PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (4/20/2022)

Patch Notes

Balance Adjustments

In Regards to Jet Boots Photon Art "Surging Impulse"

The dev team has confirmed that you can deal high amounts of damage within a certain time-frame when combining the PA "Surging Impulse" with non-Jet Boots weapon attack actions with Multi-weapons.

Even though it's highly efficient to use Surging Impulse in the above manner, this unfortunately creates a huge difference in damage when compared to other attack methods and other weapons.

To reduce the impact on the game's future balancing, the following adjustments will be made.

To adjust the power for the branched off attacks for "Surging Impulse," they will:

  • Extend the interval between hits of the deployed Photon Blades.
  • Reduce the number of hits until the Photon Blade explodes.

The power for "Surging Impulse" will be reduced if you're using a non-Jet Boots weapon as a Multi-Weapon.

The following adjustments will be made to the additional attack of the skill [Jet Boots Element Set] that was activated by "Surging Impulse," if you're using a non-Jet Boots weapon as a Multi-Weapon.

  • The power will be reduced.
  • The effects of the following class skills will no longer apply.
    • Barta Blot
    • Zonde-Clad
    • Zan Gale
    • Grants Glitter
    • Megid Sphere

The front version of the Talis Photon Art "Spread Feather" has been adjusted so that the Technique can hit 4 or more enemies when the Talis is deployed to the front.

3 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (4/20/2022)”

  1. RIP dps using it as intended because of a bad oversight.

    Can't help but feel like the weapon action of unrelated weapons was used as an excuse to drag tech users down when they realized they could compete with big boi knockknockknux.

    It was fun trying to maximize damage in a more demanding way too.

    I guess it's my fault for investing in JB MW to rod before compounds and being graced with a use after the fact.

    • From my experience, the people who would enforce you to play with this stuff are often barely better than the average player, and are aggressive to hide that fact.
      But you really shouldn't group everyone who pushes harder in the same group. Usually the people who actually try hard like to see others do well too and understand it takes time and effort(of which some can't afford)

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