ARKS Expo & Anime Expo 2022 Attendee Rewards

Sega will be holding a new ARKS Expo in Japan after three years! Pre-registration is available online up until the day of the event on July 17th. Attendees will receive an item code for several in-game items.

PSO2:NGS AX2022 set (T-shirt + badges) $49.99

Attendees of this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles can also obtain these items while supplies last by visiting the Sega booth at certain times. A set of NGS merchandise can be purchased at the booth that comes with a code guaranteed.


  • July 1st @ 10am ~ 6pm (PDT)
  • July 2nd @ 10am ~ 6pm (PDT)
  • July 3rd @ 10am ~ 6pm (PDT)
  • July 4th @ 10am ~ 3pm (PDT)

Item Code Contents

JP NameGlobal NameType
Expo2022TシャツT1[Ou]Expo 2022 T-Shirt T1 [Ou]Outerwear
Expo2022TシャツT2[Ou]Expo 2022 T-Shirt T2 [Ou]Outerwear
Mo「待機:『PSO2』10周年」MTN: Idle – PSO2 10th AnniversaryMotion
マグフォルム/ラッピー(ハルファ)Mag Form/Rappy (Halpha)Mag Form
Expo2022ステッカーJPExpo 2022 Sticker NASticker
『PSO2』10周年記念ロゴPSO2 10th Anniversary LogoSticker

※ The ARKS Expo codes are valid for the JP version only, and the Anime Expo codes for Global only.

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  1. Hello bumped team, I saw the latest webcomic with Lawson (Japan only ads) and realize this thing won't go to the global site to be translated. If I may please have a request, starting to have the translated webcomics here might be a good idea. 🙂


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