Gigantix Enemies Invade Halpha in NGS June 23rd Update


Gigantix Enemies
June 23rd, 2021

Gigantix are enemies coated by a purple aura with the title "Despaired / Hopeless" before their name. These menaces can be found roaming the Exploration Sections during certain weather. The Gigantix will retreat when the weather clears up, so be sure to upgrade your gear before you take on this powerful foe!


New Tasks!
June 23rd, 2021

With the release of the Gigantix comes new limited tasks! Make sure to prepare your equipment and class level as it's a very powerful enemy. You'll earn Star Gems for completing the tasks.

There's also going to be side tasks from Somua. Their tasks, requesting you to see the Gigantix, will unlock if you meet certain conditions.



Passionate Spirit
June 16th, 2021

Dress up like Garoa, Aina, and Central City civilians in the "Passionate Spirit" SG Scratch. This scratch will include finger movement lobby actions, as well as new stamps featuring Aina, Goroa, Bruder/Dozer, and Crawford!

In addition, you'll also get 1 free SG Scratch draw per day!


Chastely Bridal
June 23rd, 2021

Wedding dresses, tuxedos, and detective themed outfits are coming to New Genesis! This scratch also releases a new idle animation and a bowing lobby action. A new gliding animation with your character in a diving pose will be available within the Scratch Bonus.

Heads up! If you want a beard for your New Genesis face, this is the scratch to get.


Oracle Renewed Revival
June 30th 2021

Outfits from the March 3rd Oracle Renewed Collection, such as N-Thousand Rim and N-Close Quarters, are getting a revival! Relive your PSO2 glory days with the default outfits upgraded for NGS usage.

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