PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (05/22/2024)

May 22nd Maintenance

NGS Maintenance

What We Getting Tonight?

Crimson Realm

ARKS Record – Field Race: Aelio Board (Stage 1)

Emergency Quest: Rampage of the Sunderer (Planetcrusher Assault)

SG Scratch: Refined Form May '24

Mission Pass: NGS Season 32

AC Scratch: AC Support Item Select May '24

Mini Update

From May 22nd's maintenance through June 5th's maintenance, emergency quests that occur in the Kvaris region will all be changed to Rampage of the Sunderer (Planetcrusher Assault).

Adjusted the BGM volume of the Crimson Realm.

Starting June 5th, the L'Argentier (Argenti) weapon series obtainable through Limited Tasks will cease distribution. They plan to switch it over to a new weapon. Please note that it will no longer be possible to obtain the L'Argentier (Argenti) weapon series in the future.

AC Shop Bargains

5.22.2024 ~ 6.05.2024

[Grind Support]
Rare Drop Boost Set
「N-Rare Drop Boost +200%」×3
≪Bonus≫「Preset Ability Success +15%」×1

Bonus items will be sent to the Item Pack of the character that purchased the set.

Atelier Collaboration

5.15.2024 ~ 6.12.2024

Atelier is collaborating with PSO2: New Genesis to bring you Build Part panels via Login Bonuses.

Items will be distributed to the item pack of the character who achieved the conditions.

[Premium] PSO2 Day!


Every 22nd of the month is PSO2 Premium Day. Bonuses will be given to Premium Set users when they log in on this day. All users will also be able to participate in a Limited Task on this very day!


Boost Event (Premium Boost)

  • Experience Boost +50% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +100% (Premium Only)

Limited Task (All Members)

  • "PSO2 Day" Limited Task

PSO2 Blocks

Boost Event (Premium)

  • FUN Earned +100% (Premium Only)
  • EXP Gained +200% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +200% (Premium Only)
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100% (Premium Only)

Boost Event (All Members)

  • Equipment Grind Success +10% (All Members)
  • Special Ability Success +15% (All Members)
  • New-Type Weapon EXP Gain +15% (All Members)

Rewards will be presented when you log into New Genesis during PSO2 Day!

  • SG 50 Ticket (x1) (Premium Only)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x2) (Premium Only)

Super Origin Festival

The Super Origin Festival is underway! See what's in store below!

Super Origin Festival: Item Set Sale

5.08.2024 ~ 6.05.2024

The AC Shop is having a sale to commemorate the Super Origin Festival.

[3rd Anniv] Character Storage Expansion 50「Character Storage Expansion 50」×1600AC5/Week
[3rd Anniv] Rare Drop Boost Set「N-Rare Drop Boost +200%」×3
「N-Tri-Boost +50%」×3
≪Bonus≫「N- EX Rare Drop Rate +25%」×1
≪Bonus≫「N-Earned Meseta +25%」×1

[Bonus] items will be sent to the Item Pack of the character who purchased the set. The Item Set cannot be purchased if the Item Pack is full.

Super Origin Festival Countdown Campaign

4.17.2024 ~ 6.12.2024

You can receive one Music Disc each day from [PSO2 NEW GENESIS Song Collection Vol.1]. Log into PSO NGS each day to receive the songs!

●「future emblem」×1
●「Crossing faith」×1
●「Brand New Trial Aina Solo Ver. 」×1
●「Brand New Trial Manon Solo Ver. 」×1
●「Brand New Trial」×1

You can also receive a stamp to commemorate the 3rd anniversary by logging into the game.

Wellbia XIGNCODE3 Reminder

Wellbia Anti-Cheat software was implemented into the Japanese version on November 8th.

Please note that you have the option to deactivate the new program by applying "Compatibility Mode" through the game launcher:

  • Click: 「環境設定」⇒「機能」Tab ⇒「ゲーム起動」 and check 「互換性モード」
  • Click: [Preferences] → [Features] Tab → [Game Launch] and check "Compatibility Mode"

If you accidentally launch the game without checking "Compatibility Mode," you can use Wellbia's official uninstaller as noted from their FAQ.

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