Halpha Becomes a Winter Wonderland!

New Year's Central City


Central City is ringing in the new year with traditional Japanese decorations!

Winter Event


Winter is coming to Halpha! Central City has been adorned with glacial ornaments, and a steady snowfall glistens in the air.

Xiandy returns for the season in austere winter wear, appearing in both the Central and Retem cities. One of her tasks will reward you with a tiger-striped pair of horns.

Trade in your seasonal points for a selection of winter and tiger-themed cosmetics. More items will be added during the second portion of the winter event.

Seasonal enemies, indicated by a glacial emblem above their heads, will appear in most sectors across the Aelio and Retem regions. They are weak to the wind element.

The wintery weather has ushered in Nord Rappies, bundled up in their fluffy hoods, mittens, and boots.

Blast your enemies with the "Tempester" series of ★5 wind weapons. They can be dropped by seasonal enemies or purchased with seasonal points. A complimentary "Wind Weaker" ability will be available that increases damage dealt to enemies weak to wind.

Earning 300,000 seasonal points during the event will net you a title and the [*Tempester Armati] camo.

NGS Mission Pass – Season 4

The fourth season of the Mission Pass contains more costume and parts variations, accessories, stamps, and the grand prize of a new Mag form with a familiar appearance. Battle triggers for the Retem Battledia quests will also be included.

New Year! Throwback Collection (AC Scratch)


Skimpier versions and additional color variations of existing outfits are coming in the first scratch of the new year! Enjoy a steaming bowl of ozoni and bare your claws with new lobby actions in the count bonus.

New Year! Mag & Weapon Camo Memory (AC Scratch)

A selection of Mag evolution devices and weapon camos from ye olde PSO2 will be re-released.

New Year! M / F Voice Memory (AC Scratch)

Find your voice among two massive collections of tickets from PSO2. Human and CAST versions will be included, which can be used regardless of your character's race.

Quaint Ensemble (AC Scratch)


Celebrate the new year with flair in unique Japanese fashions, like a flowery kimono, sci-fi Sengoku armor, and CAST parts with ninja and samurai motifs.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm really digging those tiger striped oni horns. Finally a seasonal event cosmetic I'm genuinely looking forward to getting.


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