NGS Special Scratch

Special Scratch


  • N-特殊能力追加成功率+20% | N-Ability Success Rate +20%
  • N-特殊能力追加成功率+15% | N-Ability Success Rate +15%
  • N-強化大成功率+100% | N-Great Grind Success Rate +100%
  • SG100獲得チケット | SG 100 Ticket
  • エステ無料パス | Salon Free Pass
  • N-カラーチェンジパス | N-Color Change Pass
  • SG20獲得チケット | SG 20 Ticket
  • SG10獲得チケット | SG 10 Ticket

Scratch Bonus

Play the Special Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
40 times Special Select Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
40 times Special Select Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※Special Select Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from the Special Scratch.

8 thoughts on “NGS Special Scratch”

  1. >SG20獲得チケット | SG 20 Ticket
    >SG10獲得チケット | SG 10 Ticket

    Is it "better luck next time" thing? What a fucking bullshit.

    • lol I know the feel but that's always how it is with them kinds of scratches/gatchapon stuffs. At least it's SG points that can be used maybe for storage or something instead of (like my bad luck) male outfits thrown in a girl's face over 90+ times that's just downright useless and won't/can't even sell or trade away while being undesirable… or of course, then to use on said scratch to end up with that bad luck anyway…….. X'D

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