New Genesis: Patch Notes: January 2023

January 25 2023 | Patch Notes

System Update

Player Related

  • The time until a Resta Sign or Reverser Sign is usable again will now be displayed.

Quest & Field Related

  • In the Challenge Setting for quests, you can now replace a selected challenge setting with a different effect value in the same category without having to remove the selected challenge setting.
  • When moving to a combat sector in a Screenshot Room, you will now be transferred to Rank 1.
  • Incapacitated players will now be revived once the quest is cleared.
  • For Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth, only the challenge settings that that can be selected by the Party leader can be applied at the beginning of the quest.
  • For Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth, some of the terrain on floor 3 has changed.
  • For Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth, the amount of EXP that is earned will now become the same as that of normal enemies.
  • For Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth, Random Challenge A's effect will now be deactivated with HP and PP recovered when clearing the floor.
  • For Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth, the quest will now end if all party members are incapacitated after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Cocoon/Tower and Trinitas quest displayed
  • The window displayed during Trinitas and Cocoon/Tower quests will be less likely to overlap with Party member's info.
  • Changed the explanation text for some Battle Triggers


  • Added a [Wish List] that can be used when searching for products at Player Shops
  • Added a checkbox that can filter in the display of [Normal AC Scratch Products] or [Featured AC Scratch Products] at the Search Results in Player Shops.
  • In the Treasure shop, the selected status will now be reset when a "Refresh" is performed with the purchase quantity selected on the Product List.
  • In the [Ongoing Effects] section for Character info, added an entry to display the total [EXP] [N-Meseta] [Rare Drop Rate].
  • The Food Stand's Standard Sort option while selecting materials will now prioritize the display of the current region's materials.
  • The previews for Mission Pass will now display to match the current body type.
  • The Character Info and Stat Window will have some changes to its display:
    • Removed each gauge.
    • Added [Damage Adjustment] and [Damage Resistance]
    • Display Adjustments for [Weapon Up] [Stat Effect Resistance] and [Special Environment Resistance].
  • The Region Mag's standard sort option will now prioritize the materials in the Wish List when selecting material items.
  • Added [Motion Change] to [Fashion Editing] in the equipment menu for NGS Blocks.
  • Music Disc registration status will now be displayed in the Item details.
  • The preview window will now have the ability to play button variant lobby actions.
    • ※Some button variants will not be compatible with this feature.
  • Changed the layout for the Add-On Skill info window.
  • You can now check the contents of [Challenge Settings] and [Score Multiplier] and [Clear Difficulty Multiplier] at the Party Selection screen.
  • Detailed participation information such as Record Name and Participation Rewards will be shown in the Mail sent when rewards are distributed after Arks Records have ended.
  • Added a new background for the Arks Card
  • Added an entry for [Critical Damage Highlight] in the Interface Settings for Options
  • Added an entry for [Enemy Damage Display] and [Damage Taken and Recovery Display] in the Interface Settings for Options
  • Added an entry for [Login Call Display] in the Interface Settings for Options

Character Creation Related

  • The position, rotation, and size coordinates will now be displayed in the detailed settings for accessories in the Salon for NGS blocks.
  • The display position for body types and color sync details will be changed in the item descriptions for item descriptions of NGS-spec outfits.
  • The My Fashion area in the Salon will register the name of the [Basewear / Setwear] if no name was inputted when registering fashion of an NGS model.
  • Redo and Undo can no longer be performed if My Fashion is opened in the My Fashion area of the Salon.
  • Changed the names of some sort items in the Salon
  • Added a sorting entry for the [Basewear / Setwear] selection screen in the Salon.

Item Related

  • Added some of the [Autumn 22 Special Scratch] lineup to the Special Scratch.
  • Added an [Aegis Integra Exchange] to the Item Trader.
  • Added new items to the product listing for Special Ability Capsules in the Item Lab's Grinding Material Exchange
  • Added new items to the product listing for [Other Grind Materials] in the Item Lab's Grinding Material Exchange.
  • You can now sell [Stia Expedition Prep Tickets].
  • The text for items that state [Unavailable in PSO2:NGS] will be changed to say [Unavailable, Please refer to the FAQ on the Player's Site for more details.] In addition, when checking platform-limited items on a platform that it's not intended for, a message will now be displayed stating, "Can not be used. Please check the FAQ on the Players Site for more details."

Other Changes

  • The Block Allocation System will be changed as follows:
    • Immediately after each maintenance, the number of blocks in each region will be less than it is currently.
    • When a region becomes congested, new blocks will be added to that region.
    • Blocks with fewer people will be removed from the transfer list at the Ryuker device. In addition, if matchmaking is performed in a Block that was removed from the Ryuker Device, the player will be automatically transferred to a block with more players when matchmaking is completed.
    • The number of Blocks will also be reset at each Maintenance.

Balance Adjustments

Quest and Field Related

  • Relaxed the requirements to receive S Rank in Rank 1 for Tinitas: Geometric Labyrinth.
  • Adjusted the Gathering locations for the Aelio Region.
    • ※Along with the above changes, Alpha Reactors will only appear in Central Aelio, however the total gathering count will not change.

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  1. You can find the Alpha Reactors in group now. The spots I went in were the entrance to Mt. Mahinapali and the entrance to the south region.

    Damn this is so easy FINALLY!


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