Battle Dark Falz in a New Urgent Quest!

Vanford Laboratory – Rank 3


Vanford Laboratory will receive a third difficulty rank that adds the Megalotix enemies and chaos trials introduced with Rank 3 of Mt. Magnus.

Resol Forest – Rank 2


Rank 2 of the Resol Forest brings all of the additions seen in the new Mt. Magnus and Vanford Lab ranks.

New Limited Tasks


Ronaldine has a new string of tasks available that target the higher difficulty ranks of Aelio's battle sectors.

Dark Falz Interception


The appearance of Dark Falz has been reported in the Aelio region, sending Central City into a panic.

New Urgent Quest

The Dark Falz responsible for the devastation of Aelio Town is encroaching upon Central Aelio! Get ready for the fiercest battle yet.

Cinquem Series

The powerful ★5 Cinquem weapon series has a potential that increases in effectiveness based on the number of special abilities attached to your equipment. Photon scales are needed to unlock the potential.

★5 Rarity Armor

Three new ★5 armors can be obtained from the Dark Falz quest. The Schwarzest Armor offers a boost to attack power and a balanced increase to HP and PP.

Eradi Soul

A new Eradi Soul capsule that increases power, HP, and PP can drop after clearing the Dark Falz quest.

Diva of the Desert (SG Scratch)


The SG Scratch lineup will be updated with the cosmetics of Jalil, Mohsen, Riz, and Mura. Nadereh's diva getup will be included as Featured Items.

Smart Military (AC Scratch)


Sci-fi military uniforms and Japanese maid clothes meet for a blend of cute and cool in the next scratch.

Accessory Memory (AC Scratch)


A new revival scratch arrives, packed with popular accessories from the PSO2 of yore. A scratch prize ticket will be given for every 15 draws as part of the scratch count bonus.

CAST T1/T2 Memory (AC Scratch)


Two separate scratches containing PSO2-spec CAST parts will be released. A single scratch prize ticket will be rewarded after the first five draws, followed by every ten draws.

2 thoughts on “Battle Dark Falz in a New Urgent Quest!”

  1. Hopefully they rebalanced Ronaldine's tasks cause they were way too grindy and some were too much reliant on RNG, with lackluster rewards considering the amount of time they took to complete. If you were bit unlucky, some took weeks to finish. That's no joke, they really were not worth it. Obnoxious tasks.


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