May 2024 Update Info – Pt. 2


Crimson Realm Returns

For just one week, the Belugana Ruins and Lost Central sectors will once again enter the Crimson Realm. The frequency of trials has been increased compared to last time, and the "Dryverus Suppression" trial has been updated with an extended time limit.

"Planetcrusher Assault" Urgent Quest

April's high-difficulty quest that saw players duking it out against Dark Falz Dalion has been reworked into a new, more approachable 8-player Urgent Quest.

Mission Pass – Season 32

Transform your Mag into a mini version of Zephetto, who placed second in the Character Election.

Refined Form May '24 (SG Scratch)

Show off your physique with remade versions of the classic Active Camisole and Sleeveless Coat clothing.


"Nazun's Quiz Part 3" Limited-Time Quest

Nazun is back to put your NGS knowledge to the test with a new crop of trivia questions.

Elegant Harmony (AC Scratch)

Show off your sophisticated side with stylish jumpsuits and simple dresses.

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