PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (2/8/2022)

Patch Notes

Class Updates

Level Cap

  • The Level Cap has increased to level 40.

Field Update

Stage Live

  • Nadereh Live Stage will be hosted in Retem City.

New Rank

  • New Ranks have been added to Aelio Sections and EQs:
    • Section: Mt. Magnus – Rank 3
    • EQ: Controlled-Dolls Battle – Rank 2
    • EQ: Nex Vera Battle – Rank 2
    • EQ: Mining Rig Defense: Aelio – Rank 2
    • Battledia: Aelio Devastors – Rank 2

Arks Card

  • Added the Arks Card.

Mission Pass

  • Added Season 5 of the Mission Pass (~ March 16th, 2022)

New Enemy

  • Added the new enemy type Megalotix

Story Update

Side Story

  • Added a new Side Story

System Update


  • Emergency Quests and Battledia can be accepted across regions.
  • On the World Map, the icon will change to indicate the clear status.
  • The following changes are made to Battledia:
    • Waiting time reduce to 40 seconds
    • There is the option to pick a Rank now.
  • Photon Scales will be obtainable in the following Emergency Quest:
    • Snidael Vera Battle
    • Lenus Vera Battle


  • Gigantix Enemies in Retem and Aelio increase to Lv44.
  • Gigas Capsules will become easier to obtain.


  • Parties will now have a Boost depending on the amount of members in the Party.


  • In the chat menu, added [Victory Setting].
  • Added "View Preset Ability Market Price" to the menu.

My fashion

  • Costume Decoration [ON / OFF] information will be saved in My Fashion


  • When Tames are set on the Active Sonar, they will not be detected as the highest priority.
  • Mag Jukebox has been added.
  • Music Discs registered to your PSO2 My Room Jukebox will be playable from the Mag Jukebox
    • You'll need PSO2 data downloaded to use the Music. 


  • Head edit between NGS type and PSO2 type will no longer be synchronized.

Item Lab

  • Changed the weapon and armor maximum limit to 50
  • Added the [Other Reinforcement Materials].
  • The Special Ability Capsule exchange will have it product listing updated.

My Shop

  • New Functions will be added to the My Shop usable by players who earn a certain title:
    • Shop Search
    • Find a Friend's Shop
    • Find a Team Member's Shop
    • Advertising Editing
    • Displaying advertisements for product lists and product search results
    • Viewing the Player ID name for sales confirmation
  • In My Shop, added the [Purchase from Top-selling Items]
  • In the search of My Shop, the following improvements will be made:
    • Allows you to search Preset Abilities of Weapons and Armor
    • Allows you to set the Level of the Preset Ability
    • Change the Max Grind Value to a maximum +50
    • Change the Special Ability Number to a maximum of 5
  • Added a checkbox to show only tickets unlearned in the search

AC Shop

  • Added [N-Experience Boost +50% (x3)] to the product listing.

SG Shop

  • Added [N-Experience Points [24h] +50%] to the product listing.

Item Recycling

  • Added new items
  • Removed the exchange restrictions on [N-Special Ability +15%]


  • New features in gameplay settings:
    • Display new / returning player icon
    • Setting to send Material items to the Material Storage or not.
  • Added Nvidia DLSS
  • Added AMD FSR 1.0

Balance Adjustments

Technic – Light

  • Grants
    • Extended Attack Range
  • Gi Grants
    • Extended Attack Range when charged

Braver – Weapon Action

  • Enemy attacks can be guarded from all directions


15 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (2/8/2022)”

  1. "Braver – Weapon Action Enemy attacks can be guarded from all directions"
    More bland decisions from bland corpodirector, yaaay…

    • Yaay… Another bland comment from a bland person who is either too stubborn to move on to a different game that they might enjoy or is a masochist who keeps coming back to a game that they been whining constantly for almost a year now

    • More requests granted from people who played Braver because enemy attacks kept attacking from behind, despite the enemy being in front of them!


    • Isn't it NGS enemy design problem if attacks register from behind when enemy is in front? Braver functioned just fine in PSO2 – guard limited to front but it had really strong counters while here in NGS we now have another Hunter with smaller sword.

    • Such a third grader response to reflect the insult back at the attacker, but at least fulfill its purpose, making me not want to argue anymore. And it would have worked if I haven't been loving NGS ever since the start even during the chaos that was the release and never posted a comment complaining about it. I acknowledge that my reply sounded aggressive when I really wanted to do was just give an advice. It is not the first time that I've seen your comments on this fan made website, and if I'm not mistaken, they are all negative, and when you look only the negative side of things, then that's the only thing that you are going to see. It also tells me that you are grieving over the loss of pso2, that had to be sacrificed for NGS to come to life, and when you try to replace something that you loved and lost you have a hard time accepting the new thing as it is. So you either learn to appreciate NGS for what it is, move on to something else that picks your interest, or extend your suffering by playing something that you don't like and try to bring others down the hole with you.

    • Third grader response to third grader assumptions~ You are wrong about number of things, I don't think they matter though. Bumped is a great site for all the important information about NGS and having it is very nice for wait-and-see (while doing minimal stuff like some weeklies) approach which I think is the best when it comes to developing de facto early access game, and commenting on and discussing news is nice too.

      p.s. speaking about good, there isn't really anything new to talk about that is good, it's mostly bug fixes or some nice but minor QoL so people naturally post negative stuff, blame HMZK and SEGA for that (I do, lol). And actually with this update I'm happy with one change when it comes to Tiamo Rosely [Ba], though I will not elaborate, for reasons.

    • Hmm, well perhaps for you there isn't, so perhaps instead of criticizing somebody's comment I should give my own about it. So far I've been loving everything Retem. I remember having tears the first time I saw a Quna concert almost 7 years ago, and I'm really glad Nadereh's concert made me emotional the same way that it used to. I miss doing Aelio EQs, so now I have a reason other than nostalgia to do it. I like the mag jukebox (specially knowing how to mod overpriced music disk >_>). I also know that making classes imbalanced is a strategy for a company that aims to stay alive for as long as it did, because now, there is room for improvement. I haven't played braver in about 3 months now, and I'm planning to do so now. Little adjustments to classes like these has always happened in the past, sometimes the changes didn't make a whole lot of difference, and sometimes it did, and sometimes it was a matter of those changes being used by the right hands. You can criticize the game if you want, if you want changes to be made, or if you are unsatisfied by the ones we got, I just think you could choose the words that you use for it. Nothing gets this out of my head, that when rappyburst twitter was closed, one of the biggest reasons for it was the constant toxic comments about the game, and ofc if that was a reason they wouldn't just come out and say "you people suck" cause among those people there were others who appreciate them. Do you think that bumped team smiles every time they make an effort to post these changes and inform us, that the only sort of comments that they see are negative, about the game dying, that everything is trash? (Well, to be fair, if I worked on bumped I would have turn off the comments long ago, so maybe in real life, they are people who just like to watch the world burn :v). But I consider myself a calm person, and yet for almost a year reading negative comments, even I lost patience. So maybe we can choose better ways to express ourselves, cause if I was a new player, I would think that this is one of the most toxic communities in a MMO.

    • Go right past the line separating Retem City from Central Retem. Once on the central region side, you should see the icon to start the quest.

  2. "Costume Decoration [ON / OFF] information will be saved in My Fashion"

    This does mean outfit ornament settings are saved to fashion loadouts, now, right?

  3. Wow, just took them 8 years but now finally katana is fixed.

    With this many enemies frequently around you and everything being this fast only being able to guard attacks from the front was always extremely limiting and just half an angle off meant you get hit regardless of skill since turning your character is slow.

    Well, just one thing left…speed up braver combat katana finish so enemies can no longer get easily out of range between pressing the button and the attack hitting them, no one needs a 2+ second animation after pressing the button when so many bosses and enemies move this fast.

  4. I just tried turning on DLSS and after going though each option, I instantly turned it off again. It makes the game blurry and lowers the framerate. There is literally nothing positive about it.


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