Tickets that can be used on NGS blocks.

In addition, logging into PSO2 blocks will give you 50 Casino Coin Passes. You can trade those in for lots of Star Gems.

1Login into PSO2 to immediately receive Casino Coin PassesCasino Coin Pass ×50
2Clear any 5 PSO2 Quests[PSO2] 10th Anniv. SP Scratch Ticket ×1
3Acquire 10,000 Coins in the Casino Area[PSO2] 10th Anniv. SP Scratch Ticket ×1
4Enter a My Room or Mini Room[PSO2] 10th Anniv. SP Scratch Ticket ×1
5Clear Conditions 2, 3, & 4[PSO2] 10th Anniv. SP Select Ticket ×1

Distribution Date

  • Conditions 2~5 will be delivered Late September

The Casino Prize Exchange Counter will have increased Star Gem rewards.

Exchange Item Required Casino CoinLimit
40 Star Gems1000 Coins1/wk
20 Star Gems1700 Coins6/wk

Normally they are 10 and 5 Star Gems respectively.

Drive Space Notice

Starting August 3rd's update, it will no longer be necessary to install PSO2 game data to play its music in the Mag Jukebox for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions.

Due to this change, along with other update contents, the drive space for NGS will increase by 9GBs for both the PlayStation 4 and PC version.

Item Design Contest Winners

The winners of the PSO2 10th Anniversary Item Design Contest have been announced. These designs will be converted to in-game items in a future update.

Get Up To 400 Star Gems | Login Bonus

7.20.2022 ~ 08.10.2022

You can earn up to 400 Star Gems during the campaign. Be sure to login each day to receive Star Gems!

PSO2 Replay

7.20.2022 ~ 08.31.2022

Play PSO2 Classic's story to receive lobby actions, weapon camos and more!

【Ch.10: The Idol & Rampaging Dragon】
::「The Final Goodbye」
*Apoptosis / *Mae Pulchra / 183 "Eat"
Head-Riding Quna / Head-Riding Hadred /
PSO2 SGC Ticket
【Ch.5: The Reason I Was Born】
::「The Reason I was Born」
*Energy Huezer / *Skuld / 215 "Survey"
Head-Riding 2nd Gen Klaris / Head-Riding Luther /
PSO2 SGC Ticket
【Ch.4: The Goddess of Beauty】
::「Wriggling the Ultimate Defense」
*Artrum / *Klothov M238 / 332 "Camera Appeal"
Head-Riding [Persona] / Head-Riding Matoi /
PSO2 SGC Ticket
【Ch.8: Armageddon Incarnate】
::「Armageddon Incarnate」
*Sigmund / *Valiant / 489 "Yumomi"
Head-Riding Aratron / Head-Riding Mother /
PSO2 SGC Ticket
【Ch.6: Our Heroes Assemble】
::「The Legend of the Hero」
*Solaris / *Valgante / 374 "Paper Door"
Head-Riding Fairy Xiera / Head-Riding Margareta /
PSO2 SGC Ticket
【Ch.6: The Hope You Bring Forward】
::「The Future You Forged」
*ZodiacSign / *Rose Ornament / 517 "Falling Act"
Head-Riding Shiva / PSO2 SGC Ticket
Clear All The Above「『PSO2』SGC券」×1個
PSO2 10th Anniversary SP Select Ticket
(This reward will be distributed in September)

PSO2 Episode Oracle

PSO2 Episode Oracle Anime will be streaming on YouTube and the in-game monitors. Each week they will release 3~4 episodes, and a live boost will occur after they air in-game.

Live Boost: EXP / Meseta / Rare Drop Boost +10%

8/4 20:00Episode Oracle: 16~18
8/6 20:00Episode Oracle: 16~18
8/7 12:00Episode Oracle: 16~18
8/11 20:00Episode Oracle: 19~21
8/13 20:00Episode Oracle: 19~21
8/14 12:00Episode Oracle: 19~21
8/18 20:00Episode Oracle: 22~25
8/20 20:00Episode Oracle: 22~25
8/21 12:00Episode Oracle: 22~25

Online ARKS Card

The ARKS Card Generator is now online! You can create your very own ARKS Card to share on social media! In addition, if you post your ARKS Card using the hashtag #PSO2_10th, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win 1000 Star Gems.

If the hashtag reaches 5,000 tweets by August 2nd, everyone will receive a 50 SG Ticket in Late August.

Now's The Time To Play! Welcome to NGS!

With the release of the Kvaris Region, the playability of Chapter 1 has greatly improved. You can receive lots of EXP and raise your Battle Power so you can take on the Kvaris Region.

The equipment rewards with Story Chapter 1: [Advice From Liu Lin II] has been powered up with the Renaissa series!

Top class among ★3 equipment, the cost to grind the Renaissa series is cheaper than other equipment.

Afterwards, once you reach to the Retem Region, we highly recommend equipping the Evolcoat series.

Reach Chapter 2 of the Story [Desert City] to participate in the Side Task from the NPC "Guiden," who will be in Retem City near the salon. Here you'll receive the Evolcoat series and ★4 armor, all already grinded to +39.

Story Clear Campaign

06.08.2022 ~ 10.05.2022

Limited Tasks will be available where you can earn lots of EXP.

Afterwards, once you reach up to Chapter 3 of the story, you can meet up with "Guiden" in Central City who will have Side Tasks with lots of EXP. You should really talk to him If you don't have enough Battle Power for the Kvaris Region!

Find Guiden in Central City for EXP GALORE!

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