Celebrate the 9th Anniversary of PSO2 in NGS!

7.7.2021 ~ 8.4.2021

9th Anniversary Event

Central City has been adorned with new decorations to celebrate PSO2's 9th anniversary! Enjoy the change in atmosphere, and the occasional firework display.

Xiandy, a researcher of peculiar phenomena, has taken residence in front of the Central Tower. She's prepared some tasks for the event that'll reward you with seasonal points.

Seasonal points can be exchanged for various items in Xiandy's pop-up shop. She'll have even more items on offer once the second half of the event begins on July 21st.

To further commemorate the occasion, a Web Link Panel event, Stamp Illustration Contest, and Item Design Contest will be held. More info on these will come after the 9th Anniversary Event launches.

Seasonal Enemies

Seasonal variations of hostile creatures have been spotted in the Aerio region, indicated by the glowing Seasonal Symbol above their heads. Defeating them will net you seasonal points and potentially rare items. The areas in which they'll spawn will change once the second half of the event commences.

We've received reports that the local Rappies have come down with a case of FASHION! These Ceremo variants will appear in dazzling party tuxes and top hats.

The Gigantix are also getting in on the seasonal festivities. Be warned that their elemental weakness will be changed to Lightning. During the latter half of the event, new Gigantix are slated to debut.

Griesen Weapon Series

The Griesen series are imbued with Lightning, making them the first weapons to have an elemental attribute. As such, they'll be able to contribute to an enemy's elemental down value without the need of techniques. These weapons can be obtained either as drops from seasonal enemies, or by exchanging seasonal points. Seasonal enemies may also drop the "Thunder Weaker" special ability which, as its name suggests, increases the amount of damage inflicted on enemies weak to Lightning.

9th Anniversary! Memory (AC Scratch)


To commemorate the 9th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2, four types of revival AC Scratches will be delivered simultaneously! Popular Lobby Actions, Hairstyles, Accessories, and Weapon Camos from PSO2 CLASSIC will be introduced into the New Genesis marketplace.

Rapid Aqua Bullet (AC Scratch)


Dive into action with aquatic battle wear or serve up a beating in butler and maid uniforms! Additional idling, movement, jumping, and landing Motions will be available among the scratch's lineup.

Various Trainees (AC Scratch)


Rep your chosen attack type with color-coded striking, ranged, and tech themed trainee outfits! Then, take your Tames hunting to the next level by impersonating an adorable Sunny with accessories fashioned after its ears and tail. And finally, take a load off with a new sitting Lobby Action.

10 thoughts on “Celebrate the 9th Anniversary of PSO2 in NGS!”

    • Agreed, the CAST look much more industrial than toy-like this time around and I'm loving it.
      Hoping it stays that way.

    • Are you referring to the events which runs concurrently with global or your dismay with JP blocking us out?

    • ik it sucks and idk how ur financial status looks like bu getting a vpn is still an option they are no that expensive and hae more uses for example netflix and stuff like that but believe me im upset too that they ip block ppl outside of JP causr i cant play NA (only have a ps4) so i had no other choice then getting a vpn and i played over 3k hours allready so i wasn't gona restart amyway

  1. "Xiandy, a researcher of peculiar phenomena, has taken residence in front of the Central Tower." I really expected my waifu Xie to appear TTnTT

    • What really gets me is that the "Xi" implies a connection to the photoners.

      …Whose legacy was supposed to finally been buried and left in the past…

  2. @Postdump , in what universe? cause global has copyright restrictions which will prevent it from getting just about most of any collab item into its scratch events.


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