NGS AC Scratch: Gilded Glamour

Gilded Glamour
(Available until 5.25.2022)


  • Mo「待機:やいやい」 | Mo "Idle: Brash"
  • Mo「ジャンプ:跳びかかる」 | Mo "Jump: Leap"
  • Mo「グライド:飛び蹴り」 | Mo "Glide: Flying Kick"

Lobby Actions

  • 811「巻物」 | 811 "Scroll"
  • 812「足を乗せる」 | 812 "Lifted Foot"
  • 815「巻物2」 | 815 "Scroll 2"

Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times B Trigger/Ael Yellow
10 times N-Great Grind Success Rate +100%
15 times N-Color Change Pass
20 times N-Ability Success Rate +20%
30 times Gilded Glamour Ticket
40 times N-Color Change Pass
45 times Mo「ダッシュ:腕組み」
Mo "Dash: Folded Arms"
60 times Gilded Glamour Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times B Trigger/Ael Yellow
30 times Gilded Glamour Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※The Gilded Glamour Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.

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  1. This new scratch layout is nice as an alternative. I liked the old one, but with it not being possible, this new one is actually way easier to look through and see especially for market searching. Thanks a lot!


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