SG Scratch Apology and Compensation

Sega would like to apologize for not properly informing players in advance about the previous SG Scratch items carrying over into the Astute Braver scratch. Barring possible exceptions, the plan is to add new items while keeping the former. Some could even appear in multiple successive scratches. That means that the Astute Braver items will remain available in the following SG Scratch. In the future, they will make it clearer on the catalog page when an item will be included in the next scratch.


  • SG 200 Ticket
  • Astute Braver Ticket

These items will be distributed in late August.

6 thoughts on “SG Scratch Apology and Compensation”

  1. I personally don't feel that 200 SG and a Choose Ticket is enough. While those may seem like "Enticing" compensations, in truth, it's just to look good on paper. Idk what exactly I would of been happy with, but I wasted 500 SG on a 10 pull, which I honestly wouldn't of done if I knew ahead of time that the old stuff was gonna still be there, I wouldn't of done a 10 pull and wasted 500 SG. I didn't check the list of items ahead of time because I already knew what I wanted. I hope the law-suit pans through, maybe they'll be more careful, responsive, and take more care in the development of the game and how they treat their player base. And there were other people (such as the ones filing a lawsuit), who spent much more than me.

    • I wasted 2000SG. Would like to get two tickets that I can use in any of the later releaed scratches too.

    • Lyllia and Ralf…. in short… U wish for too much

      I've spent 2k as well, do I regret it? no..
      'cuz to get 15% affix boost I need 20 badges which I'm definitely not gonna get with AC items
      (not to mention that I've got both male and both female outfits + male hair + new finger pose)..
      don't remember what I've exchanged free item for :thinking:

      Getting 1 more free item and 1/10th back is a good deal… like it or not

  2. Personally since they did that they should have made it possible only for the free daily draw. To get prior items or since they're gonna do that decrease the price from 500 to 300/200sg when prior items are in there.

  3. neat but im not buying shit for a while plus if new sg is added and old is kept shit gets harder to get, ultimately this is bad


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