PSO2 NGS JP: Early Maintenance (01/25/2023)

Early Maintenance


PSO2es Maintenance

  • 01/25/2023 @ 01:55 ~ 17:30

What We Getting Tonight?

Geometric Labyrinth: Challenge Settings

New Combat Sector: Neusen Plant

Stia Short Episodes

AC Scratch: Cosmic Convict (AC Scratch)

Lets Try & Buy AC

01.25.2023 ~ 02.01.2023

Purchase 100+ AC and Login「Rappy Bracelet」×1
Purchase 500+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +25%」×1
Purchase 4,000+ AC and Login「N-EX Rare Drop Rate+25%」×1
「Love Rappy Bracelet」×1
Purchase 8,000+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Rappy Hood」×1
Purchase 12,000+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Rappy Bracelet」×1
「Love Rappy Bracelet」×1
「Rappy Hood」×1

AC or iAC purchased from PSO2es does not qualify for this campaign.

AC Shop Bargains

01.25.2023 ~ 02.15.2023

[Bargain] Premium Set 30 Days Pack「Premium Set 30 Days」×1
「N-Rare Drop Boost +100%」×2
[Bargain] Rare Drop Boost Set「N-Rare Drop Boost +100%」×3
「N-Rare Drop Boost [15m]+100%」×4

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