NGS AC Scratch: Various Trainees

Various Trainees
(Available until 8.18.2021)

ストラクユニフェン[Ba] | Strak Unifen [Ba]
ストラクユニフェン/2[Ba] | Strak Unifen /2 [Ba]
ストラクユニフェン/3[Ba] | Strak Unifen /3 [Ba]
ストラクユニフェン/4[Ba] | Strak Unifen /4 [Ba]

マクスマユニフェン[Se] | Maxma Unifen [Se]
マクスマユニフェン/2[Se] | Maxma Unifen /2 [Se]
マクスマユニフェン/3[Se] | Maxma Unifen /3 [Se]
マクスマユニフェン/4[Se] | Maxma Unifen /4 [Se]

マギスルユニフェン[Se] | Magisul Unifen [Se]
マギスルユニフェン/2[Se] | Magisul Unifen /2 [Se]
マギスルユニフェン/3[Se] | Magisul Unifen /3 [Se]
マギスルユニフェン/4[Se] | Magisul Unifen /4 [Se]

アライアクォーツ[In] | Allaia Quartz [In]
アライアクォーツ/2[In] | Allaia Quartz /2 [In]

スヴェーラ・ボディ | Svera Body
スヴェーラ・アーム | Svera Arms
スヴェーラ・レッグ | Svera Legs

メイズクォーター[In] | Maze Quarter [In]
メイズクォーター/2[In] | Maze Quarter /2 [In]

ヴェテルノ・ボディ | Veterno Body
ヴェテルノ・アーム | Veterno Arms
ヴェテルノ・レッグ | Veterno Legs


  • Mo「ジャンプ:上体を反らす」 |  Mo "Jump: Arched Back"
  • Mo「着地:ふんわり」 |  Mo "Land: Gently"
  • Mo「待機:仁王立ち」 |  Mo "Idle: Imposing Stance"

Lobby Actions

  • 744「座る8」 |  744 "Sit 8"
  • 745「迫りくる恐怖」 |  745 "Looming Terror"

Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
10 times N-Great Grind Success Rate +100%
15 times N-Color Change Pass
20 times N-Ability Success Rate +20%
30 times Various Trainees Ticket
40 times N-Color Change Pass
45 times Mo "Dash: Fairy"
60 times Various Trainees Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Free Salon Pass
30 times Various Trainees Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※Various Trainees Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.

22 thoughts on “NGS AC Scratch: Various Trainees”

  1. Mo "Dash: Fairy" behind 45 scratch pull wall… Instead of adding gameplay content SEGA keep sucking money from playerbase.

    • Why say this here. Sega wont see it. Also the design team making outfits is not the same team making content so that doesnt make sense

    • Why have comment section at all here? Sega won't see it.
      You can just email blog's admins if you need something fixed, why discuss things, right?

    • Gotta pay for the sakura Fk'up
      If they only used this money on the actual game that makes it, we would have a great game

    • Ah yes because if they chose to stop making AC Scratches, it'll magically fix everything wrong with the game gameplay-wise.

      Yes, because that's how companies work. Make less money so you can't pay the dev team as much.

    • @Jetski ARKS
      Megacorp not having enough money to pay developers? U srs? They are more like: why invest more when you can get away with less.

    • @Kyaa~st
      You don't seem to understand how a company like Sega works, nor do you understand what I'm saying.

      They will ALWAYS have enough money. Companies like Sega will never run out unless something absolutely ridiculous happens. The money, however, goes to different teams and just because they took money away from one team doesn't mean it is automatically given to the other part of the team. That's not how a company works.

      In what universe do you live in that a company making LESS money through their cosmetics- something they pay ARTISTS to create (not programmers)- fix gameplay related issues like bugs, which are handled by programmers and game designers who don't even share workloads or wages?

      All you'll end up with is the exact same amount of gameplay issues, the same programmers, and fewer paid artists. They aren't going to pay their programmers more just because their artists aren't being paid to make as much content.

      Change comes from feedback alongside trends in the money they make. Not just because they do one less AC scratch a month. Now, if people stopped buying the damn AC Scratch, then maybe they would actually be interested in reallocating resources- because that shows players are unhappy about something and that they need to take action and refer to feedback. That doesn't happen though, because people can't put their money where their mouth is.

    • What is this "male" you're speaking of? Are you referring to body type 1 or body type 2 or cast parts type 1 or cast parts type 2 or whatever the hell I was wanting to say…?
      Oh right, there is no "male" in this game.

    • Its like they may as well just make the only body type option type 2. It annoys me when a scratch banner has 3 type 2 fits and 1 type 1 or in this case 3 type 2 fits and 1 type 1 innerwear that you cant even see

  2. People are complaining about leechers, but I want a sonic/ninja run type of run animation. Oh fack that'll probably be ac locked to spending 45 scratches.

  3. The amount of stuff you can't get in global and stuff you got in the span of 9 or 8 years really hits how much global is not a great deal just because you wanted to play with friends who were too inept to join jp.

  4. it's fine if sega put fairy dash as scratch reward, let them have profit for a premium quality mmo that's free to play, the amount of time and effort they put into this game is not a joke, making a game like this isn't free, they have bills and payrolls to pay too.


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