Defend the Mining Rigs in a New Emergency Quest


Mining Rig Defense: Aerio

The DOLLS are launching an onslaught on the Mining Rigs stationed in Central Aerio! Defend the rigs from waves of level 20 enemies in this 8-player Emergency Quest. In the unfortunate event that all the rigs are destroyed, players will still receive rewards based on the number of enemies routed.

Mobile Cannon

Special artillery called Mobile Cannons can be deployed during the quest after accumulating enough points. These cannons have several powerful actions in their arsenal:

Rapid Fire
Continuous, long range gunfire.

Charge Blaster
Deadly charged blast that deals high damage over a large area.

Boost Glider
Propels the player forwards to quickly traverse a great distance.

New Enemies

The Destragras are aerial DOLLS that dart around and pelt their targets with a barrage of bullets.

Boms / Bomx are enhanced versions of the Pedas enemies that are capable of self-destructing.

Evolcoat Weapons

The new all-encompassing Evolcoat series of ★4 weapons can be acquired from playing Mining Rig Defense: Aerio. There are opportunities to receive these weapons outside of the Emergency Quest.

Summer Sky Seaside (AC Scratch)

Let's go to the beach in a diverse set of swimwear styles, including sci-fi, street, and maid!

ARKS Conductor (SG Scratch)


Mimic the appearances of characters like Manon, Ran, and Bruder with new cosmetic items!

11 thoughts on “Defend the Mining Rigs in a New Emergency Quest”

  1. So instead of adding those totally-NOT-Launcher-PAs to the actual weapon, they decided to give it to an EQ utility weapon? SASUGA sega, only you can make such shenanigans. (FINALLY a good scratch)

  2. ONE new enemy?! Oh my god, it almost feels like CONTENT.
    We finally get a whole new enemy after 2 months, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations!

    • 3 enemies, where? I only see 1.5 new enemies lol, the Pedax is just one of those PSO2 Darkers that self destructs at the end of a wave, but the question would be does it also have a destroyable "backpack" part?

  3. and here i was hoping for a story based defense eq… like defending the photon particle cannon that we know its gonna happen in story for sure

    • Im more pissed by the fact that this UQ doesnt even make any sense story wide, like somehow theres a bunch of 20m mining rigs apearing out of nowhere in the middle of aelio plains… to me it feels like theyre not even trying anymore.
      At least in pso2 it actually take place in an actual mining facility.

  4. @Nidus hm i wonder what a "spoiler" giant cannon would require to fire? i wonder if maybe JUST MAYBE it requires some form of….RESOURCES/PHOTONS. also arks have tech that allows things like drop pads to be deployed. and the towers are right outside of the city they arent in the middle of nowhere

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