Enjoy a Spooktacular Halloween in New Genesis!


Halloween Event

Our fair Central City is shrouded in a haunting atmosphere! In celebration of Halloween, the city has been adorned with spooky ghost, bat, and carved pumpkin holograms. Mischief Symbols are also hidden about, with a prize awaiting any who dare discover them all.

Xiandy has risen in front of Central Tower to guide players through their first Halloween. Speak with her to acquire new Limited Tasks and earn seasonal points.

Seasonal points can be exchanged for a medley of wares at Xiandy's shop, including the new Flamel weapon series with an enhancement value of +25.

Further seasonal transformations can be seen outside of the city. The leaves have turned violet, and the once lush trees of the Resol Forest now lie barren. Even the Region Mags have taken on a new appearance. Perhaps they'd like to taste the strange new Autumn Vampkins that have cropped up in the field.

Seasonal Enemies

Ghastly-looking Scythe Rappies have been sighted across Aerio! They're scarcely recognizable as the feathered critters, what with their skull masks and sickles in claw.

Enemies with the Halloween seasonal symbol above their head will be weak to fire this go round.

Flamel Weapon Series

Incinerate your foes with the fiery fury of the ★4 Flamel weapon series! "Fire Weaker" special ability capsules can be dropped by seasonal enemies or obtained from the exchange shop.

Halloween Festa

The Halloween Festa will be held, during which a joint WEB Panel event between Japan and Global will occur. More activities, such as a Screenshot Posting Campaign, will take place as well.

Monster Masquerade (AC Scratch)

Succumb to the darkness and embrace your witchy ways with a new scratch ticket! Plenty of costumes and accessories are available within to heighten the Halloween mood.

Oracle Renew Revival 4 (AC Scratch)


The fourth Oracle Renew scratch, originally released for PSO2 in May, is set to be redelivered in NGS!

6 thoughts on “Enjoy a Spooktacular Halloween in New Genesis!”

  1. It's so sad that unique rewards for every event in ngs so far has been two ugly accessories and an elemental weapons.
    I guess whether the accessories are ugly or not is subjective so some people might like it, but I really hope it's not becoming a permanent thing that you can only get an elemental weapon from an event.

    • I like the accessories, so I'm fine with most of them.
      But I agree, I really wished seasonal events are a bit more unique and different from one another.

    • Tbf these 3 weps were probably planned well in advance, the next event is the first one I'd actually have hopes for being interesting.

    • Would be nice if we eventually get seasonal/event themed Mo on the exchange shop. Rewards imo are alright, you get materials and meseta which is always a plus but, doesn't really stand out.

  2. TBH I am glad for scraps, I am not really expecting anything anymore at this point and am just glad there is an excuse to play NGS.

    The sad truth is that Sega done f***ed up so royally hard that they made sure people stopped playing og PSO2 at least a full year before NGS has enough content to keep people interested. I used to have 20 active people on my friendlist and now I have 1 that logs in about twice a month and the rest stopped caring entirely.

    And worse, I can't even say "at least Sega made the basics really goods and NGS won't suffer from the core being broken af like it was with og before mid to late ep 5" since ngs is still a crappy beta that crashes, freezes, disconnects or traps you in an infinite pipe at least once an hour if lucky and literally every 3-4 minutes if unlucky, yesterday I just wanted to do dailies and within twenty minutes I had to restart the game 5 or 6 times because of some bs or other.

    Sega managed to refine PSO2 combat even more in NGS and create super fun movement in a perfect bland of "open world" exploration and convenience and we can't even enjoy the little content we have because the game is so incredibly unstable.

    And of course ontop of ALL that, we now need a vpn so either pay a lot for this trash to get a really good vpn that doesn't constant have some issue or other or make do with something like SoftEther and lag *hard* every ingame 10m when the game loads even 1 cm²of new texture or god forbid another player or an enemy.

    PS: Flamel being actually 4* maybe means finally there are weapons worth getting if you don't wanna pay AC for this hot garbage and accordingly can't afford half of most scratches without being broke after buying 2-3 items.

  3. I see a lot of people complaining about the state of NGS, how it's empty, how the only thing they are adding is scratch etc.
    And, obviously, it's understandable and the game is far from good as it is right now. But I never saw anyone trying to understand why the game is in this state. Do you think that someone will voluntarily launch an unfinished product just for fun? It will ruin the reputation of the company and loose consumers.
    That's only my opinion, but I see NGS as an early access that come way too soon. But it was probably the best choice for SEGA. NGS is an entirely new game, there's not much similarity with the classic PSO 2. New combat system, new maps, new characters, new creation tool, even the old outfit are being remade (the one I can think about is the non-DOLL enemies). It's a lot of work … and a lot of money.
    How could they finance the development of NGS ? The first source of money from PSO 2 has always been scratches. Why few content were added ? Probably because, the base of the game isn't solid enough and it takes much more time creating new bosses (Design, animation, sound effect, attacks pattern, …) than creating new outfit.
    I think the core reason is the same as always : MONEY.
    It's basic business, if you earn less money than the cost, you're doomed. And if you earn just as much as the cost, you can't evolve. Since there is no more content on PSO 2 since the launch of NGS, I understand that it's the same team that work on both. Just think about the new zone that will come this winter. That includes a new map, new story, new characters, new enemies, new voice lines to record, new items, … They need to have everything ready before launching the update, even if some assets may have been done 6 months ago.
    I remember SEGA having a lot of financial issues in the past. Even now I don't see that much of big successful games coming from SEGA i don't think they can capitalize on it to conpensate the cost of PSO 2 (Server fee, bandwidth, infrastructure, back-up, …) and even less creating a new one.
    But why do they launch the game so early ? They could have just release scratches on the old PSO 2, like it was the case with the "Oracle Renew Revival" and release NGS when it will have decent content. My bet is that it was to throw a bone to the community. Even if the content is low, they're still people playing NGS to optimize their stuff waiting for the update or earning money, … This winter, the first big update will come, but it will still be far from enough to say that the game is complete. So we'll probably have to wait at least 1 more year before having a decent load of content. Do you imagine people would still play classic PSO 2 for two years with no more content and knowing that everything will be lost when NGS will be launch ? I don't think so.


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