Important Notice Regarding AC in the PlayStation Version

After maintenance has concluded on April 6th, the following changes will be made regarding ARKS Cash.

Purchasing and Using AC

  • AC purchased in the PlayStation version will only be usable in that version of the game.
  • AC purchased on other platforms can't be used in the PlayStation version.
  • AC purchased prior to the April 6th maintenance will remain usable on all platforms.

※No changes will be made regarding the purchase and usage of Star Gems.

Response Measures

  • The classification of AC in-game will be altered to specify the amount usable in the PS version.
  • Purchasing AC in the PS version will be limited to AC Exchange Tickets via the PlayStation Store.

11 thoughts on “Important Notice Regarding AC in the PlayStation Version”

  1. They killed the PS4 version of PSO2 with this. The only work around is to use the AC on that version to buy all your items at once but this is still an inconvenience.

  2. I don't know what happened but sounds to me like this is probably because of some new Japanese law, Sega (probably, unless they're being total idiots again for no reason) wouldn't bother making the effort for this and know it can cause issues so I think some new Japanese law limits the money spending aspect of console games or something like that.

  3. Definitely feels like it's Sony wanting people to stop avoiding purchases through their store instead of getting it directly from SEGA or other sources. You're just kind of stretching to blame SEGA for this one dude.

  4. s**station at it again, as long as people back off from investing in consoles, its great for all gamers, cause when dev's realize there's no better way than focusing their efforts towards the PC gaming environment, the lesser "exclusives" will be, gradually and successfully giving gamers what they really deserve, not having to buy various consoles just to play a few games…

    • very unlikely. this is almost certainly an issue of sony trying to get money out of sega by getting a cut of the AC purchases happening on playstation.

      es doesn't have to worry about psn rules. that being said, given how they completely gutted pso2, and ended idola, it's likely that es's days are likely numbered.

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