Kvaris Expedition Special Ticket Campaign

Kvaris Expedition Prep Tickets

04.06.2022 ~ 06.08.2022

Be the first to get your hands on the new ★6 rarity weapons by collecting Kvaris Expedition Prep Tickets. You can collect a maximum of 20 tickets which can then be traded in for the Evoleclis [Evoleclipse] series.

Currently only 14 Prep Tickets are available from limited tasks.
Starting May 11th, more limited tasks will be added.

Limited Task Lineup

Limited Task#
Clear Geometric Labyrinth with B Rank or Higher.1
Clear Geometric Labyrinth with A Rank or Higher1
Clear Geometric Labyrinth with S Rank or Higher1
Clear Dark Falz EQ with S Rank.1
Clear Mining Rig Defense: Retem (Rank 2+) with an A Rank or Higher. 1
Clear Aelio Devastators (Rank 2+) with an S Rank or Higher. 1
Clear Retem Devestators (Rank 2+) with S Rank or Higher. 1
Raise your Battle Power to 1,800+.1
Raise your Battle Power to 1,900+.1
Destroy 65 red containers in Retem.1
Grind a Kukuhroziat weapon to +40.1
Grind a Gretigga weapon to +40.1
Grind a Cinquem weapon to +40.1
Grind three ★5 weapons or ★5 units to +50.1
More To Be Added May 11th ~X

Exchange Shop Lineup

*Evoleclis Armati2
Evoleclis Weapon
※Choose from any Weapon Type
Evoleclis Weapon (+ Fixa Attack Lv1)
※Choose from any Weapon Type
Special Scratch Ticket (x5)
※Purchasable Up to 5x Per Account
Arms Refiner (x4)
※Purchasable Up to 4x Per Account
Pendrite (x20)
※Purchasable Up to 5x Per Account
※This is an ore obtained from the Kvaris Region
C/Flame Weaker I (x20)1

You can trade in 6 (or 7) Kvaris Expedition Prep Tickets for an Evoleclis weapon of any type. Additionally, you can switch to another weapon type by converting the Evoleclis weapon back to the Kvaris Expedition Prep ticket.

ProductRequired Product
Kvaris Expedition Prep Tickets (x6)One Eveloclis Weapon

Evoleclis are special ★6 weapons that do not drop from enemies. Furthermore, the weapon series and its camo can not be traded amongst players.

(at +50)
(at Lv 4)
Power +22% / Natural PP Recovery Speed +100% for 20 seconds upon successful step evasion, 10s Recast Time.

19 thoughts on “Kvaris Expedition Special Ticket Campaign”

  1. Pot % is almost same as the gretigga series when it came out. This series is probably just welfare weapons, and the actual "endgame" 6* weapons are still to come.

  2. Wow, 471 attack at +50. I guess 5* weapons are obsolete then? No need to look for that elusive Relik anymore?

    • given that it's basically going to be free, probably the regular mats + pendrite, which is most likely like tetracite.

  3. this is becoming irrelanvant as trash drops just to unlock 5 stars to max, now soon 6 stars…resrictions and slow down for forced grinding…balacing is crap at some point i hope they match/fix access or outfits/ba's to match up with ngs, its mostly scum parctices at this point while putting out socialist/woke censorsied scratch….some day…

    • So to translate, you are unhappy with gear progression making older things you grinder for obsolete. You want more fashion. And not being butt naked is a socialist idea?

    • I'm not a fan of them leaving us with just a Level 1 preset. If items can't be dropped or sold in shops, we're left at their mercy to empower us however they want or in the case of No-Shop-Only, we're at the mercy of our own personal RNG with preset drops.

      I too hope they have a reasonable remedy for this along the way. As is currently, all we can do is transfer a preset from a Same-Weapon/Same-Series condition.

    • This is the same guy unhappy with every update since launch. You can ignore him.

      Much to look forward in this update for many of us who aren't salty. If upgrading these weapons can only be done through exchange via completion of geometry or difficult quests like this, I'm totally fine with it. There will always be shop obtainables for those who prefer a different route to power.

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Pretty sure I would of glanced over this info for a while. It does at least sound some what promising.

    • i think they release the 6* for all weapon types this might be just a small selection to show off

    • Yeah, what the other person said – what's here/on stream is likely just a selection to show them off. Evolclipse looks like an Evolved version of the Orbit series from Classic, just with some extra adornments, and the Orbit series was all-weapons besides for Takts, so I imagine this series will be too.

  5. just remember… when 5* weps dropped in yo good ol' 4* Evolcat n Stag weps got outdated… latter on a grind cap to +50 came in makin 5*s stronker AND made 4*s catch up in power… so… expect a +60 grind cap increase at some point… bcause it seems *(star) rarity and grind caps seem to go holding hands… however they WONT release the +60 Gcap along the same time as 6* rarity gear just to make us grind for trash gear just to be outdated a few months latter.
    so my recomendation would be to just make this weapons an economic build with some trash capsules to be used latter on as fodder for better-ish 6* and repeat til actual (notreally)endgame good 6* weps pop in however ecpect the probability of a grind cap release +60 makin yo 5* Queen weapons catch up (and mabie Cat and Stag weps bcome worthy again?)
    so heads up for 15* rare weps and +150 grind cap release =w= (jebus flawkin kraist makin ppl grind to grind up grinding stuff) so there might or might not be a 6th ability slot inbound too.
    have a nice grind♪

    • Given how the earliest NGS weapons had a grind cap of 20 initially, it is like 15* will start with a higher cap just like 4 and 5* did. Imma guess 100 and then we need to uncap 5 times

    • Almost all MMORPG will always have new weapons(higher level) which overpowers older weapons(low level) whenever there's a new level cap or new content, though I understand what you feel, having worked hard on a gear after wasting a lot of time just to see it become obsolete hurts, but that's how MMORPGs works.

      There was a system I like in pso2, it's the "CRAFT" method which made lower rarity gear/weapon retain their potential/stats, however have increased attack/defense depending on the craft level, it could even rival gears with higher rarity than it, I wish they'd allow those craft methods again in NGS later, and not make weapons that's way too strong that craft can't at least reach minimum amount of damage as the strongest available(ehm…, don't want it to be like old pso2 where *13-15 definitely thriumps over older gears) , so people have lot more variation of choice.

    • Woah… Are you saying PSO2 might have grind??? And that in a few months they might release better gear?????? You're a genius, I never would have figured that out……

  6. With the presumed lack of Fixa attack above level 1 I'd be losing 6% damage from my current weapon. I'm not sure an additional 86 ATP would make up that difference…
    Seems like a side-grade at best. I suspect it's a downgrade (the pp management pot certainly is).


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