Waker Class (Preview)


Information is gathered from user accounts of the ARKS EXPO 2022.

Details are subject to change upon final release.

Waker Class Preview

Attendees at the ARKS EXPO 2022 got their hands on the new [Waker] class, set to arrive in August. Although the class is reminiscent of Summoner, it has its own unique skills and framework to stand out on its own. Instead of Pets, the class utilizes beings called "Familiars" which spawn based on the PA used.

The main equipment type for Waker is the Takt / Harmonizer. This will be used to summon Familiars to perform various actions. Let's take a moment to briefly introduce the three Familiars.

Familiar: Fredran

Fredran is the winged Familiar that excels in long-distance attacks. You can even ride on them in a PA.

Familiar: Wolfer

Wolfer specializes in short-range combat by attacking with its fists and performing shockwave attacks.

Familiar: Marmelo

Marmelo can defend against enemy attacks, and can perform a counter-attack with its stored energy.

Waker Fundamentals

Each Familiar has its own fighting range. For long-distant attacks, you should use Fredran, and for close-range combat, it is recommended to use Wolfer.

Fredran, Wolfer, and Marmelo have their own individual gear gauge. Fredran's and Wolfer's gauge will accumulate through attacks, while Marmelo works a bit differently.

The weapon action button summons Marmelo to guard against enemy attacks. This will build up its gear gauge, and once it reaches max, holding the weapon action button will hurl Marmelo for massive damage!

Furthermore, by learning the skill [Hot Marmelo Parry], you'll be able to guard against an enemy's attack while you're actively attacking. This is different than the weapon action in that it has a cooldown timer.

Another neat feature is the Marker system. Continuing to attack the enemy will place a marker onto it. Holding down the normal attack button will detonate the marker and allow you to recover lots of PP.

Detonation can also cause a Familiar's crest to appear alongside your character in what's known as the [Familiar Assist]. This crest will repeatedly hurl projectiles which accumulates the gear of the Familiar that it represents. It is generally recommended to use a Familiar that is different from the crest that is active.

Consuming Fredran and Wolfer's gear will unleash the powerful finishing move: [Familiar Unison].

Waker Attacks and Photon Arts

Wakers can attack enemies from a distance using their Takt / Harmonizer. Each Photon Art has two versions of attacks based on whether you tap or hold the PA button.

Fredran Breath

  • Releases projectiles that spread forward in a wide area.
  • (Hold): Locks onto multiple enemies in front and releases tracking projectiles.

Fredran Riding

  • Fredran appears while your jumping and releases an attack that does multiple hits. It is a powerful attack that is suitable for attacking a single target from a long distance.
  • (Hold): You'll jump aboard Fredran and continue to ride it and move around as you're holding the button.

Wolfer Demolition

  • Upon Wolfer's appearance, a burst is released hitting enemies.
  • Wolfer hits the ground, attacking the surrounding area with a shockwave.
  • (Hold): Turns into a chargeable attack.
  • (Hold): In the uncharged state, Wolfer punches with their fists.
  • (Hold): In the charged state, Wolfer releases shockwaves emanating from their body.

Wolfer Raid

  • Rushes forward and performs an uppercut.
  • (Hold): After rushing, Wolfer will perform a series of attacks.

You might notice a purple guide that appears after a Photon Art. The skill [Linear Drive] allows you to swiftly move back or forth when it appears if you press the normal attack button with a directional input.

Waker Skills

Takt GearEnables the Gear Gauge for the Familiars.
The gear gauge increases for the respective Familiar when they attack.
For Marmelo, the gear gauge increases when guarding enemy attacks.
Familiar UnisonA special move that consumes Fredran and Wolfer's Gear Gauge.
Active Skill
Marmelo StrikeMarmelo's gauge accumulates when they successfully guard against attacks.
Holding the Weapon Action will hurl Marmelo for lots of damage.
Treble Clef MarkingContinuously attacking an enemy will put it into a Marked state. This increases the power of Takt photon arts on Marked enemies.
Treble Clef IgnitionDetonates the marker if you hold down the normal attack button on a marked enemy. This will also recover PP.
Familiar AssistWhen Treble Clef Ignition is activated, it produces a crest of the last summoned Familiar. The crest will continuously attack and accumulate gear.
Familiar Assist AmplifyIncreases the amount the gear accumulates if Assist is activated a second time during Familiar Assist.
Hot Marmelo ParryGuards against enemy attacks without interrupting your own attacks.
Active Skill
Hot Marmelo Parry Short RecastReduces the recast time if the attack couldn't be guarded with Hot Marmelo Parry.
Takt Parry CounterGenerates a counter-attack with the Normal Attack after a Guard is successfully performed.
Takt Parry Counter PP GainRecovers PP when you successfully guard.
Linear DriveYou can quickly move back or forth if you perform a normal attack when the purple guide appears after a Photon Art.
Linear Drive
One More
Allows you to activate Linear Drive again.
Call Again PP SaveWhen a Familiar's Gear Gauge stock is 0, that Familiar's PP consumption will be reduced for a limited time.

Subclass Effective Skills

Old Friends RescueThere is a set chance of recovering HP if an enemy attack hits for a certain percentage of your max HP.
Welfare ManagementWhen your HP is below a certain threshold, the damage received is reduced and the potency of Resta Signs is increased.
Resta Effect Continuance The amount of health recovered when using a Resta Sign is reduced, but your HP will regenerate over a certain period of time.
Lucky SignResta and Reverser Signs have a chance of not being consumed upon use.


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  1. The HP factors on the subclass skills are a bit concerning, getting some Etoile vibes from it.

    As for the dynamic gameplay, really gonna need to actually play it myself first.


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