Don't Sleep On the New Waker Class Coming to NGS!


Waker Class

The Waker is the first original class to be introduced in New Genesis! Command three types of Familiars in battle using your trusty Takt. While it shares the same weapon and a similar premise to the Summoner class from PSO2, they are otherwise mechanically very different.

Expend the Takt Gear gauge to summon multiple Familars at once for a unison attack.

Seek out Welmina, the new Waker class instructor, for some basic training and a complimentary weapon.

Side Stories & Shorts

Perform a string of favors for Meri and her band of brothers in a new Kvaris side story.

Get to know more about various characters around Halpha with the first set of Short Episodes, featuring the likes of Aina, Manon, Bruder, Crawford, and Ran.

Additional Features

Nonseasonal Emperappy and Great Rappy make their debut in new trials.

Some Trainia will receive a Rank 2 and a customizable selection of challenge settings.

Region-specific Battle Triggers will be discontinued and can be traded in for the new unified version. Moreover, the health of enemies will be reduced across all Yellow Battledia quests.

Beef up your characters further with Add-On Skills! Each skill has one main effect and two sub effects that are randomly generated. However, the pool of available effects varies depending on which class you choose. One skill can be assigned per class, and your saved add-on skills are shared across all characters on your account.

Up to six AI-controlled "Assist NPCs" can appear in underpopulated combat sectors to help out in battle.

The amount of materials required to trade for certain special ability capsules has been reduced.

The Team Task Record will see teams on the same ship competing to determine which can complete the most team tasks during the tallying period. Prizes include Beta Reactors worth 100k meseta, SG Tickets, and more. Any players who complete at least three team tasks will be eligible for a participation prize of one reactor, regardless of where their team ranks.

A new feature allows players to change the order in which each option is listed on the main menu.

Redeem that massive stockpile of SG Tickets sitting in your inventory all at once, or save a few for later for whatever reason. The choice is yours!

Further personalize your ARKS Card with a new selection of character photo backdrops.

Simple Creation has gotten even simpler with a complete redesign, removing all those overwhelming facial sliders (and much, much more) that kept you stuck on the character creation screen for hours.

Character models that haven't fully loaded will now appear as black silhouettes. Furthermore, the amount of detailed models that can be displayed at once has been expanded to fifty in the PC version.

The character voice volume setting has been split into two options, allowing you to adjust the level of your character's voice and that of other players separately.

The Room Transfer feature has been improved. Sorting by sector will now only display rooms of the same Rank as well.

A Play Navigator has been added to the World Map that gives players goals that serve as tips on how they might increase their battle power.

Sunshine Marine Stars '22 (AC Scratch)

Soak up the Summer sun in style with sexy sailor wear, one-piece swimsuits, and soaked shirts!

Going forward, any new motions will be available in the scratch lineup and not be locked behind the count bonus. Special "EX" versions of motions with added effects will be included as bonuses instead.

Waker Caparison (SG Scratch)

Roll out of bed and get your scratch on for the new Waker class fashions joining the SG lineup!

11 thoughts on “Don't Sleep On the New Waker Class Coming to NGS!”

  1. "Simple Creation has gotten even simpler with a complete redesign, removing all those overwhelming facial sliders (and much, much more) that kept you stuck on the character creation screen for hours."
    What? Who even asked for this? And how to do precise adjusting?
    Say hello to freaking endless twins lol.

    • Simple Creation is just one of the options when creating a character; you can still select the option go with the full (starting) creator. Simple Creation is likely made for new people who just want to jump right into the game, like to see if they enjoy it or not.

      Also, each new character gets extended free salon time (I think it is like 5 in-game hours); also there is now a Client Order to check out the salon, so it's not like they are leaving these players without knowledge of character editing/salon use. I imagine that they intend for Simple Creation users to do their precision editing once in game for some time (when they are sure they are going to continue with it).

    • Lol. They're can just skip if not interested or want to save time. Leave it all at default and return to it later. It's better to see all options available from the start because it'll give more weight to value of game quality. Idk how is it now but notification about availability to return to editing later more than enough.

    • You say "Hello to freaking endless twins lol." like there hasn't been thousands of Ash, Rupika, story characters, and even anime characters since the dawn of PSO2. Don't see what you mean by "Better to see all options at the start", It's an option they can switch between. It's completely expected a game that is aimed at casual players continues adjust things to make the experience more streamlined. Personally I don't care for this feature, it's not like this change affects the standard character creator.

    • As awful as this is, comments like these are still better than the silly ones we kept getting earlier in the year.

      Still bad don't get me wrong. Having a proper middle ground from which a new player more interested in the gameplay but wants to avoid having a "default" is for the best. Not everyone wants to spend hours to look unique and also may want to avoid feeling overwhelmed. They still will want to play as a character they can get into and feel like it's their own.

  2. There is also an option to skip creation altogether and go straight to class selection after picking one of the default character options (I think it is 3 or 4 options per Race/Gender combo).

    Simple Creation seems to just be a medium between the options of skipping creation and delving fully into it; it is possible they feel that some new players may get overwhelmed with all the options from the get-go, especially if they are coming from games with more limited options.

    But all-in-all, I feel that giving players more options on how they want to start isn't a bad thing.

  3. Well, a friend of mine came from playing other MMORPGs and he likes to create his character but he felt overwhelmed by the editor, and in fact, he told me that they should do something similar to this, so for sure it's for people like him, good for him I guess. I on the other hand prefer to spend 10 hours in the editor and try everything before continuing.

  4. "Redeem that massive stockpile of SG Tickets sitting in your inventory all at once" thanks a lot! Also that swimsuit looks sexy and I want it.

  5. "The Waker is the first original class to be introduced in New Genesis!"… Probably never played pso2 base to know that it's just ngs summoner.


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